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The Trophy Cabinet thread; Open for one and all
Topic Started: Mar 24 2006, 01:36 AM (4,055 Views)
Member Avatar
Slayer of the lame Glitter Elves
Here I will store all those awards which no longer fit in my siggy.

Current Occupants:-

1 Supreme picture finding medal
2 Golden Stars
The Funnniest thing I ever said trophy
6 Captain Confusion awards (of various design)
Thief of Time award
A 'Well, that clears things up then' medal
Smarter than the average mole award
A Good Thinking sticker
A shiny penny
A 42 Sticker
A commemorative mug for an outstanding pyramid
A Headbanging Trophy
A dancing banana
A New Ranks medal
A supreme Picture finding medal
3 Purple Hearts
Evil Laugh Certificate of Authenticity
'Not as dedicated to the SSA as Rhyno but still really dedicated' Trophy
A 'King of Bastards' crown
An Elite Ninja trophy
Best Admin 2008, 2010 - 12
Best double act 2008-09
Most Confusing SSAian 2008 badge
'Now that's evil' trophy
'Honest in the face danger' medal
Best Off Topic Poster 2009
Hardest working poster 2009 - 11
a Robin Hood hat with a Prometheus medal on it
A random trophy from Bel
Most humorous mafia notes/dialogue award
Thain of Evil Wordfilter Slayer with matching medal
The "Seeing Things as they Really Are" Trophy
A 'Self-control' Medal.
The Admin of Awesomely Chaotic Awesomeness
Award to the Awarder
Most Artristic User of the Year 2010
A trophy for Brief, but Balanced, Victory
A Cup of Eternal Flame
A shiny monocle for pattern recognition
A Staff of Ambivalence
an Apathy Button
Top Game Programmer of the SSA
A crown of hands and burnination (it looks Damn Shiny)
Trophy of Mole-ish Godhood
To Prove we aren't sexist, Male of the year 2011 - 12
A hat with "Really Smart Guy" written on it.
an Excellent Point Regarding Cooking

So sad to leave them here though :(
The Benevolent Demi-Rule of Moleland demands gifts to remain benevolent! Bring them to me now!

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Demonic Gophers
Member Avatar
Erazor Djinn cannot be stopped!
DG's Trophies, etc.
-"The Most Powerful of Evil Laughter" Amulet
-"Please Don't Ever Leave Us Again" medal

-Primordial "one" pendant
-pendant of free will
-'I am able to recognise a running theme in Moley's confusing posts' medal, with shiny hat of the same title
-Lovecraft Medal of Madness
-¨Shifty Little Rodent and Pyrotechnics Specialist¨ medal
-'I'm all grown up!' Medal
-Ultimate Thief medal
-Splattered Banana Medal of Honor
-'Stating the amusingly obvious' medal
-Very, very, very bad joke medal.
-'Creative use of animation* medal
-'I went a bit far for that joke' medalPosted Image
-"I typed a post with my nose" medal
-"Finder of Old Topics" Badge
-A winner's medal
-"I'm a Winner" Medal (Don't ask me what the difference is...)
-"I have more free time to read than you lot" trophy of 2009
-"I Watched the Right Movie to Catch that Reference." Trophy
-'I OWNED SOG at his own game!' Trophy
-"Creative Dynamite Joke" Trophy
-'marksmanship trophy'
-'I get the last (General) word in' trophy
-resident SSA Grammar Nazi trophy
-"I Can't Think of a Name For It Right Now" trophy
-"Fun with other people's names" trophy
-"saved a soul" trophy
-"I got a trophy by being vague and then SOG gave me this trophy for getting it" Trophy
-honorary cat badge for pro-cat sentiment
-'Good recovery' badge
-Evil Merit Badge
-"Helpful Assistant" badge
-"Pattern Recognition" ribbon
-Yakov Smirnoff Award for Comedy
-Evil Laugher of the year award
-"Silent Award"
-"Silent Scream" Award
-Most humorous mafia notes/dialogue award
-Extreme Lateral Thinking Award
-Lateral thinking trophy
-Awesome Propaganda Slogan/Song Award
-Award for Exactness
-"Best picture involving an animal I've seen today" award (from SOG)
-First & Second cap for America
-I got Poked in the eye trophy
-A (sharp) point; Second and third points, + 30 more, and another 20
-15 tokens
-Cleanest Gopher of the Month trophy (for October)
-~Attempted to be Thorough with Paperwork~ Award
-Quoter medal
-Certificate of loss
-Diploma from the SOG School of Math
-SSA Police Badge
-"SSA Sheriff Tin Star"
*digs tunnel under thread*
Hail the Rodent Alliance!

