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If you're thinking of joining, I feel the need to note that this is a discussion forum, and not some kind of online Pokemon game (as awesome as that would be). We get tons of members getting this confused, and we certainly wouldn't want to waste your time if this place isn't what you were looking for.

You might also find that the activity level is rather low around here. This is mostly due to lack of new members that stick around. I'm sure if we had a few more, all the many members would eventually come out of hiding. Why not sign up and stay for a while. Who knows? You may be surprised.

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Validation Tips

Okay, so you've filled out the registration form and you've logged into your account, but you can't post yet. Why not?

You'll have to validate your email address. This shows us that your email address is real. Because most bots don't have real emails, this step blocks most of them.

To validate your email address:
When you filled out the registration form, you entered an email address. Go to that email account (however you usually do it) and check for a message that has "Pokémon Adventures" as the sender. The email should have a subject something like "Registration at Pokémon Adventures ( From Pokémon Adventures )". Open that email up and look for the activation link. In most cases, you can simply click that link and you will be finished with step #1 of the validation process. The email contains more information on how to validate your account if you can't click the link for some reason.


Q: Why can't I find the validation email?
Well, if you just registered, give it about 5 minutes to get there. Usually it is instant, but sometimes things get held up. If you haven't received it within 10 minutes of your registration, you can click the "Resent Validation Email" link that is near the top-middle of the page. If you didn't enter a valid email address, see the next question, "what if I didn't enter a real email address at sign-up?"

Q: What if I didn't enter a real email address at sign-up?
Uh oh, you were sneaky and didn't enter a real email address. Well, don't feel too bad, we've all done this to avoid spam. Well, here at PA, we are against spamming and will do our best to prevent it; however, we need a real email address to verify that you are a real person. To enter a real email address, click the "My Controls" link near the top-right of the page. At your control panel, on the left, click the "Change Email Address" link. Then, enter and confirm your new email address and click the "Change my Email Address" button.

Doing this will probably log you out. You'll have to log back in afterward with your user name and password. Then go back and check your email account for the validation email message.

One tip: If you like, you can first change your email settings to avoid receiving further messages from PA. All you have to do is go back to the "Preferences" section and click the "Email Settings" link on the left. Here, you can change your email settings to prevent updates from the board administrator and to block members from emailing you.
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