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Board Guidelines
Please help to keep this board a fun place for everyone.

We prefer to have members exercise responsibility themselves, but the moderation team can and will intervene if necessary.

The primary board language is English.

There is a section reserved for French language, but elsewhere any non-english text should be reasonably clear from context or accompanied by a translation.

The content level is PG

Posting relevant links to borderline content is usually acceptable, provided a warning label is attached.

If offended, please do not respond in kind.

You can report any post to the moderators by PM, or by using the "report" button on the post itself.

Treat other board users with courtesy.

Newcomers may not be familiar with Bulletin boards in general, or ours in particular.

Do not assume others will want to do it your way.

If you see something you don't understand, then ask.

Mass mailings:

As political parties have forums available for advertising, as well as the campaign threads during elections, we would ask that they do not use PMs to promote themselves.

This mainly applies to mass mailing - there is no restriction on sending PMs where the recipient has requested contact, or individual PMs where you have good reason to think the recipient will have a particular interest.

Put another way - Party-related PMs should be opt-in, rather than opt-out.