Angkar: Wet season. Precipitation is common during the late afternoon and evening hours. Vegetation grows significantly during the summer, but flooding is a danger due to the monsoons that ravage the country. The rainforest sees evenly distributed rainfall throughout the season.

Ashoka: Desert: Extremely hot and dry. Violent, heavy downpours following long dryspells. Jungle: Hot and humid with frequent, violent rainstorms.

Morrim: Relatively hot and dry, but with a chance of thunderstorms from time to time. The heat may cause forest fires.

Soto: Hot and humid, tree cover is dense while ground growth is restricted. Thunderstorms see the most amount of rainfall during the season, and it can be very windy. On occasion, there are flash floods that can destroy homes and farms built on flood plains.


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Elenlond is an original free-form medieval fantasy RPG set on the continent of Soare and the Scattered Isles, which are located to the south in the Sea of Diverging Waters. The four chief nations of the western side of the world—Ashoka in northern Soare, Soto in western Soare, Morrim in eastern Soare, and Angkar, the largest of the Scattered Isles—continue to experience growth and prosperity since the fall of the Mianorite gods, although power struggles within the countries—or outside of them—continue to ensue.


  • We accept any member who wants to RP here;
  • We are an intermediate-level RPG;
  • We have been open since June 2004;
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    Angkar: To honour the reinvigoration of the ancient city of Mondrágon, the majestic Queen Eulalia has permitted the opening of a Coliseum where people from around the world and all walks of life can test their combat skills against one another. Many have already done battle in search of honour, glory, prizes and money.

    Ashoka: In an otherwise peaceful times, Ashokans are beset with the relatively minor inconveniences of wandering undead and occasionally-aggressive giant rock worms. There has also been some controversy over the recent re-legalisation of human sacrifice.

    Morrim: Rumour has it that Emperor Leofric de Hollemark is mustering forces for a war. Though the threat from Soto’s forests has passed, the forces previously employed in watching the forest now linger at the border. Rumours also circulate of a small group that has been dispatched to make contact with the tribes of the Do’suul Mountains.

    Soto: The Sotoans have defeated the fey and liberated themselves from Méadaigh’s oppression! Preliminary efforts have been made at rebuilding the city of Madrid, which had been captured at the beginning of the war. However, the Sotoans are hindered from recovery famine. Méadaigh’s magic caused summer to persist in the Erth’netora Forest through the winter. Her power has been withdrawn and the plants die as if preparing for winter – even though it is now summer. The Sotoans must sustain off what food they can get, what creatures they can kill and what can be imported into the city from Morrim and Angkar.

    For a fuller description of our most recent events, check out our most recent edition of The Town Crier!

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    Supporting Admin.

    Kestrel Sumner (Shadow)
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    Welcome to our home, a world in which anything can happen. From sprawling deserts and vast forests to massive volcanoes and luscious hot springs, Soare and the Scattered Isles are beautiful places just waiting to be explored. For the brave and the bold or the cautious and the wary, creatures of all kinds roam the earth, looking for adventure or for a place to call their own. Species of all kinds - the well-known and the unknown - thrive here, though not always in harmony.

    Elenlond is an original medieval fantasy RPG with a world that's as broad as it is unique. Calling on characters of all kinds, the sky's the limit in a world where boundaries are blurred and the imagination runs rampant. Restrictions are limited and members are encouraged to embrace their creativity, to see where they can go and what they can do. It's no longer just text on a page - it becomes real.

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    Orion de Lacey
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    Orion de Lacey
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    Moghul of Ashoka

    The Basics
    Orion de Lacey
    Moghul of Ashoka, fighter
    True Evil
    Born on the Island of Angkar; not indigenous, small village outside of Ildri

    Political Aspirations
    Orion has no desire to actually better Ashoka—and he never did. His appointment to Governor by Andromalius was part of their barter, a title in exchange for his help in the siege against Eldahar. He sees Ashoka as a means to an end, where the end is his desire to have as much power as he can find. He enjoys watching Ashoka devolve into a highly militarized state wherein he's the totalitarian dictator, and his hope is to turn it into the most fearsome country in Elenlond with the Inquisition being the most feared institution. He largely ignores the dissent in his country (not that there's much dissent to be heard). He is deaf to his citizens' concerns.

