Angkar: Dry season. Often sunny, but precipitation is rare. Humidity is low, some bodies of water may have dried up, and bushfires can occur. The rainforest sees evenly distributed rainfall throughout the season.

Ashoka: Desert: Cooler temperatures, although still relatively hot. Violent, heavy downpours following long dryspells. Jungle: Hot and humid with frequent, violent rainstorms.

Morrim: Calm and generally cool. Thunderstorms and heavy showers are not uncommon, and there is also a chance of snow until late in the season.

Soto: Trees begin to bud and the snow begins to melt, which may cause minor flooding. Although temperatures increase, snowfall early in the season is not uncommon. Low-lying plants grow while the tree cover isn't too dense.


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    Ashoka: In an otherwise peaceful times, Ashokans are beset with the relatively minor inconveniences of wandering undead and occasionally-aggressive giant rock worms. There has also been some controversy over the recent re-legalisation of human sacrifice.

    Morrim: Rumour has it that Emperor Leofric de Hollemark is mustering forces for a war. Though the threat from Soto’s forests has passed, the forces previously employed in watching the forest now linger at the border. Rumours also circulate of a small group that has been dispatched to make contact with the tribes of the Do’suul Mountains.

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    Shrista Ssapavin Barriurden
    Topic Started: Aug 6 2011, 04:52 PM (2,391 Views)
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    Pariah, Apostate, Heretic

    Posted Image

    Basic Info

    Name: Shrista Ssapavin Barriurden (Pro: Shr-i-staa, Saa-pa-veen, Bah-ree-oor-doon)

    Age: 140

    Gender: Female

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Social Class: Exiled Nobility

    Occupation: Sorceress

    Race: Drow

    Nationality: Other (Underdark) - Eryndlyn, Northern Undermoor situated in the Upperdark.


    Shrista is most comfortable with employing combat via hand to hand methods, or if capable of drawing it fast enough, her whip. The whip itself is of a single tail, with vicious barbs along its length, the end resembling a scorpion's sting. It is typically of Drow craft and fashioned from adamantite, holding a blue-ish sheen when seen in natural light. It usually hangs from her left hip, and is not enchanted in any way.
    She also has possession of a sacrifical style kris, with a serrated blade about a foot long. It is used primarily to open her veins for the use of magic, as well as providing a quick go-to weapon in close quarters. The haft appears as a spider with all eight legs tapering downwards to form the blade. This is kept sheathed horizontally in the small of her back within easy reach.
    Usually a knife hidden in her boots, or strapped high to her leg.

    Physical Appearance


    Standing at 5'7", Shrista is tall for a Drow female, and possesses a curvaceous figure, her build lithe and muscular with a moderate bust and narrow waist. Her skin is typically coal, tinted with ebony, and tattoo'd with sinuous curling golden tracery from her shoulders running down her back to wrap around the tops of her thighs to the ankles, which show up better in dim light. A small tattoo of a widow spider rests on the right side of her neck near the hollow of her throat, beside the puckered scar that runs from the base of her neck to the underside of her chin.

    Her hair is snowy white and cut short, choppy, as if too many swings with a blade at her head have come far too close. It falls in a soft wavy style to the length of her chin and fluffs up at the back like a dandelion. Growing from the top of her crown are two fluted horns, curving to the back of her skull before the tips lift skyward. They are made of a series of interlocking tines like a carnivorous plant, are hard and very smooth to the touch, and are the same colour as her skin. The ends of the tines are golden yellow, as are the flecks and traces of colour that swirl through them in a candy-cane sort of pattern, and have the effect of glazed pottery. They whistle mournfully like thin voices when the wind gusts through them. The left one often bears some ornamentation, in the form of chimes, or opalescent drops that swing when she moves her head.

    Her face has a distinctly vulpine cast to it, with slanted eyes of a silvery blue (pupils may dilate to slivers when particularly emotional, appear to bleed into the iris), and a sharp thin nose above a full lipped, wide mouth, the lower lip painted white, and a line of tiny white dots beneath each eye. A livid silver scar crosses the bridge of her nose, crossing further on the right where it curls at the tip, an old injury taken in a personal confrontation. The inside of her mouth is mottled grey from any number of hallucinogenic substances, and her teeth are notably sharp after the slight alterations of her pact.

