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Bernard Kron
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Mark's decal technique is quite unique and lends his models a special character all their own. I've been following his work in this area for more than a year now, and it is very impressive. Without intending to speak for him, as I understand it, based on his explanations on other boards, he prints his decals to white decal paper which allows him to do white lettering. He prints the white letters against a contrasting colored background, in this case black, and then very careful cuts out the decal to eliminate most of the contrasting edge to the white lettering. Then, once the decal is applied, he removes most of any remaining edge using a very sharp #11 blade. It's takes a great deal skill (and intestinal fortitude, LOL) to work directly on the paint surface, but as we can all see, the results are quite something.
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1939 Ford raced in 1940 by the father of Nascar · THE EARLY YEARS