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Race #13 Shockey Shocker; Homer is masterful!
Topic Started: Sep 2 2017, 07:31 PM (104 Views)
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Race # 13 SNRA 2017
Fred Bayer Memorial, 50 lap feature, Santa Fe Speedway, Willow Springs, Illinois ½ mile medium banked clay oval, September 2, 2017
It was a perfect night for racing at the reopened Santa Fe Speedway in suburban southwest Chicago, while the remnants of Hurricane Harvey and other thunderstorms continued to rage around the country. The air was cool and the track sticky as the SNRA announced all its racers would donate their winnings to relief for Harvey’s victims, particularly the Rockport area, a long time home of Chargin Charlie’s grandfather, Rudy Werth. This night the field honored the memory of the late Fred Bayer, Chargin Charlie’s father. Fred was a chief of police and officer for over 40 years in the Wisconsin Dells area and passed away last October. Kim Johnson came back into form and took the pole with her 409 Chevy while last week’s winner, Molly Wallace Sunter fought a miss all night, timed in slowest, but did finish the feature.
Posted Image Kim Johnson is again fast.
Time Trials
1. Kim Johnson Chevy #2
2. Carl Ross Plymouth #13
3. Skunky Chris Sunter Chevy #55
4. Wisdonm Mueller Mercury #15
5. Marky W9 Desjardins Chevy #17
6. Kevin Sassman Chevy #11
7. Homer Shockey Chevy #6
8. Brian Conn Ford 7
9. Chuck Buel Mercury #56
10. Dave CC Bayer Plymouth 15c
11. Carl Brennecke Ford #7er
12. Chris Bulldog Carmen Chevy #7lf
13. Mark Desjardins Sr. Ford #19
14. Frank the Crank Burval Plymouth # 3
15. Michelle Mrs. D Desjardins Ford #3m
16. Molly Wallace Sunter Plymouth #M80
The dash was an entertaining affair with Kim Johnson clearing of Carl Skunky and Wisdonm on the last lap to take the win.
Dash Results
1. Johnson
2. Wisdonm
3. Skunky
4. Carl Ross
The heats were also very competitive with Bulldog Carman clearing Frank Burval and then hanging on as both resisted a hard charge up through the pack by Kevin Sassman and a smooth drive by Charlie. In the second heat Carl Brennecke came up from the second row with a slide job under Mrs. D Desjardins and her husband, Mark Sr. and then hung on to just hold off the third Desjardins, W9 Marky to take the checkers and the points. All three preliminary races were caution free.

Heat One Posted Image Winner Bulldog Carman
1. Carman
2. Burval
3. Sassman
4. Bayer
5. Conn
6. Ross
7. Mueller
8. Wallace-Sunter

Heat 2 Posted Image Winner Carl Brennecke
1. Brennecke
2. Desjardins Jr.
3. Johnson
4. Desjardins Sr.
5. Mrs. Desjardins
6. Buel
7. Skunky Sunter
8. Shockey

With the results in, the cars lined up for the feature as follows:

Starting Grid Fred Bayer Memorial
Row 1
Wisdonm Mueller
Skunky Sunter
Row 2
Carl da Bugman Ross
Kim Johnson
Row 3
Molly Wallace-Sunter
Homer Shockey
Row 4
Chuck Buel
Brian Conn
Row 5
Mrs. D
Dave Charlie Bayer
Row 6
Mark Desjardins, Sr.
Kevin Sassman
Row 7
Frank the Crank Burval
Marky W9 Desjardins
Row 8
Chris Bulldog Carman
Carl Brennecke

Wisdonm led the field under the green to start the feature and Skunky followed on his rear bumper. On lap 2 Skunky tried the high side around in his well set up dirt track 55 Chevy but nearly went around in the marbles. Kim Johnson slowed to avoid him and Wallace-Sunter dropped back from her 5th starting position. Homer Shockey found the way past all of this to be clear and coming under the green for lap two he was on Wisdonm Mueller’s bumper. Frank Burval’s crew chief, T. Monk has had a way of jazzing up Frank’s race set up after poor qualifying efforts for some fine finishes, and it looked as if he had done it again as Frank picked off a car about every other lap, generally using the cushion and a lot of momentum as he made his way up noticeably through the field. Kevin Sassman was also making some decent progress in his sanitary 56 Chevy.
Back at the front, however, Homer remained on Wisdonm’s bumper lap after lap and when the big Mercury started getting loose on approximately the 35th lap, Homer maintained his position, door to door with Mueller. Kim Johnson had kept the leaders close and on lap 40, Burval and Sassman came into the top running fray. Wisdonm needed to get to the cushion and when he nearly went around Homer Shockey was able to drop in front of him and into the lead! Soon Marky Desjardins who was very dialed in on the night joined this group and from lap 42 it was clear that a tremendous race was on. Frank, Kevin and then Marky were able to clear Kim Johnson who was trying the bottom expecting a stumble from Homer, but it wasn’t coming.
Frank and Kevin continued a side by side battle and Homer planted his skinner rubber against the cushion and ran as if he were on rails. Before long, the white flag waived. Frank managed to get up in front of Kevin and heading into turn three he prepared a slide job on Homer. He rode the cushion high, dove under Shockey’s 57 Chevy and got a fender ahead coming off four. But he could go no further. Homer held the cushion, the momentum came and he came home the winner by a few feet! The impossible dream had happened. Frank wasn’t unhappy with second and Kevin sat back to see how the points will shake out after his fine run. Marky Desjardings had an equally fine run to fourth, nipping Kim Johnson back into fifth by about 2 inches. Wisdonm gamely hung on to sixth with Brian Conn completing a smooth run in seventh in the Galaxie. Charlie came home in the top half of the field to honor his father with an 8th but approaching heart surgery wasn’t feeling well. Point leader Carl Brennecke was a few feet behind in ninth and Mr. D, also of some cardiac problems rounded out the top ten.