    Being of a subterranean species of elf, her ears are pointed and a touch larger than those of the surface elves. Her right is pieced three times, with two bone rings in the top and an adamantite loop in the lobe, connected to the topmost ring by a thin chain. A matching stud graces the middle of her tongue, and about her neck she wears an emblem of Eilistraee, a cast mythril sword, presumably taken from a fallen agent as she herself has never worshipped the sister goddess to her patron.

    To say Shrista's attire is probably considered scandalous in surfacer society would be fairly accurate, despite wearing a thick hooded cloak for the most part, though it is not for modesty but for warmth, as below the ground there are no shifting climates. Her outfit is essentially bikini armor, having left with very little in the way of enchanted goods, much less her own clothing. It's possible she stole them from another Drow, but more likely that it was all she could grab in short order as she balks at wearing the clothes of anyone else. The ensemble is crafted of black chitinous plate like the carapace of a beetle, and sanguine silk. The top is held together between the breasts with a looped clasp. The bottom is for all intents and purposes a decorative thong, with a gauzy red skirt attached, the emblem of the spider clutching at the edges with long skinny legs.

    Over the top she wears a short coat that holds her pauldrons on, high collared to hide her tattoo, that tapers into a V shape in the middle of her back. Fingerless sleeves of silvery grey webbing adorn her arms well past the elbow, with metal plates on the elbows and wrist to protect the joints. her boots come to mid-thigh, and are heeled with bone, so that they click when she walks. Metal plates the toes and protects both knee and ankle, the former being tooled to a likeness of a spider. The leather is layered so that by the rounded top of the boot, the front is higher than the back, the underlayer being a deep red.

    There is a headpiece that goes with the ensemble that is rarely used, a black leather mask that fits like a band across her forehead, with two crooked tines angling away from her temples, and following the curve of her cheekbones to her chin. A mouthpiece may be attached that covers the lower portion of her face.
    She does wear other clothes as well of course, and they tend to be in muted or monochrome colours, loose flowing dresses of sheer silk or linen, or calfskin pants and high boots, with tailored tunics cut to accentuate her form.


    Shrista, as a former High Priestess of Lolth believes that she should be obeyed and bowed and scraped over, no matter the gender or the social standing because she is one who communicates the demands of their deity to the people. There are many separate sects and many Voices of the Mother and so a strong sense of competition is ingrained into her. Naturally due to the social structure of her people this is born into them anyway as females are seen to be the superior members of the race, even the lowest female is still higher in status than the highest male. Because of this she sees all males as inferior and views females with a simplistic though of whether they are a threat to her now diminished status or not.
    She is incredibly self centered and domineering which leads her to make easy mistakes in surfacer society, trying to take control of situations often enough where it isn't needed.
    She is arrogant and selfish, her manner oft coming across as harsh and distant when it is simply the way she has raised, and is still adapting slowly, learning that these things are not necessarily accepted.
    The fact males are allowed higher status than females baffles her and she finds it difficult to comprehend trying to exert her dominance and superiority on them doesn't always work, as well as that particular races such as the pale skinned elves are not kept as slaves causes great disgust in her.
    As a result she is not very capable in surfacer culture and makes multiple social blunders that prove her ignorance time and again, as well as causing trouble for herself.
    She is often confused which leads to anger, and often grumbles about there being too much light 'up there'.
    Shrista's view on family is rather cold and dispassionate as are her views on love. She revels in battle and delights in pain, both caused to her and by her.
    She is not afraid of being harmed and is more than capable of laughing through a beating, but she does fear in losing face, her image as others see her as is. Image and reputation is held in high esteem.
    She is not above resorting to bribery or threats or even her body to get what she wants if it's a fair bargain, she does however have a small sense of honor in that if she has to steal, she will try to avoid taking from those who cannot afford the loss.