*Is currently in the form of a goblin.*

My Trophies Colors!
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MOD: Mad Old Delusionist!
[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]

*already has way too many trophies to fit in my sig*

So I keep them in a GIF instead.
Former Top Poster and first President

So a horse walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Hey, why the long face?"

I was a moose once.
Facebook Group
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Shades of Gray
Member Avatar
Supreme Ruler of the Spamiverse
Damn it, my signature is too long. Now I have to have a place to store all these.

Humorous N00B trophy, 2008; Excellent Idea Lightbulb; A 'good' point; A 'bad' point; A Captain Confusion award; Official Friend of the RA membership card; A some sort of trophy. The name of which Mole has not decided upon; "I'm Jealous of ryno" Trophy; "Damn Good Story" Trophy; Understatement of the week award, a gold star, Explosive Medal for Special Effects, Zaro Pun Award, Smexy Master of Evil Flaming Destruction trophy, "Best Timed Insult" Certificate, super evilness trophy, an A for effort, Good Thinking Award, "Little Firestarter" award, "OW! Fizzy Stuff isn't supposed to pour from there!" award, Trophy for Impressive Pyrotechnics, An Excellent Point Trophy, best Pic Rapage this year Trophy, "I stick the SSA traditions - even in a game that might lead to me getting killed" Trophy, a bloodied dagger for skillful use of analogies, 'You little genius' badge, Darkness-So-Black-It-Swallows-The-Night Medal and a zombie whistle, Finely crafted shady looking rapier, Corrupting future generations in an amusing way, King of the Dance Crown, "I think I Broke Nev" medal, Leotard of Fanciness, honorary cat badges for pro-cat sentiment, 20 song points, medal carved of sad tree wood, "successfully manipulated into changing his plans by a snarky feline" bag of marbles, Ad-Befuddling Blindfold of Eye Snatching, Over-reaction of the year' trophy, "excellent use of Picard facepalm" monkey's paw, 'You blew my mind and the more you know...' Trophy, a pair of smashed sunglasses

Funniest Member (2008)
Most Dangerous Member (2008)
Favourite N00B (2008)
Scariest Member (2008)
Funniest Member (2009)
Most Dangerous Poster of the Year (2010)
Funniest Poster of the Year (2010)
Best Double Act (2010): With DG
Best Christmas Gift of the Year (2010)
Evil User of the Year (2011)
Funniest Member (2011)
Best Double Act (2011): With Bel
Most Violent Poster (2011)
Moley's Favourite Poster of the Year (2011)
Best Double Act (2012): With DG
Most Violent Poster (2012)
Reviewer of the Year (2012)
SSA Literature King (2012)

Diogenes Club Awards:
Best Critic 2010
Best Production of Verse 2010
Best User Generated Work of Fiction 2010
There once was a poster called SoG
about as substantial as fog
he would gleefully beam
while the others did scream
as he fed them alive to the dogs

- Dunkum

Do you see what I'm getting at here? Posted Image

My awards
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And Moley's still top poster
[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
Belschaft's Compendium of Stuff


I made an Admin laugh' trophy
Self Awarded Timetravellers Medal
Mackerel Killer of the SSA
SSA Wazzock Trophy
Lazy arsehole trophy
1 Golden Star
most unpopular guy on the SSA
!!Stating the obvious fact about stating the obvious about the obvious sticker!!
an Impressive Chef's Hat
one stolen Medal for Hidden Wisdom
Epic Uncake ® Medal
America Hater Badge
2 Belschaft knows stuff he does trophies, one forged
a tempting postcount-increasing cake
a Gill is (not) my God badge
I Won the Posting Race Trophy
one "Fwoosh" Token
Decent comeback award
first place sticker for a second rate joke in the third person
Award for Confudlement
School of Moleland lyric writing
a coiled spring
a nice shiny printing press
SOG Seal of Greatness
hamster medal for devotion to duty
My First Higurashi Mind Screw badge
The Bucket of Sludge of my Contempt from poppet
SoG dropped his drink while chuckling award
Pandora's Box
"Official Everything-you-need-to-know-about-History-and-then-some" book
Placard of Best Monkey Sneak Attack To Date


Poster of the Year
Belend of the Year
Fondest Moment of the Year

Best Double Act (with SOG)

Diogenes Club Awards

Best Selection of Books Read
Best Selection of Fiction Books Read
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
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Member Avatar
Mr. Meowmeow Fancypants
Supreme Meow
Well, IT finally happened - I can no longer fit trophies into my sig. So I converted one of my ships into a floating gallery of stuff.

