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Here are some nice and easy to follow rules that need to be followed on this forum.

1. No SPAM (stupid pointless annoying messages): Many forums practically die because of this problem. In fact, that's part of the reason we have a spam forum here. It encourages SPAM to go there, and preferably nowhere else. Make sure you have a reason to post and that the message belongs where you post it. Do NOT spam in order to get 25 posts so you can advertise.

2. Double Posting: Try not to do it. There is a little edit button there so you can edit your posts. If you forgot to add something, edit your last post before you post again. You may only double post if at least 24 hours have elapsed since your last post. In addition, your new post should be reasonably long and contain useful information. Double posting more than once or twice a week is strongly discouraged.

3. Language: Keep language nice and friendly. No use of profanity is allowed.

4. Avatars and Signatures: The file size of your avatar + pictures in your signature must not exceed 150 KB. Smaller file sizes make pages load faster. In addition, your signature must fit inside this box. (Seriously, it's not necessary to have your entire portfolio in your signature.)

5. Links: Please keep links to "safe" sites. No links to anything that would not be appropriate on PA. Also, don't post links to sites that have any kind of malware on them (viruses, worms, adware, spyware, etc).

6. Mods and Admins: Don't ask to be one. If we see you are admin or mod material, we will PM you. Also, please respect mods and admins on the forums. Things like, no arguing if we correct you.

7. Specific Forum Rules: Some forums may have their own specific rules. Please read them before posting there.

8. Chatter Box: Do not pose as someone you are not. Post as your own username or as "anonymous".

9. Chat Program: Follow rules 1, 3, 5, and 6. Although it is a chatroom, all participants are expected to refrain from any type of swearing. Acting inappropriately on PA Chat can and will get you banned from PA!

10. DON'T STEAL: If you want to use some images on this site, just ask. The author(s) may let you use them. Also, do not steal images from other sites and use them on PA.

11. Number of accounts: You are only allowed 1 account (username) on PA. If you accidentally create more than one account, all but 1 of them will be deleted. We will ask you which one you want to keep. If you happen to have multiple people using the same computer just let us know if we ask you about it.

12. Advertising: If you wish to advertise your site, do so only in the "Your Sites" forum unless a forum specifically states that you may advertise in it. Please note that you must have 25 posts to advertise in any forum. You may also advertise your site in your signature and/or your avatar.

13. Age: ZetaBoards is subject to the laws of Maryland, and Maryland law prohibits forums from storing personal information about anyone less than 13 years of age (to protect their privacy). We are pleased to announce that those younger than 13 may now join the site, but those members should enter their valid birthdate during registration so that the system knows to avoid storing personal information about them. If you post any personal information on PA, we will be forced to remove it from your post. Once you reach 13 years of age, these restrictions will, of course, be lifted.

14. Name Changes: You are allowed to request one name change every six months. Do so by going to your preferences page and by clicking "Change Username". Your name change request will be sent to an admin and will be reviewed (and hopefully approved). Do NOT submit additional name change requests within the 6 month period following your last approved username change request.

That should be it for now. Thanks, PA's staff appreciates you reading and following the site rules!

Updated: 05/30/2008 3:20 PM (Eastern Time)
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