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SNRA 15 Ain't Over Till It's Over; Banner day for Dirttrack Dave
Topic Started: Sep 4 2016, 06:37 PM (313 Views)
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Posted Image Last stage for 2016.

Finals SNRA Late Models, 2016: It Ain't Over 'til It's Over

SNRA Race #15, Western North Carlolina 500, Ashville-Weaverville Speedway, 5/8 mile high banked asphalt oval, Asheville, North Carolina, Septmeber 3 and 4, 2016.

Most Exciting Point Race in SNRA History Ends with the Long Time Leader Back on Top and the First Win for an Enthusiastic Rookie

Hurricane Hermine threatened the SNRA season ender, but the SNRA fought back from its location in far Western North Carolina and a full house was on hand both Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon as the field was set and the race was run.
The two top contenders for the title, Hondo Mullis and Carl Brennecke timed in in the top two positions to set the front row. The two bonus points collected by Hondo for fast time would later be found to have been crucial. The rest of the field was set by two 50 lap heat races with Porky Henley prevailing in a near photo finish and Jason Hunter taking a relatively comfortable five car length win over Mark Kelly's patriotic Buick. The third and fourth place points men, Dave Chargin Charlie Bayer and Kevin Sassman used the races to tune their suspension set ups as did Bulldog Carman and fifth place contender Gordy Miller and emerged pretty happy about their chances for the next day but in the last four starting positions.

Posted Image Fast timer and looks like some other type of notable award or something, Hondo Mullis

Starting Grid
Row 1
Hondo Mullis 2H
Carl Brennecke 1
Row 2
Porky Henley 8
Jason Hunter 5
Row 3
Frank Burval 63
Mark Kelly 25
Row 4
JLog Loggins 25
Tim Freeman 3
Canzady Loggins 86
Del Hoyt Jr. 73
Row 6
Rick Johnson 42
Emily Cudahy 40
Row 7
Dirtrack Dave Keim
Chip Kelly 14
Row 8
Presley Loggins 17
Spud Loggins 96
Dave Charlie Bayer 2
Kevin Sassman 95
Row 10
Bulldog Carman
Gordy Miller

David Pearson, the Silver Fox, was on hand to serve as grand marshal before heading down to Darlington and threw the green under sunny skys. Carl was immediately off like a scalded rabbit and led the first 125 laps. He didn't obliterate the field but was clearly the fast car at this point and held Hondo about a half straightaway behind for much of this time. About this time, mom JLog and daughter Presley got into a bit of a row just inside the top 10. They raced absolutely side by side and Presley was determined to show she was really starting to come into her own. SNRA pundits know that she and her sister have been doing just that, except for a bit of inconsistency at times, but after about 10 laps of the dual, the two came together hard enough for Presley to cut down a tire. Both spun and in an attempt to miss the Loggins girls, Bulldog Carman who had come up fast from the back row took to the wall and damaged his car enough that he could not continue. Everyone pitted at this time with most taking four tires except for Charlie, Kevin Sassman and Rick Johnson who all took only two outside tires.
When the race continued on lap 136 Dirtrack Dave Keim and Miss Emily Cudahy occupied the first two spots. Between laps 150 and lap 160 the newer rubber and track position paid off and Kevin Sassman broke into the lead followed by Charlie. On lap 175 Charlie took over the point and held it for the next 12 laps, however, by this time those that had taken four tires were back to the front and first Hondo and then Carl were able to pass him.

Posted Image MS. Emily drove to her best finish ever!

