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Special Thanks; Emoticon and Other Service Providers
Topic Started: Dec 12 2006, 12:33 PM (3,598 Views)
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I would like to thank the following websites for providing the emoticons being used here at Keep On Trekkin':

Smiley Villiage
Free Smileys
Cool Smileys
Cyber Gifs
Smiley Database
Click Smilies
Smiley Arena
Mazeguy Smilies
Cool Sci-Fi.com
Smiley Central
Animations & Smilies
Smiley Hut
Best Smileys
Star Trek Site
Perceptual Motion
Gilles Nuytens at The SciFi World (Request permission from him to use).
The Cat's Meow
Clip Art Kaboose
Hellas Multi Media
Fun Files

New Experience (Dark and Light):

Distant Trek / 2.0:

Confident Blue:

KOT Trek:
Cool Text
Tiny Portal

Green Meadow:
Clip Art Of
Designed Toast
Big Foto.com

Autumn Trek
Copyright Free Photos
Peirce Clipart

Spooky Trekkin'
Foto Search
Christmas GraphicsPlus
Classroom Clip Art
Clip Art and Crafts
Hellas Multimedia

Shimmer and Ice:
Free Icons Web

Season's Greetings:
Christmas Graphics
Click Smilies

Trekky Theme:
Co - creation with Nimor and 24thcenstfan

Inspiration Theme:
Banner by ImpulseEngine
Theme by 24thcenstfan

Blue Flare:
Free Icons Web

Blue Horizon:
Kat's Fun Fonts for the planet icon.

Free Icons Web

Star Trek® Images Used for Decorative Purposes:
NCC-1701-A >> Source
You Are Cordially Invited... >> Source
Communicator Badge >> Source
The Trouble with Tribbles >> Source
Starfleet Headquarters 2151 >> Source

Resource Links Images
Main Forum => Starfleet Headquarters

Signature Banners => 24thcenstfan

ST Series Episode Guide => Original image from cover of Star Trek Captain's Logs.

ST Movie Guide => Alien probe scene from Star Trek: The Voyage Home. Original image found at Star Trek.com.

Star Trek Countdown => Construction scene from the Star Trek teaser trailor.

Star Trek XI Media => Starfleet insignia from the Star Trek teaser trailor.

Star Trek News => NCC-1701-A from this source.

Sci-Fi News => Wormhole image from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Entertainment News => Chicago Palace Theater from episode Repression (Series = Star Trek: Voyager). Source is Memory Alpha.

News Feed => Image is of Data and Captain Picard standing in front of displays. From Star Trek: The Next Generation era. Episode or movie unknown.

All Star Trek images are used for decorative purposes only. All original images are copyrights of CBS Studios and/or Paramount Pictures. Star Trek artwork 2008 PARAMOUNT PICTURES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Nicola for Submenu/Drop Down Menu JQuery

Code by Holysavior

Thanks to Outline for providing footer code for the New Default Theme.

Edited by 24thcenstfan, Dec 26 2014, 08:51 PM.
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