Angkar: Dry season. Often sunny, but precipitation is rare. Humidity is low, some bodies of water may have dried up, and bushfires can occur. The rainforest sees evenly distributed rainfall throughout the season.

Ashoka: Desert: Cooler temperatures, although still relatively hot. Violent, heavy downpours following long dryspells. Jungle: Hot and humid with frequent, violent rainstorms.

Morrim: Calm and generally cool. Thunderstorms and heavy showers are not uncommon, and there is also a chance of snow until late in the season.

Soto: Trees begin to bud and the snow begins to melt, which may cause minor flooding. Although temperatures increase, snowfall early in the season is not uncommon. Low-lying plants grow while the tree cover isn't too dense.


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    Clio; ~Character Application~
    Topic Started: May 15 2018, 09:36 AM (108 Views)
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    Name - Clio
    Age - 59 (Equates to 29 in Human years)
    Gender - Female
    Alignment - Good - Good
    Social Class - Commoner
    Occupation - Healer
    Race - Satyr Elf mix
    Nationality - Morrimian
    Weapons - Wooden Staff, Hooves, Short Sword, Majic

    Physical Appearance - Clio stands about 5'6'' when she is not bent over her walking stick. Her build is slim but muscular and she is slightly underweight being malnourished as a child. Her hair is a mossy green and is attributed to her father's satyr side while her ears and yellow eyes are her mother's. Clio's eyes are a marvel to look at, instead of one black pupil she has three that form a triangle. This has little to no effect to her eye sight in the day, but at night she has a difficult time seeing.

    Her legs are probably the most noticeable feature, and her most noticeable downfall. Clio being a elf satyr hybrid has challenges. Her legs are normal all the way until you reach about three inches above her knees where the legs of a satyr are. This unbalance causes her to walk strangely without her walking stick and causes a lot of unneeded stress on her hooves when she walks.

    Another noticeable thing that covers Clio's body is her tattoos. These tattoos are a mixture of elvish and satyr runes and symbols. They where put on Clio when she was about 20 to try and relieve the pain in her legs and hooves through magical means that seemingly worked. They also where placed on her face as an attempt to make her eyesight better but they did not work as well as the ones near her legs and arms.

    Clio wears an array of animal skins, pouches, and jewelry. While she is a vegetarian she understands that the animals that make her clothing were not killed for sport. Clio's pouches hold many different herbs and things that she uses to heal with.

    Personality - Clio is a very kind woman who believes in peace and harmony. This laid back and warm personality allows her to be a wonderful healer and people warm up to her quickly. She is not judgemental at all and loves everyone. While she can hold some reserved feelings she never voices them in fear of hurting someone's feelings. Clio is a very quiet person and avoids conflict unless it is totally necessary.

    History - Clio's family was one of much debate and grief. Her parents were not only two different species but also in two different places when Clio was born. Clio's mother was an elf and lived with her people and met Clio's father on a diplomatic tour in his region. Her mother, 273 years old at the time, was still without a mate and a child.

    Clio's father was a commoner and devout follower of his chief and leader of their group. When Clio's parents met it was not anything special, Belen- her father - had been playing his panpipes on the river side trying to get the river nymphs to fall in love with him. Clio's mother Jada had been in a heated argument with her destined husband and stormed off to the river side.

    There she found Belen and picked a fight with him, trying to argue that his panpipes were the most annoying sound she had ever heard. But Belen was awestruck by Jada's beauty. He instantly fell in love. But two days letter Jada left to keep going on with her diplomatic tour.

    Jada did not return until four months later on the return trip to her home. The two got to know each other and Jada apologized for her abrupt anger the months she had been there. Belen admitted that she was the only thing that he thought about while she was gone and after a week or two Jada and Belen had fallen deeply in love.

    But Jada had to return home and continue her job of a diplomat for her nation. Little did she know that Clio was growing in her. About nine months later Clio was born on a full moon, and that same night Jada died from the birth. So the child was taken to the satyr tribe as the child had legs like a satyr and ears like an elf.

    Belen accepted the child and loved her and raised her in a loving environment. While he did not hate Clio for killing his beloved Jada he understood that Clio was all he had left of Jada so he loved her like he did Jada. As Clio grew she began to have trouble with walking due to only half of her legs being satyr and not full satyr like the others.

    The tribe's healer tattooed healing runes onto her legs and face for her bad sight and pained legs. All the tattoos helped her greatly and later on she added in a mixture of elvish runes into the satyr runes endowing them with magic.

    Her aptitude for healing became known to the tribe's healer and so he taught her all He knew and at her first test of a full fledged healer Clio went to touch the patient and the satyr died as soon as her fingers made contact to the skin. This of course was not the first person she had healed and she thought it was a freak accident.

    Clio picked up her father's love of music and would sit and learn the panpipes, and drew small animals and other creatures to her when she did play. One of these small creatures would soon be her best friend Alesandro. This small green rat was one of the many in the forest where Clio lived but was one of the original creatures what would come and listen to Clio play her pipes.

    Alesandro and Clio bonded and soon became inseparable. About this time Clio was 57 years old and her father had died. So she left and ventured out on her own healing and helping people. She grew herbs and other plants that would be helpful to her healing.

    Alesandro - A small green rodent with a taste for the shiny and the pretty. He does tend to space out and go to his own little world at times but is loyal to Clio for her love and undying friendship.

    First Five Abilities
    • Healing Hands - Clio can heal minor wounds and broken bones with the simple touch of her hands. This ability can be used in a variety of different ways but she becomes very limited in her healing after about 15 minor wounds are healed.
    • Heightened Hearing - Because of Clio's elf parentage she has elf like ears allowing her hearing to be 25% better than a normal human or typical person.
    • Healing Aura - Clio gives off a healing aura that allows people to calm down and allow her to heal them if they are in a state of panic.
    • Soul Healing - Clio can heal the soul of afflictions and or demon like things. Doing this though puts a heavy strain on her and can make her very weak after doing such things.
    • Earth Element Majic - Being a satyr Clio can control some aspects of nature. This inherently makes her have a green thumb. She can use nature to aid her in battle but the overuse of this majic can cause her to become very weak.

    NOTE* The drawing is not mine I do not claim it, I simply colored in the character!
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