    Country Relations
    • Angkar – Now that Hemlock has been overthrown and Eulalia, a distant relative of Angkar, has taken over the throne, Orion has lost interest in Angkar. Someday he would like to "reclaim" it as his own, but for now he's content to see what she does. She's young and (in his mind, at least) impressionable, so he may very well try to sway her to his side of things.
    • Morrim – The Moghul continues to be disinterested in Morrim. His direct dealings have been few with Isra, and he doesn't plan to change that any time soon.
    • Soto – Orion would like to sow more seedy ties with various Councillors in Soto, with the aim of having as many of them allied to him as possible. He recognizes that many of them won't go for it, but he thinks there are a few, including Aniketos, that he could bend to his will. Since he's lost his ally in Angkar, it seems like the next best option.

    Physical Appearance
    With mismatched eyes—the left being blue and the right green, their colours noticeably different—and dark brunette hair that is of a medium length, Orion often sports a devilish grin plastered onto his face. His favoured clothing is a pair of loose, dark pants tucked into a pair of black, calf-high leather boots, a black shirt stretched taut over his toned torso with sleeves that cover up to half of his biceps and something of a turtleneck, going to just beneath his chin, and a leather jerkin that only covers to just past the bottom of his rib cage. Wound around his waist is a chain that hooks on to a second, detachable head of his scythen. Typically it rests against his thigh, unless it's been attached to the butt end of the scythen, turning it into a double-bladed weapon. His complexion is relatively tanned and his body is composed largely of lean, toned muscle. Standing at somewhere between six feet and six foot two, Orion is as much intimidating as he is violent.

    Violent. Sadistic. Of all the words to describe him, those are the two best—and for good reason, too. Orion is a "diagnosed" psychopath. He finds humour in seeing the suffering of others—either by his hand or not—and is rather fond of death and dismemberment. Also masochistic, pain in general brings him much delight. For Orion, the line in the sand doesn't exist: he is driven by his own narcisstic desires and interests, regardless of the cost and the pain or agony it may inflict upon others. To that end, he is highly manipulative and very good at morphing his personality to suit the situation depending on what he wants out of it, be that showing kindness to others or murdering them. He has also been known to hack random passersby as they passed him on the street.

    Orion is also prone to feeling easily bored, pushing him to find and do things that will keep him entertained, even if it means walking away from a conversation or situation that would otherwise require him. He also lacks all forms of true empathy and sympathy for others, but he is more than adept at showing such emotions for the sake of achieving his end, whatever that happens to be. When he exhibits signs of empathy or remorse towards others, he appears completely genuine, and anybody who was not trained to identify psychopathic traits would be unable to tell otherwise. On the whole, however, he does not show remorse for his actions and indeed does not appear to think that he has done anything wrong. He's as likely to commit a crime in front of law enforcement as he is a complete stranger.

    He is also known for his promiscuity and his shallowness.

    Additional Information and General History
    The following details the significant events of Orion's life. He spent most a very troubled life with his mother and father until his late teens.

    It was obvious to his parents early on that Orion would be a troublesome child. Defiant, ill-tempered, and physically aggressive towards them and other children, the de Lacey's son was unruly and never showed remorse for his actions or his words, no matter how much they hurt others. Both parents persevered with teaching him good social behaviours, and they eventually thought that he was becoming better, not realizing that he had learned to fabricate apologetic feelings and feelings of guilt. There was a lapse in their concerns, until they discovered, at the age of nine, that Orion had stolen a neighbour's dog and mutilated it to death. They only found out about the incident after Orion was hauled back home screaming and the neighbour, red-faced and furious, told them that he had nailed the dog's corpse to his front door.

    These incidents with animals continued, from finding helpless animals in the wild and torturing them to further incidents of death, including drownings, beheadings, and amputations that would eventually lead to blood loss and then death. When he was thirteen his mother conceived another child, and at fourteen gave birth to that child, another boy. With a teenage son who could take care of himself already, Orion's parents doted on the new baby, much to Orion's ire. Four months after the babe was born, they found both of their children missing; Orion returned two days later with a bloody jar. He said that he had wanted to see if he could fit his brother into the jar, and had succeeded with some difficulty. His father chased him out of the house and barred him from ever returning.

