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Forum Rules

Starship Moonhawk Forums is a global privately owned community that is hosted in the United States of America. We do not wish to exclude anyone from membership based on race, religion, gender, orientation, or nationality. Our members are expected to uphold this policy and not engage in discrimination or bigotry while using this forum. A bigoted character is acceptable, but a bigoted player is not. On the same note, members are expected not to push their lifestyles at those who donít want them.

As a privately owned community, we can and will enforce our right to create and enforce rulings; as well as, punishment for violations of such rules. We reserve the right to remove or deny membership to anyone based on our administrations' judgement.


A person may use whatever they wish as a member name so long as it is not a parody of an already existing member name, nor something pervrse/inflammatory/really freaking obscene.

Gender specific names in correlation to member gender is not relevant as some names are gender neutral and some parents are unkind in their choices.

We ask that <b>every member that joins to add at least 1 post</b> just to show us that they are alive. anyone ot posting anythingafter 30 days of becoming a member will have their accounts deleted without notice from this point onward.


1: <b>No trolling.</b>
<i>Trolling is defined as trying to provoke a negative response in other board members by posting hateful things, being incoherent, a general asshole, or deliberately skirting the rules.</i>

2: <b>No thread hijacking.</b>
<i>This means taking the thread over by switching the original subject to something else entirely that doesn't fit the normal flow of the original post. This could be switching a topic about Beans to one about unicorns or even switching the main storyline of a particular rp thread to something else entirey (in violation of that rp's rules or without any rhyme or reason to it).</i>

3: <b>No flaming in ANY BOARD except the Flame Board.</b>
<i>We define "flaming" as writing some really nasty or angry things about someone or something. An example of this would be if someone on the board has done something you feel is really stupid and you want the whole forum to behold your anger.</i>

4: <b>No spamming in ANY BOARD except the Spam Board, Hormel Planet.</b>
<i> "Spam" in the sense of this forum are posts that serve no purpose for actual intelligent discussion or purpose other than to just...fill space. Examples of this would be counting games, random word games, that sort of thing. The picture, linking (member sites), and "what are you listening to" threads do not count as Spam.</i>

5: <b>No cyber sex.</b>
<i>We do not allow members to type out sex scenes on our boards, as we are trying to mantain a relatively safe environment for all of our members, whatever their age might be.</i>

6: <b>No pedophilia, bestiality, or pornography is to be posted on this forum.</b>
<i>Pedobear references; as well as, artistic nudity are allowed BUT members must warn people if there is nudity or if they are linking to something with nudity.</i>

7: <b>No breaking local, state, federal, or international law, including copyright and spamming laws.</b>
<i>With copyright laws, fanfics/fancomics don't quite count. We mean if you take something that is not yours and claim it otherwise, this is a copyright law violation.</i>

8: <b>Post threads in the forums where they belong, each board is clearly marked.,/b>

9: <b>You will not hack the forum, pester us with spambots, DDOS us, or engage in any other form of techie mischief against this board.</b>

10: <b>You may not post threads threatening violence against yourself or any other member, anything interpreted by staff as a serious death threat against ANYONE is also not acceptable.</b>

11: <b>Accept the authority and rulings of the staff. And do what they ask.</b>
<i> If an admin or staff member tells you to do something, please comply.</b> If it goes against something we state here, please contact the board owner and Senior Admin, Macia Paladin. You can disagree with the staff and not like them, but you must accept the fact that they are staff and enforce the board rules.</i>

12. <B>Keep all roleplaying to the roleplaying boards.</b> <i>If you want to identify yourself as something contrary to waht you really are, please keep it to the roleplaying boards. There is no need for pretend in any of the other parts of the board.</i>


If you believe someone is breaking these rules, politely contact them and inform them of what they have done wrong and what you would like them to do to rectify this. If that does not work, contact a moderator. These rules may be updated as circumstances warrant. Forum staff could not possibly think of every possible way someone could misbehave and reserve discretionary authority to rule on unacceptable behavior not covered here, however no ex poste facto punishments will be given.


First offense: official warning
Second offense: temp ban
Third offense: permanent ban

Not knowing these rules, not reading your PMs from staff, or any other form of professed ignorance is not an excuse.

Staff members do not have final discretionary authority to ref their own fights. Other than that, any staff member may moderate any topic and use any authority their control panel grants them unless given instructions otherwise by Macia. However staff are not permitted to be tyrants and staff members found to be abusing their power, for their own gain, their friends gain, or just in general, will be called to account for their actions.

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