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Chicago Race is In; Another Thriller, Points Remain Tight!
Topic Started: Aug 6 2017, 08:38 PM (217 Views)
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SNRA Race # 11
Chicago Cubs 109. Soldier Field, Chicago, Ill. ¼ mile flat paved oval. 8-6-2017.
Despite last night’s rainout, all the crews and drivers arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed for the running of the Cubs 109, except for LaFontaine who had pretty red eyes and kept itching himself and chewing around his feet. The oval around the Chicago Bears’ gridiron home was nice and sticky due to the slightly cooler than normal temps. Historically, back in the USAC and local racing days, Hemis and big blocks did well despite the short length of the track and time trials proved this phenomenon lives on today. Molly Wallace-Sunters Plymouth took the pole, Chuck Buel was alongside, with Frank Burval and Wisdonm Mueller rounding out the top 4, both driving cars that won at Soldier Field over 50 years ago. Showers still hung around the area however, and all knew that the race was going to be an all out sprint in case the rains did come to the unbanked track, a disappointment to past champion Skunky, who was fighting to keep his 56 Chevy from switching ends through qualifying and the entire race. But, it helped that his better half had won the pole.
Posted Image Molly: Faster and faster but heartbreak in the feature this week.
Row 1
Molly Wallace-Sunter M80 62 Plym
Chuck Buel 56 61 Merc
Row 2
Frank Burval 3 64 Plym
Wisdonm Mueller 15 64 Merc
Row 3
Marky W9 Desjardins Jr. 17 56 Chev
Dave Charlie Bayer 15C 64 Plym
Row 4
Mark Desjardins Sr. 19 64 Ford
Brian Conn 7 59 Ford
Row 5
Carl Brennecke 7ER 65 Ford
Carl Ross 13 63 Plym
Row 6
Chris Bulldog Carman 7LF 55 Chev
Kevin Sassman 11 56 Chevy
Row 7
Homer Shockey 6 57 Chev
Michelle Mrs. D Desjardins 3M 56 Ford
Row 8
Kim Johnson 2 61 Chev
Skunky Chris Sunter 55 56 Chev