    Orion abandoned the surrounding country at fifteen. When neighbours had not heard from his parents in some time, they approached the house, hacked down the door with an axe when there was no answer, and discovered the bodies of both mother and father. Some say Orion slaughtered them, others say he simply left; others who lived in the surrounding area of the small village that he grew up in have their own theories. Orion now wanders, alone, telling none of his past.

    The Present
    • An odd sort of relationship between Orion and Raya Clearwood has developed. She has a vendetta against him and yet wants to be his Queen. She has, at least, humoured him enough that he has not as of yet tried to kill her.
    • Orion has assumed the position of Moghul (King) of Ashoka after Andromalius' Dark Conquest. During the seige of Eldahar, he was appointed Governor, and when Andromalius abdicated and left the throne of Morrim open, succeeded the previous Moghul, whom he had hacked to pieces during the conquest and threw to the people. To this day he rules Ashoka, with Sophia Orjtarn as his High Inquisitor.
    • Sophia assassinated Razarod Evermore, allowing Hemlock LeFleur to be crowned King of Angkar at Orion's behest.
    • Orion has failed to do anything to date about the refugee problem currently taking place in Soto, much to the chagrin of those living south of his borders.

    Information Regarding Psychopathy
    There are a number of traits that characterize a psychopath, and in order to be diagnosed as one, one must possess a certain number of those traits. A scale rating from 0 to 2 determines how much one matches these traits, and this is then added for a total score of 40. The closer to 40 one is, the "more" psychopathic they tend to be. The traits that Orion possesses are as follows:

    • Glib (doesn't care)
    • Charming
    • Manipulative
    • Callous (lacks empathy)
    • Shallow
    • Promiscuous
    • Remorseless
    • Easily bored
    • Impulsive
    • Juvenile delinquent
    • Irresponsible
    • Grandiose (narcissistic)
    Not all psychopaths are violent, although Orion is of that breed. Children who exhibit Conduct Disorder have a much higher probability of becoming psychopaths than children who exhibit the same disorder in adolescence. An interesting read on "child psychopaths" (and also in part what helped to solidify some of Orion's childhood history) can be found here.

    • New Order Mafia
      By Red, an image of Mirix, Andromalius, and Orion. Once upon they were the top badasses.


    First Five Abilities
    • Circumnavigation – A vortex of wind perpetually circumnavigates Orion's body. When angry or in a state alike to one whose alignment is chaotic evil, it whips around him violently, tousseling his hair; when calm or in a state alike to one who is chaotic neutral, it is more akin to a breeze; when alike to someone whose alignment is chaotic good, it is hardly noticeable, just wisps of air. This wind simply exists around him - it cannot cause harm to any other and is incapable of causing any damage.

    • Manipulate Air – Orion can manipulate the air immediately around him. weaving it into gusts and breezes. These winds do not draw too far away from him, and he usually only toys with the wind - it typically isn't used as an offensive spell. When it is, the best he can do are short blasts of air.

    • Proficiency with Air – Orion has an affinity with the air, giving him a more adept grasp of the magics involved, which include air and weather. Essentially, his prowess affords him better control and use of his chosen element.

    • Proficiency with Darkness – Due to the corruption of his soul, this particular fighter has also affiliated himself with the darkness, and it is part of the reason as to why his soul is split between Light and Dark. Much like his affinity with the wind, his affinity with the darkness offers him better handling and use of those spells associated with the darkness.

    • Enchantment: Levitation – Orion's prized scythen is enchanted to allow it to hover several feet off the ground. In this state it cannot move, but it does provide a nice seat when he doesn't feel like sitting, or is looking to look more intimidating (than he already looks, of course).