    Recently: The Drow feels abandoned by her Gods, and lost without her faith and her people. After firmly rebuffing Tekun's affections, his words hit home making her realize she is foolish to cling to her past when nobody wants her, and allows herself to be consumed by the self loathing and worthlessness that make her such easy prey for her daemonic companion. The change since making her pact with him has made her significantly more unstable with their growing strength, turning her mood often to snappishness and violence, or unspeakable sorrow in a heartbeat. Just as quickly it builds on carnal lust as much as the desire for bloodshed and she struggled to keep it repressed lest she become little better than an animal, and certainly no better than he.
    Her views on love and affection have become skewed compared to what they once were, and grudgingly she has admitted to herself that there are few that she actually cares about, first and foremost being her former employer Aniketos Hesperés, and Tekun, also known as the most dangerous man in Soare. Probably. It does not mean that she does not consider the affection a weakness, but to accept it she feels that it would be betraying the people who raised her, thus making her nothing. That coupled with her faith has left her feeling lost and stagnating where once she had purpose, and feels that there is now nobody. In all, it has exposed a soft interior she had hoped to never surface.



    [Currently being written to a finer detail, will be fully updated soon.]

    Current events:

    Shrista began her life on the surface as a sellsword, hunting both men and beasts and making small acquaintances of little value. In the short few years since reaching the surface she has already run into some of the more dangerous crowd in Soare, including Adromalius, father of the black conquest two years before, and the Immortal Soldier otherwise known as Tekun, famed for his slaughter of thousands of innocents in berserk rage.

    It was Tekun she stuck with for a while, travelling, joking and eventually after a fashion developing a rough affection for him, and once after getting completely plastered, sharing his bed and leaving the village turned into goats. They separated for a time after he was pursued by a group of paladins who named themselves Helios, Sun worshippers who would have him dead. During the fight he berserked and tried to kill her, nearly choking her and both breaking and dislocating her arm in the process.

    Her frail trust in him shattered and she left for a time, only to meet up again on opposite sides when Councillor Aniketos Hesperés found them arguing in the street in Soto over a refugee from Ashoka. The argument was fairly simple, he was intending to steal, she wanted to kill him, and Tekun didn't. Aniketos feeling very strongly against the refugees employed her as bodyguard for her useful talents among other things. She assisted him with the raid, distracting Tekun during the fight and then proceeding to catch a mercenary by the name of Dalim for questioning on said refugees. Instead of killing him, she let him go on the grounds that he wouldn't go running back to them, and surprisingly he held to his word.

    Shrista spent much time with Aniketos, and unsurprisingly grew very fond of him, yet refusing to acknowledge it as anything more than the attraction between them, even though she went so far to swear herself to him and only him.

    Shortly after she attempted a simple summoning, and managed to get Kaahn, who broke the barrier with ease and attempted to kill her. In order to preserve herself she bargained with him and bonded them together, though he has of yet been nothing but trouble, and her control over him wanes every day until neither is sure who is the real master.

    Aniketos eventually found out about Kaahn, and in exasperation Shrista spilled several secrets that she'd somehow not managed to tell him up to then, including a bargain made with Sophia, which angered him. They argued, and almost came to blows when the daemon decided to twist things around and turn her against Aniketos, even after admitting that she does love him after all. Threatened with severe harm coming to him, she stayed away even though she was carrying his child, lest the incubus king decide to do something about him. Unfortunately the magic she is so adept at handling failed her due to her being pregnant, and left her more vulnerable than ever.

    After taking over the Guild of Argos, Neriasis decided that on having a falling out with Aniketos that he'd apprehend Shrista as a way to get back at him and essentially show that he could do whatever he liked in Soto, without the councillor's approval. He located her in a tavern, drugged her and on realizing what was happening to her from her own extensive uses of such products, the Drow woman tried to flee. She made it as far as the door before she was set on by the Argos thugs, and managed to get a few vicious strikes with a dirk concealed in her sleeve, but not before sustaining some amount of damage herself.
    She was contained for a time in Madrid, in a brothel under the protection of Neriasis until Aniketos and Tekun broke in to get her out, and encountered Kaahn waiting for them in the hallway. Stuck in labor and unable to assist, the daemon took the opportunity to beat seven hells out of the pair, until Tekun managed to banish him with a demon slaying sword, though he was left gravely wounded. The baby was stillborn, and despite efforts, did not survive. It would have been a boy.

    After the incident, Shrista returned to Reine with Aniketos.


