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SNRA 10 First Double winner; Big Fords have a good night
Topic Started: Jul 30 2017, 07:58 PM (169 Views)
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SNRA Race #10 2017
Iron Bowl 50, The Iron Bowl, 1/3 mile medium banked dirt oval. Birmingham, AL. July 29, 2017.
Saturday night the SNRA early Late Models hit the Iron Bowl, a track rejuvenated and built anew specifically for SNRA type cars and one of the crown jewels of the series. It was a hot night as to be expected but the track was well watered. Just the place or Skunky who took the pole in his colorful and well settled in 56 Chevy. Close was Kim Johnson in her ’61 409 who always seems to time in fast. Wisdonm found the conditions were right to plant the nose of his Marauder and control looseness at the same time while Mrs. D Desjardins and her 56 Ford found the track to their liking too. The presence of the 2 big block Ford products in the top 10 were a portender of things to come.
Posted Image Fast Qualifier, Skunky.
1. Skunky Chris Sunter 56 Chev.
2. Kim Johnson 61 Chev.
3. Wisdonm Mueller 64 Merc.
4. Michelle Desjardings 56 Ford
5. Frank the Crank Burval 64 Plym.
6. Dave CC Bayer 64 Plym
7. Molly Wallace-Sunter 62 Plym.
8. Carl Brennecke 65 Ford
9. Carl Ross 63 Plymouth
10. Homer Shockey 57 Chev.
11. Mark Desjardins Sr. 64 Ford
12. Marky W9 Desjardins 56 Chev
13. Chuck Buel 61 Merc.
14. Kevin Sassman 56 Chev.
15. Chris Bulldog Carman 55 Chev.
16. Brian Conn 59 Ford

The trophy dash saw Wisdonm make a great start with the big Merc. to lead flag to flag. Kim Johnson got around Mrs. D and Skunky to take second in a well driven sprint.

