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Ron Royston 50; Race Report
Topic Started: Oct 10 2015, 02:06 PM (685 Views)
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Big Goof
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Well it is a fair day here in Royston Georgia at 52 degrees. Seven race cars made the trip for the Ron Royston Race. With no permanent race track in the area we set up a track at the Victoria Bryant State Park. The local residents marked off a small 1/8 mile coarse for us to use.

It was decided to run just a 50 lap race. Each driver went out individually to get their cars tuned-up and see what set up would work on this clay track.

Posted Image

Two cars got it figured out right away. The #65 Kevin Sassman and #2dk DrKerry. Congratulations to our pole and outside pole winners. In the next row sets #5 Don Mueller and #9 Rick Johnson. Behind them sets #1 Mark Desjardins and #2jg John Gordon. Shotgun on the field is the #72 Carl Ross.

Lap 1 #65-#2dk-#5-#9-#1-#2jg-#72 Highlights laps 1-4.
Coming down to the green flag the #65 brings the field up to speed slowly.
Lots of bumping getting into turn 1 for the first time. But, everyone makes it through in one thight group.
#2jg makes a big run on the outside bring the #72 along.

Lap 5 #2jg-#72-#65-#5-#9-#2dk-#1 Highlights laps 5-9.
The #72 and #65 get together going down into turn 3. Both cars gather it back up along with #2dk who got a loose trying to stay out of it.
#1 made the big move the next lap to get along the #2jg when the rest of the field was avoiding turn 3 bumping.

Lap 10 #2jg-#1-#5-#9-#72-#65-#2dk Highlights laps 10-14.
#1 spins the #2jg going to the starting line on lap 14. Everyone stacks up behind and the yellow is out for the first time today. The #2dk made it through to the line first to lead for the first time today.

Lap 15 #2dk-#1-#9-#72-#65-#2jg Highlights laps 15-19.
#1 is overheating with some damage from the contact with #2jg and drops to the back.
#2jg is on a mission to get back to the front. He's going high and low passing two cars a lap.
#2dk goes up the track after a bump from the #2jg. #72 gets into the back of #2dk after he gets his car under him on the front straight.

Lap 20 #2jg-#5-#9-#65-#2dk-#72-#1 Highlights laps 20-24.
A couple of places swap in the middle of the field on lap 22. But, everyone seems to have settled down here in the mid point in the race.

Lap 25 #2jg-#9-#65-#5-#2dk-#72-#1 Highlights laps 25-29.
#2jg drops back through the pack on lap 27. He might have used up the right rear tire getting to the front.
The #72 and #1 hook up to make a charge to the front on lap 28.
The #5 and #9 battle for the lead side by side for a couple of laps.

Lap 30 #5-#9-#72-#65-#1-#2jg-#2dk Highlights laps 30-34.
Well they are at it again. #9 bumps the #5 going into turn one and the yellow is out for the second time today on lap 31.
The #1 car can't get a break takes a hard hit to the outside wall. His crew goes to work getting a new tire on and he is a the tail of the field again.

Lap 35 #9-#65-#2dk-#72-#5-#2jg-#1 Highlights laps 35-39.
The #72 takes the lead on lap 36 with a nice clean slide job on the #9.
The #2dk takes advantage of the opening made by the #72 and follows him through on the same turn.
The #1 is making good use of the new right rear and gains a couple of spots back.

Lap 40 #72-#2dk-#9-#65-#1-#5-#2jg Highlights laps 40-44.
The #2jg comes charging up through the field once again and takes the lead on lap 43.
The #65 goes side by side with the #2jg at the starting line on lap 44.
The #1 is back to overheating once more.

Lap 45 #65-#2jg-#5-#72-#9-#2dk-#1 Highlights laps 46-49.
Everyone is running in a tight group to the white flag.
The #2dk and #1 are working together on the bottom of the track.
The #9 is on the back of the #5.
The #72 has no one helping him.
The #2jg is pushing the #65 down the front stretch into turn one.

Last lap.
Going into turn one the #65-#2jg on the high side. The #5-#9 in the middle of the track with the #2dk-#1 on the bottom tight on them. The #72 is dropping back from the group. Down the back stretch the #65 blocks the #2jg. The #5-#9-#2dk-#1 all still hooked together in a tight pack and the #72 dropping back. Into turn three #2jg letting the #65 know he is still there. The #5-#9-#2dk-#1 still tight together. The #72 right back to the back bumper of the #9. Out of turn four on to the front straight everyone can see the checkered flag waving. The #2jg makes a move to inside of the #65 but he blocks low. So, the #2jg goes lower. On the outside the #5 goes side by side with the #2jg with the help of #9. At the line it is :
Finishing order #2jg John 1st - #65 Kevin 2nd - #2dk Kerry 3rd - #5 Don 4th - #1 Mark 5th - #72 Carl 6th - #9 Rick 7th

Thank you all for entering. Congratulations Mr. Gordon on the win. The car numbers were drawn at random every 5 laps from beginning to end on folded up paper in a bowl. This was my first try and I hope I did not hurt anyones feelings. I really feel for you Dave. With only 7 cars to keep track of this had to be easier on me than you.
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John Gorday
Advanced Member
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Well, this is just unbelievable. But really, it was a team effort. The guys back at the shop gave me a really good piece, and the crew dialed it in just right. Don't want to forget to thank my sponsors -- CMF Welding, West Side Garage, and Ted's Tires. I couldn't have done it without them.

All the drivers did a good job, and Kevin was an excellent promoter.

And it was a privilege racing in memory of Ron Royston.

My thanks to all involved.

It doesn't cost any more to be nice.
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Administrator /Old has been!!
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Congrats to all competiors,im sure Pops is smiling :))) :))) :)))
The Smell,Rubber Burning,Nitro In the Air...Never mide me im just looking for my Meds
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Advanced Member
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Congrats John on the hard fought win! We had a great group of Skeeters on hand, Ron would have been very proud.
Thank you Kevin for putting on this event, it was a great tribute. I hope we can put this race on the calendar as an annual event and see even more Skeeters next year. :)))
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Dr Kerry
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Congrats to all, It was a great race for a great reason. I didn't get to know Ron or deal with him and his business but it was an honor to run the race in honor of him. Yes I'm with you Resin-Daddy, I too think he is smiling down on the race today!!!!!! God Bless ya Ron!!!!
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Ahh it's great to smell racing fuel in the morning!!!!!

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Another Rick
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Congratulations on a hard fought win John. Guess I will need to put a better tune on those six 2's.
I build models because GOD allows me to and because I can't afford the real thing!!
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Big Goof
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Rick I don't know what the deal with the number pull was. I made new pieces of paper three times and still the same results each time. I put them in a bowl with a lid and mixed them up good each time. I never looked at the bowl while pulling the order out. For some reason Mark never had a good draw either.

Pulling every 5 laps I thought would be better than drawing the order only twice. The hardest part for me was in making up a reason when someone went back spots on a draw. I think it could have been done better myself. But, I am not a writer or sports reporter. Also, Did I get all your names spelled correctly?

Would any of you like to see this done next year? I will take suggestions on what could be done differently. Once again thank you to all who entered Skeeters in this. fbr
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:))) Kevin you did just fine :))) :))) I know we made pops proud :)))
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