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When you initially join the forum, you will be registered as a Tourist.

In order to gain voting rights as a citizen, you must confirm the presence of your nation in the NationStates region of Canada by posting a link to your nation below.

Here is how you post your nation:
http://www.nationstates.net/insert your nation name here
Mine would be

NB: When posting a nation with more than one name (e.g. My Great Nation), you need to replace the space(s) with underscores (e.g. My_Great_Nation).

Admin will then place your name on the Voters Roll, along with the name of your qualifying nation, and update your board registration to match.

During any voting period, registrations will be temporarily suspended. Applications received after the polls have opened will not be actioned until after the polls have closed, and the Citizen will be unable to vote in that election. Likewise, anyone who began such a period as a citizen shall retain that status until registration is resumed.

If you want to change which nation you use for your residency status, please post your old and your new nations below.

If you decide to leave the game or the region, we would greatly appreciate a post to let us promptly remove you from the voters roll.

We generally prefer a single board registration. If you want others (for instance for RP purposes), that is fine, but it would be helpful if they could be clearly marked as such.

Please note that each player is entitled to only one vote, regardless of the number of nations or board registrations.

Cabinet may vary the registration process, but any revised process may not be unduly restrictive, and must be made clear to the public.
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