Hondo led through lap 200 when Carl again took the point and began to pull ahead slightly. Green flag stops had to be made on lap 280 with the idea that all would have to make one more pit stop. Everyone filled up with gas and took four tires this time around and when things cycled through Hondo was back just ahead of Carl, Porky, Charlie, Jason and Kevin as the tension mounted. All Carl really needed to do was keep Hondo in sight to take the title and as the laps ticked off it looked like he was going to get the job done. Carl took over from Hondo from laps 350 to lap 359 but let Hondo back around and hung on his back bumper.
The field crossed the four century mark for laps with Hondo ahead followed by Carl, Charlie, Jason and Kevin. Just behind were Porky, Dirttrack Dave, Emily, Rick, Frank and Gordy who were both on the move.
Just as the teams were considering their last pit stops on lap 415, the a dry sump hose burst on Frank the Cranks SBC and he and Gordy slid into the wall. Both ultimately continued, but the track was blocked for a short time and red flagged. When the yellow came out all cars dove to the pits with Charlie and Kevin again taking two tires, but Dirttrack Dave, Emily, and Rick Johnson felt they could go the distance and stayed on the track actually gaining a full lap on the field in the process. The green came back out with 75 laps to go. On lap 450, Charlie, and over the next five laps, Jason, Chip, Del Hoyt and Kevin, all who took two tires unlapped themselves. Within the next five laps so did Hondo and he set out after the two tire group. But where was Carl? He seemed mired midfield, and it was discovered that he felt he may have had a defective right rear tire with a broken sidewall. Unfortunately for him, another caution was not to be seen. Could he keep up enough? And would the cars who had unlapped themselves catch the trio at the front who were attempting to go the last 220 laps without pitting? Hondo swept past Porky, Jason and Charlie while Chip moved into the top 10 just ahead of Kevin. However he had nearly a half lap to go and only 30 laps to make it up in. Hondo was significantly faster than the top three and attempted to pour on the coals to catch Carl in the points, unsure if fourth would be good enough and exactly where Carl was. Not for lack of trying however, he came up just short, about two car lengths behind Ricky Johnson at the checkers in fourth. Dirtrack Dave came home about a foot ahead of Emily, his car sputtering from lack of fuel pressure coming out of the final corner. Porky was fifth, Racin Jason sixth, Charlie seventh, Chip eighth, Del Shemp Hoyt ninth and Kevin was tenth. Carl was thirteenth just behind Tim Freeman and Spud Loggins, and just ahead of Mark Kelly who also was having a tire issue.

Posted Image Winner of the 500 lap race, Dave Keim!!!!!

Unofficially, Hondo became the eighth SNRA Late Model Champion, THREE points ahead of Carl. Without fast time, and the difference of ONE finishing position, Carl would have been Champ. Carl and crew, ER and Lefty were disappointed of course, but Mrs. Gretchen Brennecke was on hand to console her husband and even plant a smooch on Hondo and the race winner, Dirttrack Dave. Third place Dave Bayer's crew chief Titus LaFontaine planted a smooch on everyone in sight, and the celebration lasted long into the night as the teams looked forward to next year and the 62 through 68 era late models that will be run, body years 1955 through 1965. A shorter rules package along with example photos will be posted soon. As for now, a toast to the winners!

Finishing Order Western North Carolina 500, SNRA Championship Weekend 2016
1. Dirttrack Dave Keim (or should we saw Highbankedpavedtrack Dave!) 8 Grand Prix
2. Emily Cudahy 40 Thunderbird
3. Ricky Johnson 42 MCSS
4. Jim Hondo Mullis 2H Lumina
5. Dave Porky Henley 8 MCSS
6. Racin Jason Hunter 5 MCSS
7. Dave Chargin Charlie Bayer 2 Thunderbird
8. Chip Chipper Sears 14 Silverado
9. Del Shemp Hoyt Jr. 73 Delta 88
10. Kevin Sassman 95 Cougar XR7
11. Tim the Flying Maple Leaf Freeman 3 Grand Prix
12. Lee Spud Loggins 96 Malibu
13. Carl Brennecke 1 Cutlass Supreme
14. Mark Kelly 25N Regal
15. Canzady Loggins 86 Malibu
16. Gordon Gordy Miller 26 MCSS
17. Frank the Crank Burval 63 MCSS
18. Presley Loggins 17 Malibu
19. Jennifer JLog Loggins 25 Grand Prix
20. Chris Bulldog Carman 82 MCSS
AMB RACING Oshkosh, Wi.
You can do it, because you can!
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Congrats again, Dave. fbr

Has a checkered past.

Stand on it....brakes only slow yoou down.
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Congrats to Dirt track Dave on the win in the big finale. It was a fantastic race to wrap up the season.

