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New Footie Game/RP; Proposal to revamp the Canada Cup
Topic Started: Jul 1 2011, 04:10 PM (191 Views)
Boreal Tundra
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OK, I thought of this a while ago but, kept forgetting to set it up. Finally remembered in time this year. :)

The original idea was a "Footie Pool" (Soccer for the uneducated ;) ) based on the premier league.

Since I wanted something relatively simple (to fit my own stupidly busy schedule) and to make it competitive for the full season, the mechanics are as follows:

Each participant chooses the team they wish to represent them.
In the first match, it would be by order of signup.
In each subsequent match it would be reverse order of current standings.

In order to revamp the Canada Cup (assuming St. Samuel is gone) I was thinking of using the results (scores & cards) from the Premiership games upon which to base the RP writing (substituting our own team/players of course.)

At this point, I guess it's just a question of interest in the pool and if those in the RP would like to use this as well.
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Not sure I quite understand how this works. Can you give an example?
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The AntiEss
Now that I'm free from most burdens I was willing to take on St Samuel's responsibilities, I just had not got round to replying there.

BT's idea is that you each choose a team in the Premiership and the result from their game is the result in your game. Then the game is RP'd on that result. Then the person with the worst results in the table gets to pick their team first in the next round. You'd need 20 people to play this or RP for something like a CPU. There might also be issues with different teams playing on different days and postponed games but it's not big.
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If I've got the idea right, then I don't think you need any set number of players, just a league table with no more fixtures than the RL league.

Each time we have a fixture in our league, one of the teams gets to pick an RL team, and scores their result in our league. There is no ongoing link.

I'd like to suggest a variant on the team picking. If in our league, we play each other team 3 times - with each team at home at least once. For their first home game, the home side picks the RL team (which will be once each). On the remaining game, the lower placed side picks, as originally proposed.

Each RL team can be picked only once each round, lower-placed (RP) team has priority.

Each RL team can be used only twice by each RP side.

If a player fails to post their team choice, they get the lowest placed team in the RL league who are playing that weekend and have not been picked by someone else.

Does that all make sense?
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Boreal Tundra
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Using BPL would handle up to 20 teams. You could do with less with Al's rule of only allowed to pick a team twice (or whatever number works for the number of players.)

I would also suggest home & away in CCup should pick from home and away sides in BPL.

The other question is would we keep the it up for the whole season (which I planned to do with the pool) or just a set number of games? The CCup was originally just going to be a tournament I think.

We could also do them both, I was going to do the BPL pool this summer anyway and only suggested bringing in the CCup as St Samuel has left. If Omni wants to run the CCup, I'm quite happy with that as well.
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