It would be very hard to describe the frenzy in victory lane, however, and nearly impossible to understand a word Homer was saying or shouting. All in the field were happy for him but most stayed safely out of range. The celebration was indescribable though I expect there may be some report from Lefty who seems to have an “in” with Homer that perhaps he wishes he didn’t have. Nonetheless, Homer Shockey was no less than masterful on this evening and was a deserving winner.

Next weekend, the SNRA cars and stars will honor Lobby founder Pops Royston and the late nice guy, Big Mike Hodges at a track Pops would have loved, Sumpter, South Carolina’s ¼ mile high banked dirt (barring a hurricane) and then its on to Hickory for the 200 lap season finale.

Posted Image
Feature Winner Homer Shockey, the man!

Finish of Fred Bayer Memorial

1. Homer Shockey #6 57 Chevy
2. Frank the Crank Burval #3 64 Plymouth
3. Kevin Sassman #11 56 Chevy
4. Marky W9 Desjardins #17 56 Chevy
5. Kim Johnson #2 61 Chevy
6. Wisdonm Mueller #15 64 Mercury
7. Flyin Brian Conn #7 59 Ford
8. Dave Chargin Charlie Bayer #15c 64 Plymouth
9. Carl Brennecke #7ER 65 Ford
10. Mark Desjardins Sr. #19 64 Ford
11. Chuck Buel #56 61 Mercury
12. Skunky Chris Sunter #55 56 Chevy
13. Mrs. D Desjardins #3M 56 Ford
14. Chris Bulldog Carman #7LF 55 Chevy
15. Molly Wallace-Sunter #M80 62 Plymouth
16. Carl da Bugman Ross #13 63 Plymouth
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Congrats homer. :))) fbr

Has a checkered past.

Stand on it....brakes only slow yoou down.
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charlie d.
Full Member
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way to go guys fbr fbr
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Brian Conn
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2 Corinthians 5:17
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Congratulations Homer on your win....I had predicted earlier in the season that you would get a win and now you have made good on it. :)))
No hard feelings coming out of the last race...a couple of ball joints and a tie rod end took care of everything.
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Well I'll be dipped in sheep dip. Homer the Boomer Sooner went and did it. How? We are all asking ourselves that question and not coming up with an answer. Way to go Homer, you have to be the luckiest guy on the planet right now.

For those that didn't hang around, Homer's victory party was…….well……..different. His crew, Nicky Soap who is almost 100% Choctaw and Daniel Sevenstar, who is at least 80% Cherokee did a dance and chant around Homer's car while Homer sat on the roof drinking his bottle of Clam Juice. When the boys finished Homer broke into the OU Fight Song, "Boomer Sooner" with his harmonica. Ol Homers head will be so big now that he won't be able to get his helmet on. I am sure that when the news gets back to Brushy Oklahoma, the whole town, Population 900, will have a party for Homer. This will be the biggest thing that has happened there since Oklahoma was made a state. Brushy Oklahoma is a real place. When you ask Homer for his address, you get------Homer L. Shockey, General Delivery 1A, Brushy Oklahoma Zip Code 40. Phone 439. I have been there but if you blink and you are going over 45 mph, you miss it.
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Congrats Homer, it was a tight battle all the way to the end. Nice job! fbr
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Frank the CRANK
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Great job Homer, what a Blast!

Monk said "ain't no shame when you finish second to the Hard Bop" Not sure what that means but he was rocking back and fourth playing the imaginary keys so he was grooving that's for sure!
Frank Burval aka Frank the CRANK
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Congrats Homer!! Great hard Faught race!!
A little rail rubbing never hurt nobody.!!!!
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