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    First Five Abilities

    • Delve - Magical weave that allows careful inspection of the target. Reveals most afflictions and ailments, poisons and magical compulsions etc. Not always be successful on turning up subtle ailments. Delve cannot be used to manipulate ailments or status of a target. Any other healing or pain afflicted must be asserted via a second spell or ability. It is simply used to find the cause of injury. Can be used on self.

    • Healing Weave - A taxing weave used to heal injuries. It transfers energy from the caster into the target, repairing physical damage or removing compulsion. Any would greater than a shallow cut or bruise with reverse and affect the caster. For example, healing internal bleeding on the target would cause the casters own organ to rupture and begin bleeding in order to heal the other. Repairing a broken arm would cause the casters own arm to break. Removing compulsion (mind control and magical seduction is 'very' dangerous. It could leave either or both people with severe brain damage and is best avoided except by the most skilled of healers.

    • Inflict Agony - Similar to the weave for healing but in reverse, can be used to cause great pain and prevent organs from working. As with inverted healing weave, it cannot be used on self. This spell inflicts no physical harm but asserts sensations like to being bathed in fire for example, or beaten all over with willow rods, or conversely, to stimulate the nerves that cause pleasure. Using this against a target that has a resistance to pain or spells makes it less effective.

    • Sonic Scream - Creates a sound that the user either has knowledge of or can contrive within their own head, at high frequency and volume to cause temporary deafness to those who hear it (Up to five minutes). Targets that are particularly close to the outburst may be left with dazedness or stunned.

    • Air Slash - Affect a solid force of air to be used to knock something down or whip at a target. The larger the target is the less effective the spell is. The force required to knock a target of human size down is proportionate to the force required of the person doing the pushing. So if you're relatively small...it's incredibly taxing. When using to hit a target, the sensation is like to being birched - this causes no physical damage, any damage retained is caused as a result of fall or contact with other objects.

    Simple Abilities

    • Detect Life - 60ft range, acts as a mental sense ability, using the mind to touch the life forces of other creatures within the range. Determines position and current state of the creature, does not enable any mind reading or alteration of the target. Undead life forms do not have a positive energy emission and therefore cannot be detected. Used primarily in tracking monsters or people. The ability also does not alert the user as to whether the target is aware of them.

    • Flare - Creates a small globe of blue-white light that is warm to the touch and little bigger than a ping-pong ball. It radiates a soft luminescence within 10ft and multiple versions may be conjured into being, up to a maximum of five. The caster can detonate the tiny globe to cause a bright flash that will cause temporary blindness to any looking at it when it does so for up to five minutes. Detonating one will destroy all of the lights in a chain reaction.

    • Nerve Damage - Modified version of Inflict Agony. Touch effect that attacks the nerves to temporarily disable key points of the body when targeted, e.g muscles, to cause brief paralysis or loss of control of limbs by attacking the nervous system. Leaves no lasting physical harm and puts the target out for twenty seconds. Can be used in contact with punch, kick, etc.

    • Dexterous - Shrista may be a magic user but that doesn't stop her from being as lithe and graceful as the rest of her kin, and through years of combat training and flexibility through contortion, she has gained an enhancement to her speed, balance and reflex. This is a passive ability and enhances her speed to that of 1.5x the average while in combat, making her not much more than a nuisance for a combative trained person, though much harder for one who isn't to follow her movements.

    • Spider Walk - Shrista can walk upright on any surface regardless of which way the gravity is pointing. If she somehow loses contact with the surface then she will fall in the manner that gravity determines back to the ground.

    Intermediate Abilities


    Elemental Magic

    Passive Abilities

    Advanced Abilities


    Elemental Abilities

    Passive Abilities

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    Posted Image

    NPC - Guardian

    Voice: Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan in Star Trek, Into Darkness. (Yes this is totally a play on the fact the character names sound the same LOL.)


    The Daemon King, Kaahn, or so he calls himself, stands at a comfortable 5'11", with smooth olive toned skin, nicked here and there with scars that he's rather proud of, wearing them like trophies. He is lithe and possesses a frame built for strength, with fine muscle definition and moves with the assured grace of someone completely in his element. His hands are strong, and each of his nails on both fingers and toes end with hard black claws roughly an inch and a half long.