1. Mueller
2. Johnson
3. Desjardins Mrs.
4. Sunter
The two 12 lap heats were quite exciting on the tacky track. In the first heat, Kevin Sassman who always goes for race set up instead of qualifying along with his teammate Chuck Buel passed Brian Conn on the third lap and led to the end. Conn was second with Marky holding third and Charlie, Homer and Marky dicing it out for third.
In heat two Chuck Buel got past Chris Carman on the second lap and had a straightaway on everyone at races end. Frank came from deep in the fieild with the Plymouth to take second, when Wisdonm, who also came from the back, bobbled slightly.
Posted Image
Posted Image A couple of fast Iowans took the heats.
Results Heat One
1. Sassman
2. Conn
3. Bayer
4. Desjardins Jr.
5. Shockey
6. Brennecke
7. Desjardins Mrs.
8. Johnson
Results Heat Two
1. Buel
2. Burval
3. Mueller
4. Carman
5. Sunter (Shunter as Super Glue Says )
6. Desjardins Sr.
7. Wallace-Sunter
8. Ross
Famous, if unpopular Nick Saban, served as a gracious grand marshall and waved the filed off for the feature. Mrs. D got off to the early lead ahead of Kim Johnson and Skunky with Widonm content to settle into fourth. By lap five, however, Homer started to rocket up from ninth and by lap 15 snuck around on the cushion above Mrs. D to lead! Fearing pieces of Homer’s car or Lord knows what from the inside of his car possibly flying out, she dropped back a few car lengths with the idea of making a run later. But a couple of Big Block Ford powered machines, Chuck Brennecke and the fastest car on the track, Chuck Buel were picking off cars every two to three laps. Both passed Mrs. D and were soon on Homer’s bumper. Suddenly, and this was now about lap 30, Homer’s Chevy became a “Transformer” and became very, very wide. Brennecke, being familiar with Homer however, did a classic slide job and the next lap Buel came underneath the 57 Chevy as well to take second. One of the classic duels in SNRA history then commenced with the cars of Brennecke and Buel side by side for much of the remainder of the race, sometimes with one in the high groove and one in the low groove and then switching positions on the next lap. Occasionally Buel nosed ahead and actually led by a nose at the line on laps 37, 40, and 42 with Brennecke tenaciously hanging on. Due to the intensity of this battle, Homer lurked just behind the lead pair and on lap 48, with no brakes to speak of, he managed to NOT split the gap between the Mercury and Ford, hit both and nearly spun himself. Buel, on the inside at this point, was projected forward to a greater degree than Brennecke and Mrs. D pulled alongside Homer as the cars passed under the while flag. However, with no brakes Homer squeezed her high going into the number one and two turns and she could not recover enough to get back under him. At the line for the checkers, Chuck held the lead by about 4 feet over Carl B. for his second win of the year. Homer was third , Mrs. D was in fourth and Wisdonm took fifth. Skunky and Frank the Crank took the next two places and Charlie who was not feeling well pulled himself up to eighth by throwing the car into all out drifting mode, just enough to hold off Brian Conn who took ninth. Kevin Sassman was held up in traffic and came in tenth. All cars were running at the end, with only Bulldog who had a slowly leaking right rear tire a lap down. As the cars pulled into the pits a loud explosion could be heard coming front of Homer’s car. People looked immediately to see the right front of the car fall steadily about seven inches until it looked like it was sitting in a ditch, as the air hissed out of the tire. Homer was third by one lap, so to speak.
Posted Image
Well, it has to be said, Homer was quick!
Next, its up to Chicago’s Soldier Field for a battle on the pavement, something Wisdonm, Frank, Carl Brennecke, and Charlie have been waiting for. No one can wait to see what happens when the Podunkville group gets turned loose on the streets of the second city along with Charlie’s crew chief T. Lafontaine, and other potential trouble makers!
Feature Finish
1. Chuck Buel 56 61 Comet
2. Carl Brennecke 7er 65 Fairlane
3. Homer Shockey 6 57 Chevy
4. Michelle Mrs. D Desjardins 3M 56 Ford
5. Wisdonm Mueller 15 64 Marauder
6. Skunky Chris Sunter 55 56 Chevy
7. Frank the Crank Burval 3 64 Belvedere
8. Dave Chargin Charlie Bayer 15C 64 Belvedere
9. Flyin Brian Conn 7 59 Galaxie
10. Kevin Sassman 11 56 Chevy
11. Marky W9 Desjardins 17 56 Chevy
12. Mark Desjardins Sr. 19 64 Galaxie
13. Kim Johnson 2 61 Chevy
14. Carl da Bugman Ross 13 63 Fury
15. Molly Wallace-Sunter M80 62 Fury
16. Chris Bulldog Carman 7lf 55 Chevy
AMB RACING Oshkosh, Wi.
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Brian Conn
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Congratulations Chuck on your win and keeping the Fords up front :)))
Way to go Homer on a top 3 finish..a win for you is around the corner.
I figured I had things pretty much set up for the feature coming out of the heat race with a 2nd. I cant put my finger on any one thing that happened, it just wasn't a top 5 car this week....maybe I'll find something out this week while its being readied for next weeks race.
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Sometime after the race, I walked over to Homer's pit and found him inspecting the blown tire from his racer. He looked at me and said, "Yep, mixed that batch a mite stout". Now I had no idea what he meant and then he began to tell me he soaks all the used tires he gets from McCoy's Used Tire Shop in a vat with his "Special" tire conditioner. Being not at all on my toes I foolishly asked what it was. He told me it is Vinegar, Clorox,Powered Coffee Creamer, Neem Oil, Crest Toothpaste, Acetone, Sassafras Tree Sap and Muriatic Acid. Speechless, I quietly walked away---The man should be locked up somewhere, not racing in the SNRA!!

Congrats to Chuck Buel, Carl said to tell you good job and it was fun.
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Congrats Chuck. fbr

Woo hoo. I've finally won my first trophy dash. maddr

Has a checkered past.

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Way to go Chuck, the old Comet was flying tonight. I think he starting to get the hang of this, I'll have to start taking lessons from the old fart. :lol:
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Frank the CRANK
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Congrats Chuck! Love that Comet! :)))
Frank Burval aka Frank the CRANK
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