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So What Is Solers Audaciter?; General information about the clan
Topic Started: Mar 22 2009, 09:13 PM (3,781 Views)
Aecus Rex
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Solers Audaciter Council

Please note: You MUST register and log in to the BBS to see the applications section and you will NOT see the full site until your application has been ACCEPTED!!!

PLEASE register with your RS account name.

So who are Solers Audaciter? Would I be a good fit? Is this a clan I'm interested in? Read on and find out who we are...

So what's with the name?

Solers Audaciter is Latin for "Skilled Fearless". The founders chose this name to imply that both skilling prowess and combat proficiency are highly valued.

OK, so far it sounds interesting, what kind of clan is this anyway?

Solers is a medium sized (currently) group of adult RuneScape players who like belonging to a clan but don't like having their game play directed for them. We hold a monthly skill competition and have a clan "social hour" on Saturday nights. We try to hold a weekly monster hunt but the clan is composed more of "skillers" than "killers". No event or competition is ever mandatory. We do require that you join the new "JaGex version" of our CC, but don't have any "activity" requirements. In short, it's for people who don't like dealing with immaturity within a clan structure (kids), who are not into a heavy competition based atmosphere, and who don't like a lot of "mandatory" events that interfere with their own goals within the game.

So Solers is not a PKing/PC/Skilling/Pure clan. If anything, the founders prefer to think of Solers as a "leveling" or "maxing" clan. We are a medium sized group of experienced and mature players whose goal, generally, is to "max" in RuneScape.

Maturity is the primary quality we look for in any prospective member. In other words, if you enjoy spamming chat and forums with "leetspeak", can't be bothered to look up a guide for a quest or skill, want people to "hold you by the hand" to walk you through simple tasks, or think clan sites and forums are a good place to "cyber" or find a boy/girlfriend then this is not the clan for you. The founders of this clan are both intolerant of childish behavior AND WILL DEAL WITH IT HARSHLY. If you are AT LEAST 18 years old, mature, an experienced player, and seeking a group of people who enjoy camaraderie and helping each other reach their goals please read on.

I'm already in another clan. Do I have to leave it?

SA has no problem with it's membership being a member of any "mini-game" clan. In other words PC, Soul Wars, etc. clans have no stigma here.

Skill specific clans such as TSG (The Slayers guild) are permitted.

You will also not be penalized for membership in any "fun" clan (if you don't know what this means chances are you don't need to worry about it).

If this is your current situation your application will NOT be turned down because you are a member of another clan. However, please be aware that other clans do not always feel the same way. I encourage you to check the rules of your existing clan(s) and decide for yourself if applying to this one is something you wish to do. We will not "advertise" your membership in "Solers Audaciter", but we are listed on RuneHead and cannot guarantee that your existing clan(s) will not find out about it.

We do however check and will deny membership to anyone belonging to another clan which does not meet this criteria unless you mention that you are in fact leaving your previous clan.

OK, I want to apply. How do I do it?

Copy and paste the membership application into a new post in the "New Applications" forum, complete it, and post it. YOU MUST REGISTER AND LOG INTO THE BBS TO SEE THE APPLICATIONS FORUM!!

Then what happens?

Your application will be reviewed by one or more council members. You will either be summarily denied or accepted on a trial basis.

Summarily denied? Trial basis? How does that work?

If in the opinion of the reviewing member(s), you lack maturity and don't look like a good fit you will be turned down without a council vote being held. This would only happen if you make your application look like a complete joke. The other possibility is that you will become a probationary member. You will have full access to all of the same forums as a full member (minus one special forum that you will be granted access to if and when you are accepted as a full member of the clan). During this period, your maturity and suitability to the the clan will be evaluated by all full members. At the end of your probationary period (4 weeks) the council members will vote on your application. However, you may be denied at any time during this period if you create friction or seem unsuitable to our clan atmosphere. If you complete the probationary period the majority rules and you either become a full member of the clan, or you will be rejected.


Yes. membership is decided by a small council of respected members. The council can also waive membership requirements.


The requirements for membership in the clan are maturity, 18+ years of age, and a total level of 2100 or greater. However, if you are being referred by a current member, these minimum level requirements can be waived by a council vote (very rare indeed).

I'm not a RuneScape member (Pay to play). Am I out of luck?

Yes, a "pay to play" membership is required. We are sorry, but the clan does most of our competitions and/or events in pay to play areas. It is simply not worth the effort or time of the membership to try to manage our events to be "fair" enough for FTP members.

What is the MIRC channel?...Do you use teamspeak?

Neither at this point. MIRC and teamspeak (in the opinion of the founders) seem to degrade rapidly into nonsense, cyber, and things that cannot be said in clan chat. If it can't be said in clan chat, then it probably doesn't need to be said. There ARE members who use Skype for Dungeoneering or specific activities. It is not required that you use Skype at all (95% if all clan communication is via CC) but I list it here for informational purposes.

Wow. This clan isn't very big. What's the deal?

We do not recruit heavily, we don't take just anybody, and the founders frankly despise the "citadel clans" that have emerged because of JaGex. Only mature and experienced players who treat others with respect are welcome here.

What is the clan home world?

The majority of the clan normally plays in world 46. It is not a requirement that you play in this world. If a clan event requires that all participants be in the same world the world will be announced with the event.

What is the citadel level?

Solers has a Tier 7 Citadel, all skill plots at Tier 7, the grand avatar habitat (3 available avatars), and the dragon perch.
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