-^-Most Bad-Ass SSA Tribute Ever Trophy-^-

<'((-{ Stinky Trophy of Dead Fish }-))'>

+Combat Gymnastics Medal+

+The SSA Altruistic Award (Awarded by Nanatsu no Tsuki)+


+Pirate Of The Year 2005-2017+

+Indisputable Picture Genius Plaque+

"Going beyond the call of duty to annoy Moleland" Badge. (And a certificate to go with it)+

+2008 SSA Epic Bitch-Slap Award+

+I Pwned An Admin in Posting trophy+

+'Moley let me get away with it' sticker+

+SSA Globetrotter award+

+Generous Giver of Gifts certificate+

+A Handy Red Suit+

+Topic Arranger Software+

+Taco Salad+

+Ten points for a triple post+

+Appropriate Image Thingemabob (Stolen from Nate)+

+Placecard for Best Staggered Statement Relating Cats to Success+

+Stopwatch of Chronological Understanding+
I reject your reality and substitute my own
Trophy Galleon
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Member Avatar
[ *  *  *  *  *  * ]
a bunch of quest items that i forgot the quests for. so they're stuck in my inventory...

-ninja star of well-timed posting (x3) by DG (2) and DN (1)
-Bacon Hat and a Burger Lord Badge by Kazi
-Ship Christened: 'The Utlass' by DN
-Golden Presunto Awkward Award by Nev (awaiting use)
-Avatar Epic Pwnage by Kohai
-'First past the post' and 'highly approved method of celebration/death' medals by Moley
-Actual Dog collar for rapid adaptation by DG
-entitled the 'Marquis de Carabas' by Sog
-'Most Wonderfull Avatar of the Year' medal with the degree of Great Knight and all the privileges and prerogatives of an Earl of the Empire by Nev
-'Suitable picture for the topic' medal by moley
-'Sexual Deviant of the year' 2011 Moscar
-"I ruin references with hugs" pin by DN
-Strictly high button shoes by DN
-"STRETCH! Armstrong" toy by DN
-"You saved sog" award by sog during a twilight review
-'Best User-Generated Work of Fiction' Diogenes club award (2011)
-Most artistic user of the year Moscar (2012)
-Funniest user of the Year Moscar (2012)
-"I survived Kazi's drunken ramblings" badge
"What game was this, where every player on the board claimed the same pawn?" - Raziel
"The coin is still turning..." -Kain
"Cats are truly all powerful!" - sog

Resident Marquis de Carabas
Father of AC The Harbinger: Tiny, Adorable Predator (rapidly developing into a bitch and a half)

A feeling of compassion warms you...
A feeling of regret envelops you...
A desire to cry wells up within you...
A feeling of anger overcomes you...
A feeling of Emptiness fills your heart...
A destructive force stirs within you...

My Inventory
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Member Avatar
I'll have you believing, truth can be deceiving
[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
*Sets up Award Storage Container Here*

Awarded a 'Moley speciality' cookie (5/19/2010) :D

a Red Shirt from Kazi (8/19/2010) :D

"Medal Made of Win" from RhynoD (9/28/2010) :D

Awarded the "Egg Aficionado of the SSA badge" (9/16/2010) by Kohai Posted Image

Awarded "the arm bracer of eternal superfluousness" by Inca (01/04/2011) :D

"I know my animoo" Trophy by Rhyno (01/08/2011) :D

"you shoulda got an award for that thing you did" awarded by Inca (1/11/2011) :D

"one word banana" awarded by Inca (1/11/2011) :D (2 in one day)

"Goodguy of the year award" Moscar 2011 (1/12/2011) :D

"N00B of the year!" Moscar 2011 (1/12/2011) :D

"An 'appropriate image thingemabob' " awarded by Inca (2/16/2011) :D

"best pro-cat statement of the day badge" awarded by Inca (2/25/2011) :D

"a Gold Plaque for Corporate Puppeteering" awarded by DG (4/19/2011) :D

"a smack on the head for pattern recognition failure" awarded by DG (4/29/2011) :(

"badge of the grizzled survivor" awarded by Inca (5/08/2011) :D

"a Cloth Superhero Cape to Wear on his Back for stating the obvious" awarded by DG (5/18/2011) :D

"Goodguy of the year award" Moscar 2012 (1/30/2012) :D

"a TIN^2 trophy for casting the final vote to lynch himself while being a member of the Mafia" (9/27/12) :D

"a Suspiciously Ticking 'Master of His Own Fate' Trophy" (9/28/2012) :D

"Official SSA tapeworm" medal (4/3/2017) SOG :D
"Remember if you are going to do something stupid, at least do it intelligently."
"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." - Winston Churchill
Once a guy fell into a monocle making machine and made a spectacle of himself, while he was on fire.
"God is good, but never dance in a small boat." -Mikey's dad
"The sun shines and the day is beautiful even if there is a big raise in taxes." -Nev
My Storage Container for Awards
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