Angkar: Dry season. Often sunny, but precipitation is rare. Humidity is low, some bodies of water may have dried up, and bushfires can occur. The rainforest sees evenly distributed rainfall throughout the season.

Ashoka: Desert: Cooler temperatures, although still relatively hot. Violent, heavy downpours following long dryspells. Jungle: Hot and humid with frequent, violent rainstorms.

Morrim: Calm and generally cool. Thunderstorms and heavy showers are not uncommon, and there is also a chance of snow until late in the season.

Soto: Trees begin to bud and the snow begins to melt, which may cause minor flooding. Although temperatures increase, snowfall early in the season is not uncommon. Low-lying plants grow while the tree cover isn't too dense.


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    Ashoka: In an otherwise peaceful times, Ashokans are beset with the relatively minor inconveniences of wandering undead and occasionally-aggressive giant rock worms. There has also been some controversy over the recent re-legalisation of human sacrifice.

    Morrim: Rumour has it that Emperor Leofric de Hollemark is mustering forces for a war. Though the threat from Soto’s forests has passed, the forces previously employed in watching the forest now linger at the border. Rumours also circulate of a small group that has been dispatched to make contact with the tribes of the Do’suul Mountains.

    Soto: The Sotoans have defeated the fey and liberated themselves from Méadaigh’s oppression! Preliminary efforts have been made at rebuilding the city of Madrid, which had been captured at the beginning of the war. However, the Sotoans are hindered from recovery famine. Méadaigh’s magic caused summer to persist in the Erth’netora Forest through the winter. Her power has been withdrawn and the plants die as if preparing for winter – even though it is now summer. The Sotoans must sustain off what food they can get, what creatures they can kill and what can be imported into the city from Morrim and Angkar.

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    Leofric de Hollemark; Emperor of Morrim
    Topic Started: Oct 19 2014, 06:03 PM (1,486 Views)
    Leofric de Hollemark
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    Name – Leofric Pelagi de Hollemark

    Age – 32

    Gender – Male

    Alignment – Lawful Neutral

    Social Class – Upper Nobility

    Occupation – Emperor of Morrim, Duke of Hollemark

    Race – Human

    Nationality – Morrimian


    • Longsword - A three-foot long broad steel blade, with a simple crossguard embossed with burnished gold. Fine black leather wraps the hand-and-a-half hilt, and it is counterbalanced by a large circular pommel, also in gold, featuring the four-pointed star of his House.

    • Mace - An ornate, but short, eight-point mace fashioned entirely of steel. Only used when mounted.

    • Lance - An eleven foot long lance, made of oak heartwood, featuring a steel tip and vamplate. Only used when mounted.

    • Shield - A triangular kite shield, a composite of hard and soft woods and steel, painted red with a rearing griffon emblazoned in yellow on its surface. Only used when mounted.

    • Dagger - A small dagger, bejeweled with jet in the quillons and pommel. It is typically strapped to Leofric's left forearm.

    Physical Appearance

    Leofric stands tall, at a couple of inches over six feet, and is broad in the shoulder but less so in the hip. Sculpted, functional muscle covers his frame, with his arms and legs being particularly thick. His hands are broad, the fingers long, and his pale skin is always meticulously scrubbed and clean.

    Short, straight sandy-coloured hair tops his head, brushed backwards so that it stands tall. Hs facial features are strong, with a thunderous brow, a square jaw and high, flat cheekbones - spoiled only by a large, crooked nose. His eyes are a dazzling green, and he nearly always sports a thin moustache and a small pointed beard that reaches from below his lower lip to his chin.

    In his casual attire, Leofric typically wears a double breasted doublet of scarlet velvet, with billowing knee-length breeches of silk, which are crimson and black striped. On his feet are soft riding boots of black leather, and he frequently wears a flopped cap of black fox fur, decorated with a fine white feather. Across his shoulders is a waist-length cloak of black sable, edged with white ermine, kept in place by a gold brooch in the shape of a four-pointed star. Over this, he sports a chain of office, indicating his ducal status, formed of interlocking 'h' shapes in alternating gold and silver.

    He always wears a large, golden ring with a four-point diamond set into it on his left hand, functioning as his personal seal. On his right, he wears a small band of simple iron.

    In battle or in the tiltyard, Leofric wears full armour of the finest Sotoan design, with an armet atop his head decorated with a plume of red feathers. Otherwise, he is covered head to toe in plate angled to deflect blows, with small sections of mail protecting his armpits, elbows, hips and knees. Covering this is a crimson silk tabard, with a four pointed star in white stitched across the chest.


    Leofric is the picture of a model nobleman, expressing courtesy and chivalry to any that he comes across, regardless of social station. He is well-versed in manners, always quick to greet and bow to his equals and superiors, as well as dispense largesse to those lower born. He is a vocal and engaging man, used to expressing his opinion - tactfully, of course - and always keen to enter into animated discussion. Typically, people find him cordial and charming, as he seeks social harmony in any situation he finds himself in.

