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Political parties
Topic Started: Apr 3 2010, 08:21 AM (325 Views)
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Sir Storm of the Order of the Maple Leaf
Post your nation's political parties in this thread. Bold indicates the party (or coalition of parties) that form the majority in each chamber. The party with the majority in the lower chamber, the House of Commons, almost always forms the government in Stormaen.


Parties represented in Parliament:

Stormaen Democrat & Labour Party (SDLP) - centre-left, social democratic, 17 seats.
Stormaen Liberal Party (SLP) - right-wing, pro-free market, 14 seats.
Country Party of Stormaen (CPS) - conservative, agrarian, 9 seats.

Independents - various stances, 2 seats.

House of Commons:
Stormaen Democrat & Labour Party (SDLP) - 49 seats.
Stormaen Liberal Party (SLP) - 30 seats.
Country Party of Stormaen (CPS) - 11 seats.
Independents - 6 seats.

Major parties not represented in Parliament:
Stormaen National Party (SNP) - left-wing, nationalist.
Green Party of Stormaen (GPS) - left-wing, environmentalist.
Stormaeners for Constitutional Monarchy (SCM) - conservative, monarchist.
Christian People's Party (CPP) - centrist, religious.
Speaker of the House of Commons

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Click here and view about half way down the box on the far right. :thumbsup:
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Nordrige for alltid!
I have NS Wiki page too, but I'll post here also.

NS Wiki page

Overrådet - 75 councillors

Høyre ("Conservatives") - 27
Venstre ("Liberals") - 24; senior coalition partner in Overrådet
Arbeiderpartiet ("Labour party") - 13; junior coalition partner in Overrådet
Nordrige Fremst ("Nordrige First") - 5
Kristelig Folkspartiet ("Christian People's Party") - 3
De Grønne ("The Greens") - 3

Coalition: Venstre, Arbeiderpartiet and the Greens have formed a coalition in Overrådet since 2002.

Folketinget - 179 members

Venstre ("Liberals") - 82; senior coalition partner in Folketinget
Høyre ("Conservatives") - 70
Arbeiderpartiet ("Labour party") - 16; junior coalition partner in Folketinget
Nordrige Fremst ("Nordrige First") - 5
Kristelig Folkspartiet ("Christian People's Party") - 1
Landspartiet ("Land Party") - 2
Uavhengige kandidater ("Independent candidates") - 3

Coalition: Venstre and Arbeiderpartiet form coalition (Red-Gold coalition) since 2006 when Venstre lost overall majority in Folketinget.
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Disposablepuppetland has advanced beyond democracy and become a modern benevolent dictatorship. The semi-autonomous region of West-Side is somewhat more primitive though, and still retains a democratic system.

There is a single ruling council elected every five years. The current balance of power in the council is as follows:

The Arrogant Party - 16 hoods
The Rhythm & Stealth Party - 8 hoods
The House Party - 4 hoods
The Progressive Symphony Movement - 2 hoods
The Dirty Ragamuffin Party - 1 hood
The Banging Hardcore Party - 1 hood

The Arrogant Party, under Prime Minister King, have held power for the past twelve years and have well and truly lived up to their name.
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the land
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Just another mile
Parties in the House of Commons

*Conservative Jumper Party-65 seats
The National Horse Party-44 seats
Separatist Wanderer Party-11 seats
Liberal Show Party-2 seats
(total number of seats 122)

*Prime Minister Samantha White is not a part of this party.
The PM is leader of the National Horse Party.

There are several specialized councils that act as a sort of Senate.
You Don't Take Time out of Life for Music, You Take Time out of Music for Life~Unknown

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There are no political parties in MrPopo as far as government leaders are concerned. Leaders are chosen amongst the elders of the churches. Only the church members get to choose their elder, the elders get to choose their regional bishop, and only the High Council of Priests (the bishops) gets to vote on their leader (The High Priest).

People outside the church or against the church have no political say as the country is a fundamentalist republic.

Political petitions can be brought by the people to their respected churches directly. This is how democracy is maintained.
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Parties in the States-General of the Confederacy of Toendra:

Since 2006, the National People's Party has ruled as a minority government with support from the Christian Social Democrats, though the CSD is not itself part of the government of Toendra.

First Chamber/Senate:
Elected by the Provincial councils every 4 years.

National People's Party - 64
New Democratic Party - 39
Christian Social Democrats - 26
Toendran Labor Party - 25
Green Party of Toendra - 15
Friezland National Party* - 6

*FNP is not related to NPP and is a seperatist party from the region of Friezland in northern Toendra.

Second Chamber/House of Representatives:
Elected by the people every 4 years.

National People's Party - 125
New Democratic Party - 95
Toendran Labor Party - 59
Christian Social Democrats - 53
Green Party of Toendra - 18
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Premier Anton Kamensky
Political Parties of Kildor

  • The Party

  • All other possible parties
The Socialist Republic of Kildor
"Duty, Obedience, Patriotism"
Premier Anton Kamensky
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New and improved
After the August 2010 elections:

President: Michael van der Vandervandervar (Central Party)

Out of the 250 seats in the Lower House:

Socialist Party (SP) - 66 seats
Conservatives for South Pezalia (CSP) - 61 seats
Central Party (CP) - 54 seats
South Pezalia National Party (SPNL) - 46 seats
Green Party of South Pezalia (GPSP) - 11 seats
Free Love and Moderate Taxes - 7 seats
Independants - 3 seats
North West Independance (NWI) - 2 seats

Out of the 38 seats in the Upper House:

Socialist Party - 9 seats
Conservatives for South Pezalia (CSP) - 11 seats
Central Party (CP) - 6 seats
Independants - 6 seats
Green Party of South Pezalia (GPSP) - 5 seats
Free Love and Moderate Taxes - 1 seats
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