An off day in the rotation brought the Cubs’ John Lackey to the track to greet the teams and throw the green flag as Grand Marshall. The track had continued to cool under cloudy skys which changed handling characteristics and some of the front runners fell back somewhat while some of the cars in the back started to move forward. On this day, Chuck Buel missed the set up and he began to drop back as did Charlie Bayer who had a tremendous push while Bulldog and Kevin Sassman rapidly rode momentum on the top side. Molly continued to lead until lap 19 when a cloudburst hit and she slid into the first turn wall suffering some minor sheet metal damage causing her to pit for some repairs. The rain lasted for only 2 minutes and after that the air titans and cars were able to dry the track in about ½ hours time. When the race restarted under caution which lasted for five laps, Charlie pitted twice as Crew Chief Titus LaFontaine, found he had crossed up the tire mounting on the car with the left front and right rear changing places and the right front and left rear being flip flopped. Correcting this corrected the tight condition and though losing a lap, Charlie’s Plymouth became the fastest car on the track.
At the restart on lap 25, Brian Conn pushed his Galaxie to the front with Carl Brennecke and Bulldog Carman moving rapidly forward along with Charlie. On lap 51 Charlie unlapped himself and began to pull away while Kevin Sassman joined the top three. Lap 56 saw Bulldog and Kevin pass Brian and take the top two positions, followed by Carl Brennecke on lap 60. Kevin began to put a little distance on Bulldog and Carl was doing all he could to get around Bulldog, pulling alongside at times but having to drop to Bulldog's back bumper on lap 80.
Posted Image Bulldog Carman had a fine run.
The pair began to slowly reel in Sassman. Meanwhile Bayer had pushed past the tail of the field and by lap 90 he had passed 10 cars to get onto Brians’ rear bumper. Conn held his line though and Bayer tried all he could to get around, high and low. As the laps ticked off, Bulldog and Carl B. ate into Sassman’s lead and were about two car-lengths back at lap 107. But Kevin is smooth and the trio slid under the checkers in nose to tail order, Sassman the winner, Bulldog second and Carl B. third. Charlie finished his comeback bid in fourth by a nose having worked a rare pavement slide job out of the fourth turn on the last lap barely nipping Brian. To round out the top 10, Wisdonm held off Frank the Crank for sixth. Next came Mrs. D and Kim Johnson in steady drives from the back to take eighth and ninth just ahead of Marky, who nipped Chuck for 10th. Back a few positions, but still racing hard, Skunky managed to keep from spinning and finished ahead of Homer by a bumpers width for 13th. Homer shared his disdain for pavement tracks in the pits after the race and felt he had failed since he didn’t lose any pieces off the car into the race. We’ll have to listen in to Lefty’s post race notes for an explanation on that one, maybe.
Points remain as tight as they have ever been in the nine year history of the SNRA, and the teams will regroup for a couple weeks before hitting Carl da Bugman Ross’s stomping grounds, the 1/5 mile shallow banked Islip, Long Island oval on August 19th. And while LaFontaine almost certainly cost his driver, Charlie the win, he had given him a set up that almost was a winner anyway, and after shaking hands with Charlie 23 times and about 100 kisses, all was forgiven as usual.
Posted Image All forgiven, LaFontaine on the couch in the motorhome.
Posted Image Congrats to Kevin Sassman, Feature winner, on pavement too!
Results of Chicago Cubs 109
1. Kevin Sassman 11 56 Chevy
2. Chris Bulldog Carman 7LF 55 Chevy
3. Carl Brennecke 7ER 65 Ford Fairlane
4. Dave C. Charlie Bayer 15 C 64 Plymouth Belvedere
5. Flying Brian Conn 7 59 Ford Galaxie
6. Wisdonm Don Mueller 15 64 Mercury Marauder
7. Frank the Crank Burval 3 64 Plymouth Belvedere
8. Michelle Mrs. D. Desjardins 3M 56 Ford
9. Kim Johnson 2 61 Chevy Bel Aire
10. Marky w9 Desjardins 17 56 Chevy
11. Chuck Buel 56 61 Mercury Comet
12. Mark Desjardins Sr. 19 64 Ford Galaxie
13. Skunky Chris Sunter 55 56 Chevy
14. Homer Shockey 6 57 Chevy
15. Carl da Bugman Ross 13 63 Plymouth Fury
16. Molly Wallace-Sunter M80 62 Plymouth Fury
AMB RACING Oshkosh, Wi.
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Way to go Kevin. fbr

Has a checkered past.

Stand on it....brakes only slow yoou down.
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Brian Conn
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2 Corinthians 5:17
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Congratulations Kevin on this weeks win :)))
I think that I had pretty much used up my tires the last 10 or 15 laps of the race trying not to do a "pavement slide job" into the wall or in field.

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Brain, I figured that was my only chance, I'm surprised I didn't spin or keep going into the infield. :P Despite, the tire mix up, Titus L. did give me a great set up. But to charge for that long and make up a lap on Green I wondered how much even the good tires had left in them! .z. for the really clean and nice race, most fun I've had in a while. You are really smooth and once we get to some longer tracks again, you may have the car to beat.

Dave B.
AMB RACING Oshkosh, Wi.
You can do it, because you can!
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Wow, it's great to finally get that first win of the year. It's pretty tough to pull off with all the fast cars and great competitors this season. And the first time ever leading the points standings for me, now I'm getting nervous. Such pressure. :)))
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IAfan, Carl says not to let the pressure get you. The only time leading in points counts for anything is on the last lap of the last race of the season. Choke after you win if you want but don't choke now, don't even think about it.

Got to try some good food while in Chicago. Big E.R. took the whole crew to Cafe Vienna, A German-Austrian Cafe. The Black Forrest Cake was the BOMB!!!! We all left over-stuffed and full. E.R. paid the tab so we all ate well!!! Getting the hauler to the loading area of General Backschieder's C-5 at O'Hare was a little bit of a pain. After the General threw a few tantrums Airport Security and the TSA left us alone. The General and his friends are good to have around at times. I don't know what he said to them but a few of them saluted ME.
Ordinarily I am insane, but I do have lucid moments where I am merely stupid.
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Frank the CRANK
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Congrats Kevin way to wheel that Beautiful Chevy! maddr
Frank Burval aka Frank the CRANK
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Congrats Kevin!
That was a hard race and you won it Fair and square!
Now I gotta start some sheet metal repair for Molly! Lol
A little rail rubbing never hurt nobody.!!!!
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