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Isn't it amazing after all these years people still return here to remember the good ol days?
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Reading old PMs

Posted by rk_ng (Moderator) at Feb 8 2018, 12:56 PM. 0 comments

We call them DMs now!

So I was reading some old PMs and boy was my life dramatic! FOR NO REASON! I was just reading through all the messages about breaking up with a boyfriend (which I was really depressed about, seriously, it's so dumb thinking about it now but I was sO iN lOvE -no hard feelings btw-) and struggling to get the newsletter finished, being a moderator and dealing with other people's issues related to the forum. I remember towards the end I told someone I DON'T CARE! And they were super offended. I think that was to DrXK? I'm sorry I did that, I believe it was over someone bullying another and I was over dealing with CZC issues that I burned out. That's what happened, I was just so over CZC after Cartoon Orbit closing, going through college and working and being with friends in real that I didn't have time for CZC anymore and the CZC tasks became a burden. Looking at my posts, I still posted the newsletter up to 2008. Why? How did I find the time to do this? What the hell is/was wrong with me? Lol! Skip 2 years, I ended up wasting more time on CollecToons but I'm over that too, long long over it, it's been YEARS but I visit sometimes. Anyway, I should have been more empathic towards you DrXK and I'm sorry. I just gave myself work to do because I don't know, because I'm crazy? I've learned now in my oH sO gReAT wisdom is to not dedicate so much of my time for little return. With that being said, I am grateful for these PMs, the journal and all of the replies. Yes, we spent a lot of time essentially doing nothing but we created a wonderful time capsule. I want to say we all "grew up together" but that's not true, I don't feel like we all grew up at the same time or during our time on CZC but we did spend some of our most precious childhood/teenage times here and if I want to remember what happened in oct 2005, I can just look it up and that's amazing 💕 I love you guys and I hope everything is going well.

The good old days..

Posted by Lotto (CZC Member) at Jan 13 2017, 12:08 PM. 2 comments

I literally just came across this forum again, I haven't been here for probably 7/8 years now.

Calling all Friends...

Posted by Gohan (CZC Legend) at Oct 23 2015, 09:10 PM. 3 comments

It feels like Czone Central is like some sort of lost vessel, drifting in the depths of cyber space, still sending out it's little pings hoping it's captain will come back and retrieve her.

Occasionally as we surf the web something reminds us and we find that ping on our radar and search her out again. Still returning after all these years to stir up the dust.

I have missed this place so much and still remember the glory years of Cartoon Orbit and Neopets.

If you all remember me or even miss me. I'm leaving my social media info here if you want to add me and catch up. Hopefully an old friend receives this transmission.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KennethLake123456
Skype: kenney.lake@live.com or its.a.ken.ken


Posted by Disco Bear (CZC Member) at Mar 30 2015, 02:59 AM. One comment

I can't believe its been over ten years since I joined CZC. When I first joined I was in elementary school (6th Grade) ... fastforward ten years and now I'm twenty-one and currently a junior in college getting my degree in business management and anticipate on going to law school once I graduate. I can honestly say that being an active member in this forum was one of my childhood highlights. I remember during the summertime as a kid waking up, running to the computer, and logging onto CZC for literally more than half of the day chatting with all sorts of members that brought me laughter and joy while at the same time playing a hardcore game known as Gtoons. Shesh, I was more connected to all of you than to most of the people that went to my school. MAN, it's just hard to believe that its been TEN YEARS. It's crazy how fast time flies. I just felt like I needed to post this topic to let yall know that everyone of yall had a serious impact on my childhood that I will never forget. I hope that everyone is doing well... I believe that most of yall by now that I used to chat with back in the day are easily in their 20s. I don't know when and if any of yall will see this topic... could easily be half a year from now but I just wanted this to be said. Seriously wouldn't mind staying in contact with anyone from the CZC community. My facebook link is facebook . com / leon.wallace9 ... had to put spaces inbetween because its been so long and I don't recall if posting links on these type of forums are prohibited lol Last thing before I end this post I'm just going to post some random memories I've had here and once again I love you guys...

1. My movie review postings .... lol ... ooo man I thought I was really giving yall some Roger Ebert type of reviews xD
2. I had a CRUSH on Dark Angel ... lol yep ... if you ever get to reading this I thought you were one of the sweetest girls on here ...
3. I think we had a voting poll on who would be like a new mod or something like that?
4. Seeing JulieJoJo online made EVERYONE have a panic attack and act as if a God was in the room... lol
5. All new respect to anyone who became a MOD
6. The controversy that spread when a local member got banned from the forum for scamming someone....
7. The countless replica forums that members tried to make that just COULD NOT survive more than a week or two... because it was either CZC or Cartoon Orbit: The Complete Guide...

Well... man... ten years... crazy.... love yall... peace...


Posted by Zero (CZC Member) at Jul 22 2014, 01:45 AM. 3 comments

sup I r bored lel :hug: :blush: :bagged:

It's 2013

Posted by Nibbles (CZC Member) at Jan 12 2013, 06:47 AM. 4 comments

I joined this website sooo long ago. Nice to see it's still alive, and "well?" It's a tad lonely in here though.

Christmas 2012

Posted by rk_ng (Moderator) at Oct 28 2012, 11:14 AM. 4 comments

My costume = Princess Jasmine


Yall just poped to mind !

Posted by Disco Bear (CZC Member) at Oct 10 2012, 09:54 PM. 0 comments

Disco Bear here ... been a year or two since I've logged on here ... and wanted to say HI !

I'm currently a freshman in College ... when I first joined I was .. a .. 6th grader ? My my how time flies by !

Once again thanks for all the good memories on here !

Kitchen suppliers Manchester

Posted by qismi (CZC Member) at Sep 4 2012, 10:10 PM. 0 comments

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kitchen cabinets

Posted by aduhndes (CZC Member) at Jul 10 2012, 12:55 AM. 0 comments

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I love you guys <3

Posted by rk_ng (Moderator) at Jun 5 2012, 11:03 PM. 0 comments



Posted by DAVID (CZC Member) at Mar 21 2012, 12:24 PM. One comment

Hello All,
I'm in the process of updating my website but wanted to get feedback from the group to see how it looks and if I need to change/add anything.
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Posted by Super Saiyan (CZC Member) at Nov 13 2009, 10:07 PM. 14 comments

Hey guys whats up, I see a lot of new members rather then the older members..

Halloween At CZC

Posted by cartoonorbit4life (CZC Member) at Oct 25 2009, 06:18 AM. One comment

on saturday it is halloween and I would like to do a cool contest on CZC on the day of halloween. The quiz will consist of halloween themed movie films like casper, scooby doo and i am going to get questions by watching every film.
so who would like to take part it is just for fun.


Posted by Disco Bear (CZC Member) at Sep 24 2009, 06:58 PM. 7 comments

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