    Under the surface, however, lies a dangerous political animal. Leofric is quick to make friends, especially with those that will bring him some advantage, but is also quick to discard those that disappoint him or have outlived their usefulness to him. He is utterly aware of the sense of noble conduct and its wider political ramifications, and can act with alacrity to the shifting sands of political courtly life, his ambition for more wealth and renown guiding his hand in these matters.

    As such, Leofric is exceptionally guarded on an emotional level, his face a smiling mask. He does not trust easily, always weighing the motives behind the actions of others - and as such prefers to keep the company of his retainers, or political allies. With regards to women, he sees them more as a medium through which he can exhibit his chivalry than as a romantic possibility. Indeed, his lack of dalliances is something of a mystery to those at court.

    He exudes confidence, both in his social position and his physicality, and feels almost a compulsion to display his superiority in these matter. This, however, masks a feeling of inferiority, as he feels that his family, and by extension himself, have long been overlooked by the Imperial establishment. These bitter seeds have been sown, but have not yet sprouted. His charming veneer will rapidly fade when he is made to feel inferior in courtly aspects, and he is prone to flying into violent rages if he feels he has been thwarted.

    He is autocratic by nature, having been raised as a nobleman and used to having his every whim attended to. He is also fiercely defensive of his status, and will seek to crush any perceived encroachment on his rights and privileges. This is tempered with an inherently merciful and magnanimous nature, showering his largesse on those that serve him faithfully and frequently showing clemency to his enemies - once they have been suitably contained as a threat, of course.

    He possesses great economic acumen, following the tradition of the past three generations of his family, and a comprehensive education in Soto. He is a meticulous organiser of affairs, a compulsive writer of letters, and an active builder - the infrastructure in his lands is impressive. He is fascinated by the mechanisms of trade and industry, and is constantly cultivating these.

    He is also incredibly pious, having spent six years as a boy in the clergy, especially venerating Vespasian as opposed to his other manifestations. It is not uncommon to find him at prayer, when he is not managing his estate, competing in tourneys or politicking at court.


    Leofric was born the second son of the prestigious Hollemark family, a family that rose from humble mercantile origins some ten generations ago. Their lands lie north of Fairin, a vast, verdant pasture sitting astride the Andakilisa and up into the eastern slopes of Do'Suul. Following the discovery of two large veins of silver four generations ago, the family was able to acquire more and more lands and gain such political standing that they were able to marry into the female line of the then recently disgraced Daelynid line.

    Leofric's older brother Siegfried was always primed to be the heir, and when he was six the younger son was sent to become a clergyman, where he was taught to read and write, and to discourse on the nature and worship of Vespasian. He lived simply, dressed in a habit and living in a penitent cell, until the age of twelve, when Siegfried died in a jousting accident at a tourney. Hastily he was taken back into his father's household, and began a more martial education. He learned to ride and fight with the traditional longsword, as well as joust, which became a fast favourite of his. By the time he was fourteen, he too was competing in the courtly tourneys, where he was also first exposed to Morrimian political life.

    When he was eighteen, his mother Allinde died, and his father sent him away to study, while he sat and brooded in a pall of melancholy. Firstly he was sent to Kinaldi for two years, to learn history and military strategy. With his father's income and influence, he was then grudgingly enrolled as an apprentice in both Auberon's Destiny and Gold Maker's United, where he learned to expand his education. Enthralled by the Sotoan cult of swordsmanship, and of their mercantile ingenuity, he rapidly came to admire the Southern Republic, and lived in Madrid for five happy, but hardworking, years.

    News reached him that his esteemed father, Pelagi, had taken ill, and he returned home to find the estates in a state of disrepair owing to his sire's despondency. Inspired by his immersion in Sotoan culture, and needing an outlet for his grief at his father's rapidly-declining health, he set about reorganising the fief, making the agriculture around the twenty-four villages and two towns under his domain as efficient as possible, and turning over the common lands to pasture, specialising in both high-quality cattle and horses. He then began to develop the ducal infrastructure around the raw materials of leather and silver. He invited a number of talented tanners, saddlemakers and cobblers from Kinaldi and Fairin to live in his lands, building them specialised premises, as well has enlarging the smelting facilities in his northern town to produce more silver ingots. He also, pointedly, built and furnished a church and a priest in every village, dedicated solely to the worship of Vespasian, and forbade the worship of his other manifestations or even minor saints.

    His expenditure was immense, and he nearly bankrupted his ailing father, but fortune took a turn for the better. The Dark Conquest began the day after his father's death, and as the old man was being embalmed and entombed in the ancestral sepulchre, Leofric was about to make back what he had spent tenfold. The mobilisation of the military was immense, creating a vast demand for mounts, saddles and boots, and he was flooded with petitions from magnates far and wide seeking to equip their levies. The demand was so great that he had no time to actively serve himself - or so was his excuse to the envoys of the dread Andromalius. Privately, he thought the man an abomination, and wanted no part in his rule, which he viewed as a perversion of the manifest destiny of Morrim, and a stain on the honour of the nobility.

