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You walk along a dimly lit tunnel, until you emerge into a large room, dominated by a long table in the centre; on it there are various objects, but before you can look at them, the room is shook by a minor earthquake, originating from the far wall. As the quake subsides, you can now discern a face in the wall, and an angry face at that.
"Do not move, intruder!" it calls, "I am Igneous of Legend, and none shall pass from here without first displaying their worthiness. Three truths I seek; three falsehoods and you shall go no further."
You have no choice but to listen to the monster's riddles, and hope you can get them right. "Prepare yourself, dungeoneer," Igneous announces. "Here is my first:
"Red and spewing when I sprang from earth - rock I am now, but what gave me birth?
The Benevolent Demi-Rule of Moleland demands gifts to remain benevolent! Bring them to me now!

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