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If you choose to ignore these rules you do so at your own risk. If you find yourself warned/banned and you haven't read the rules, that's your problem.
  • The staff's word is law. This includes the Inquisitor Lords (The admins, they have blue names) (Myself, Lothar, Virus and Silv) as well as the Inquisitors (The moderators, they have green names) (RedFox742, Pixellated, and RealityAbyss) . 'tis our forum, and we can do what the hell we like. Don't like the fact the people we get on with get away with a lot more? Tough titty. If you seriously find yourself not liking how things are done, it's easiest to leave. Because if you try to tell us how to run this forum, we'll ban you flat-out.
  • Spamming is forbidden. Spamming, if you don't know, includes posting messages that add nothing to the discussion, multiple-posting, posts consisting of nothing but smilies, going purposely off-topic, advertising other sites. Basically, if you think you're posting crap, you're posting spam.
  • Adult material, such as pornography, hentai, or similar is banned. Posting such filth shall result in automatic permanant banning.
  • Discrimination, such as sexism and racism, is forbidden. Any posters found discriminating against another for whatever reason shall be punished. Posting anything leading to or helping someone find adult material will be dealt with in the same way.
  • Harrasing other posters, insulting other posters, inciting arguments or otherwise trying to cause friction between posters shall result in punishment.
  • Swearing, in moderation, is acceptable. Excessive swearing of any kind will result in warnings and/or banning.
  • If a topic hasn't been posted in for over fourteen (14) days, it's dead. Don't post in it. That is, don't post in it unless you really, really want to be yelled at.
  • "It was a joke" or "I was joking" is not a viable excuse for anything.
  • In essence, if you sign up here, you agree to these rules. If you feel you are unfairly treated, by all means e-mail one of the four admins and we may consider your case. The odds aren't terribly good though.