    He had acquired such vast wealth that he was able to keep his lands and nascent industries functioning during the years of famine that followed the Conquest, as hardy grass still grew on the depleted soil. He also imported vast amounts of food from Angkar, making his lands something of a beacon of hope throughout those dark times, though still far leaner than their previous golden age.

    With the healing of the land, Leofric is flourishing once more, and has felt secure enough to begin attending court in Kinaldi, using his regal status, not to mention his wealth, to create a circle of influence among his noble peers. He underwrites the debts of the insolvent, binding them in gratitude to him, and contributes healthily to courtly functions - hosting and competing in lavish tournaments being his specialty.

    For now, he is at the peak of his abilities, but not of his ambition...

    First Five Abilities

    • Swordsman – Leofric is an expert when wielding swords - though his preferred choice is the longsword, he is equally at ease with rapiers and sabres. His attack and defence forms a web of steel, his wrists rolling with strength and ease to disarm opponents - his technique is so refined that he can best even the most competent opponents.

    • Grand Horseman – Leofric is an expert horseman, as he practices more than even most nobleman, creating an almost symbiotic relationship with his mounts. His confidence the in saddle means that he can pick a coin off the ground at full gallop, or stand tall on his horse's back. This means he can urge a horse on to great acts of courage and stamina, such is their faith in their rider.

    • CHARGE! – Ingrained in his equine passions, and at the apex of them, is the skill of the joust. Leofric has been a fierce competitor from a young age, and his skills in the saddle mean that a charge with a couched lance from him will always be deadly accurate, and pierce all but magical defences. If he is successful when using this ability, his lance will always shatter after delivering the blow.

    • Beguiling Presence – Leofric is a charismatic figure, fully realising the stereotypes of Morrimian nobility. He magnanimous nature and authoritative bearing creates an aura of influence around him, and he is able to sway others, especially Morrimians, to his way of thinking purely by the power of his voice and the conviction of his arguments.

    • The Blood Imperial – The Daelynid Dynasty were renowned as having an inherent ability to heal the sick and the wounded - many stories exist of their altruistic healing through the laying on of hands. As their distant descendent, Leofric's expression of this trait is slightly different, meaning instead that he heals markedly faster than most humans - small cuts sealing in seconds, larger ones minutes. It also makes him 25% more resistant to disease.

      Additional Simple Abilities

    • Vast Wealth - Leofric is hugely wealthy, as his lands sit on veins of silver. He is also an active builder, nurturing industry and building infrastructure, as well as a competent trader having outfitted a fleet of six ships for maritime trade. As such, his treasury is nearly always full, and he can afford to host lavish parties, reward followers and even raise an army should he need to.

    Political Aspirations

    Leofric is an ambitious Emperor, and is imbued with a deep sense of patriotic duty. He feels that, after the Hardships that occurred as a result of the Dark Conquest, and the subsequent isolationist policies enacted under Isra Amiel, that Morrim is ready to rise. He sees himself leading his nation to glory, to establish Morrim as the pre-eminent power on Soare.

    In terms of domestic policies, he believes in enriching the state through international trade. As Morrim has great reserves of natural resources, he also wishes to nurture nascent industrial ventures in order to compete more effectively with Soto. However, he wishes to maintain the social status quo, even if it means compromising with known radicals.

    He is a follower of The One Vespasian, and seeks to undermine the priestly orders of Malarian and Filie. He has yet to do this in any official cpacity, but it is something on his mind.

    In terms of his dealings with the Court, owing to his previous largesse in his capacity as Duke of Hollemark, he wields significant influence. He has enemies, as well as opportunists, circling his reign, but these have not caused any problems as of yet.

    Country Relations

    • Angkar - Leofric is seeking ever-closer ties with the island nation. The Emperor feels that Morrim owes Angkar something of a debt, given their assistance during the Hardships. He also covets their exotic goods, and has stimulated more trade through the lowering of tarrifs and giving preferential rates to Angkarian merchants.

      He has made a personal friend of the Angkarian Queen, and seeks to bind the two nations with a solemn covenant that would entwine them commercially and militarily. The might of the Angkarian Navy would aid his dreams of conquest no end.

    • Ashoka - The Emperor has nothing but scorn for the northern Desert State, seeing the current regime as the bastard child of the hated Andromalius. He is striving to befriend influential figures outside of the regime - of which there are very few - in order to build something of a sphere of influence there.

      In the long run, he hopes to depose, or at least destabilise, the ruling regime. The first step, in his mind, is to seize the port of Etruria.

    • Soto - Leofric spent a good few years studying in the Southern Republic, and is at once in awe of their industrial prowess, and wary of their liberal social system. He seeks to emulate their economy, while keeping the static social structures of his native land in place.

      He will do anything, short of open warfare, to gain the upper hand over Soto, as he sees them as the most dangerous obstacle in the way of Morrimian pre-eminence. He harbours a special anitpathy for Councillor Hesperes, but this has not been displayed publicly.

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    Leofric de Hollemark
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    By the most excellent Dnan!

    Leofric - Portrait

    By the most wonderful Gale!

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