    • Manipulation I – By virtue of Orion's apparent personality disorder (a severe form of antisocial personality disorder, better known as psychopathy), he has an uncanny ability, despite being overtly sadistic, cruel, and menacing, to manipulate people. This is not a spell, but a personality trait, and it is very potent. While at this stage his manipulations - in the form of kind words, a soft tone, and any other vocal and physical methods used to coax - are mostly based on a fifty-fifty chance of success, only experienced persons will realize what he's trying to do, making the naive easy prey.

    • Beckon Darkness – Orion is capable of depleting all of the light within a 15 foot radius around him. This means that, in any room of an average size in an average-sized house, he may dispell all of the light. This does not mean that the room looks as it would in the dark, but that it is pitch black - nothing can be seen whatsoever, and those within the area would think themselves blind. One can tell, however, when this spell has been enacted, in one of two ways: if it happens in a room of a building, there will be a solid black wall at any entrance to that room (windows, doors, etc); if it happens to be outside, in the middle of an open area, the spell appears like a black dome extending fifteen feet around him in all directions, and about ten feet above. One cannot see into this darkness, nor can they see out, but they may enter or leave at will. Orion, by virtue of his proficiency with dark magic, may not be able to see, but his senses are sharp enough with his magic that he can navigate it relatively well, provided he's taken a quick, good look at the objects within his view before he enacts it. This darkness does not move with him, and will only last for half an hour at most; after about 5 minutes, it will begin to dissipate, the room brightening until it does, in fact, look like it's just dark. It is, however, capable of absorbing weak light-based attacks, such as orbs of light or small beams. Any lanterns or torches that had been lit will not return to light - they are put out permanently, until someone lights them again.

    • Venereal Immunity – Orion is immune to all sexually transmitted diseases.

    • Manipulate Air II – The air within a radius of 50 yards is fair game for Orion to toy with. He can turn these into blasts of air that can push a person back within a 25 yard radius immediately around his body, but they cannot push them over. Other objects, however, such as light crates, small plants, or small animals may be swept up by the wind.

    • Beckon Darkness II – A continuation of its predecessor, the intermediate version of this spell enables Orion to deplete light within a 30-foot radius around him, and the dome will be roughly 20 feet high. The darkness lasts roughly an hour now and will not begin to dissipate until about 15 minutes have elapsed.

    • Sight – Orion is able to see in pitch-black areas, whether that darkness was created by magic or is native to the area, such as a cave. Mostly, he can pick out objects and or living entities, but he cannot see something like a hole in the floor, unless there is a distinctive edging around it. His sight would be akin to a low level of darkness, like that in the early hours immediately before dawn is in full swing.

    • Air Shaping – Taking advantage of the natural air or the wind around his body, Orion can compress the air and use it as a floating "blade" of sorts. It will cut like a regular, sharp weapon would, meaning it would easily cut through flesh, gouge armour, be deflected by armour, and, if used against something like a block of wood, would need to repeatedly strike it in order to chop it in half. Orion may also shape the wind into blunt objects, such as a medium-sized mace or a medium-sized hammer, which would then correspond to the damage those weapons would deal (ex. denting armour, cracking bricks, etc.). Damage is dealt as it corresponds to the real weapon (so no boosts). Orion can see the "object" that he has made in the air quite clearly, while those around him, unless they are also air mages, may see only a shimmer and a flickering image. If they're paying attention, however, they may be able to follow what he has created.

    • Summon Storms – Orion can call upon clouds within a particular area, drawing them together until they form a large storm cloud. He may control this summoned storm insofar as he can actually move it around, or push it away, but he cannot control the rain, lightning, or any other aspects of it. Even moving it, however, can be exhausting, so he does not make a habit of it. Once he has called it, he tends to leave it alone.

    • Manipulation II – Being a psychopath makes one very adept at what they do, and Orion is no exception. Even those with a decent will—the ones who might realize that they're being lied to or fooled after a few minutes, the ones who have simple mental defenses in place, or the ones who are simply suspicious of everyone and everything—will find themselves beginning to believe Orion. With such people he has a 50/50 chance of persuading and manipulating them, while those who are naive or weak-willed will now have a 75 percent chance of caving to his wiles. On the whole, most people are at least somewhat agreeable with him, and many will not question what he says or does.
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    Ohh I can not wait to resume our thread in full active swing!

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