    His hair is blue-black in colour and falls straight, reaching to the middle of his back. A strand held with ornaments falls to his chest before each tapered ear, and the rest is usually swept back and held in a knot with some form of clasp. (It is noted that his appearance has been known to change, particularly in the dreamscape) His eyes are nothing if not sly, though they may take many different expressions, slyness suits them well, and they are coloured as a baleful burning orange. From above and behind his ears sweep forward four polished horns of alternating banded colours, in black, gold, and one or two other colors which are almost always different each time he is summoned. They stretch above his natural height, and like the rest of him are often adorned with jewelry or small trinkets. His right ear is pierced with a thin gold loop inscribed with a desert song, from which narrow triangular chimes hang.

    Kaahn also sports a long and muscular tail of four feet in length, tiny interlocking scales of grey and brilliant copper mottling his lower spine where it joins his body, with narrow barbs upon the end. These barbs lie flat against the thin spearhead of his tail, and are about a foot long themselves, springing up when agitated or when used as a weapon. They may break off and lodge in a victim, only to regrow a few moments later. A heavy gold ring encircles the end of his tail before the barb, engraved with the mastery of his binding. Sometimes it will have a thin short chain attached, from which a small glass prison hangs, the latest of his victims entrapped in the bauble, but it most often appears in dreams.

    His aura acts in a manner which may make him attractive to those who look upon him, regardless of gender, as such is his race well famed for in their art of seduction and beguilement.

    Kaahn's wings are usually folded and concealed, but in the flesh they are great constructs of thin hollow bones and stretched papery memrane reminiscent of a bat's, though littered with tiny scales that match his tail. When out in the open, they smolder and beating them will cause a thick cloud of ash and embers to slough from them.

    When he does wear clothes they are generally fanciful and bearing the emblem of a sun bursting, which he claims is ironic as it is the sign of waking. Often he will parade about shirtless or with a short open coat above loose pants secured below the knee to his feet with sandals or silk wrappings, which are almost always bare.

    When damaged, his skin cracks and chips away like pottery, leaving a gaping void beneath, from which a sickly green felfire creeps. Once broken, the flesh around the wound will continuously erode and regrow, fluttering away in the air, charring black and winking out of existence. To mend his broken body, he must return to his home plane for a time, as he must with wounds.

    He does not seem to fight with weapons as of yet.

    Kaahn absolutely detests salt water, as it produces a pained burning on his flesh, akin to silver.


    Kaahn is exactly what one might expect of a daemon hellbent on seducing and sleeping with everything that moves, and yet there are times when he might show a surprisingly human emotion or action, enough to catch one off guard. His antics do nothing to truly endear him in the eyes of another, he is mocking, spiteful, greedy and callous, and has no care whether he hurts the feelings of another with his observations. Indeed he makes a point of going out of his way to do so, and to maintain his cruel and snide image.

    As well as of all these, he secretly covets those rare times he allows himself to delve into the range of emotion that humans so freely exhibit, those times when it is not them he is trying to evoke it from, but himself. Few have ever seen him lose him temper, and it seems nigh impossible to make him do so, nor does he seem to lose his spirits and become depressed and mirthless. Always there is a furious interest in humanity, and everything that might be used for something, that might live, grow, suffer and die. He is incredibly free with his thoughts, and letting just about everyone and anyone know exactly what he thinks.

    Aside from this, he harbors a soft spot for his bonded partner, and though he often enjoys watching her flounder and struggle in her own mistakes, he will defend her fiercely when the time calls for it. And then, likely give her a double lashing of scornful snappy remarks on top of it for making him have to actually do something. Lately he has taken more of a turn of interest for watching her suffer and wither under his scrutiny while he attempts to dominate her, forcing his will over her own so that he might make her free him from his binding.

    Were he to come to care with any measure of affection for someone, it would be a twisted and likely misunderstood affair, a fixation in where he would undoubtedly terrorize and subject the object of his attentions to much emotional torture and mental strain. He has little understanding or care for real emotions such as love, and would discard someone attached to him as easily as trash. It is not to say that he could not learn, but chaos is his nature, and he has no rhyme or reason to necessarily stick to any one determined thing, making him highly unpredictable.

    Posted Image



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