And a big round of applause to our champion Hondo, a well deserved honor with his beautiful Lumina. fbr

Of course all this wouldn't be possible without our faithful commissioner Dave Bayer who gave us exciting race calls every week, many thanks to you sir for a fine job!
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:P Wow!! what a rookie season! Great race everyone,congats to Hondo
A real champ. Ms.Emily,wow great run,all I could see in the mirror was a big white Ford T Bird!! You will be real tough next season.
YES, we all thank Dave(Charin' Charlie) for making SNRA possible and for the great reporting.

The bad news,Motor went boom as we loaded the hauler!We all(Crew)laughed
for hours,we're not right! :o

Don't forget to enter the Wing Fling,Has wing,it's In!

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In the words of Carl Brennecke, "When you win, you win. When you lose, there is another race next week". The GHR crew is still pretty happy, they say that being 2nd makes them the 1st place loser so they still got a 1st out of the deal. It was a good showing for the last year of the "Meadowgold" logos on the GHR cars. Next year and forward will be new logos for E.R.'s Brands.

Emily said this was way more to wrap her brain around than she thought. She will study and learn and be back next year and Ruth Truth is going to spend lots of time in the GHR shop.

Delbert Hoyt said "who cares about winning, this is the most fun I have ever had while wearing clothes. Are you sure all this is legal??" Yes Del, this is legal.

Now for me, since I missed over half of the season while learning to build an igloo, I plan to NOT let E.R. send me to the end of the earth again, I will be right along side the crew from now on. somehow. Now, I have to pull some older iron out of the back lot and figure out how to build something else to keep Carl up front. Not sure how brand loyal I will be next year, I have the option of Mopar, Ford or Chevy and I may choose any one of them. The back lot has lots of choices. Big thanks to my GHR crew, Mike Whittmann the Crew Chief and to Carl. You guys did everything right, we will find a new tire supplier though, I think all we got was factory seconds and thirds.

And to Hondo……Huge Congrats to you my man!!! And just between you and me, what the heck does a hillbilly know? Right? Hahahahah! See ya next year and don't be a stranger!!
Ordinarily I am insane, but I do have lucid moments where I am merely stupid.
I never TRY to hit another car. But when I do I make sure its a Prius.

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Thanks for the recap Lefty, I was thinking Emily would win for a while but ol Dirttrack Dave had her on rails. Not the fastest by any means, but he planned well and had just what it took. A great drive.
At first I really thought it would Carl, but now that I've seen Gretchen I don't feel too bad for him. r:r

And poor Del. I dunno. He did win TWICE, just like Carl and me but it was more or a worst or first. That was a great looking car he had, I saw an actual 3 Stooges beer car run at Milwaukee, all same colors and graphics but #39 I think. It was a Busch race I think, whatever Xfinity was called back then.

Lots of fun, I'm going to remember this season just like it was the real thing!

Dave Chargin Charlie B.
AMB RACING Oshkosh, Wi.
You can do it, because you can!
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Yep, Chargin', I think Carl's wife Gretchen is very easy to look at. Now you remember Curt, who drove a short time last season, Carls brother. I never put up a pic of his little woman so here goes:
Posted Image

Her name is Hildabrandt and she aint hard to look at either. I would say those two boys did OK in the mate department.

And then there is Emily.
Posted Image
Ordinarily I am insane, but I do have lucid moments where I am merely stupid.
I never TRY to hit another car. But when I do I make sure its a Prius.

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Frank the CRANK
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Congrats there Dirttrack Dave!
Frank Burval aka Frank the CRANK
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-Do your part to recycle plastic. Build models! (Me)
-Throback, its an old nickname...has nothing to do with fishing!!!
-Hey...Its Saturday night! If your not slingin' dirt you better be kickin' asphalt!!!! (Me)
-My Pappy Said, "Son you're gonna drive me to drinkin if you don't stop drivin that Hot....Rod....Lincoln! (Charles Ryan, W.S. Stevenson)
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:))) Congrats Dave on the win and to Jim for winning the Championship this year :))) .Also thank to Dave for all the awesome race reports enjoyed them all.Has for my season we had are ups and downs but enjoyed the travel to all the tracks and hanging with all of you.So till the next race stay safe and see you at the track. fbr fbr fbr
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The French Connection!!!!
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Bravo Dave! Great win! :))) :))) :))) fbr fbr fbr fbr fbr fbr fbr
Daniel "Dannyboy"

Car Modeling!....
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It's my lifestyle!....
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