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    Here Lies Hope; ~Open~
    Topic Started: May 7 2018, 03:24 PM (393 Views)
    Raine Mythraven

    A dark figure sat, slightly illuminated by a small fire. She let her long blonde hair fall in front of her face, shadowing her tears from the outside world. Her ice blue eyes were puffy and swollen. She gazed at the fire before her, with a sense of regret. The fire slightly reminded her of herself. With the wrong kind of power, the fire could destroy all.

    She had given herself the wrong power. The power to kill. The greatest power of all. The power to kill was greater than the power of fear because the power to kill induced fear. She had mastered the art of silent murder. She was an assassin. She got rid of her own problems, and charged people to get rid of theirs. That's how she made a living.

    She had destroyed everything for many people before. She had destroyed families, jobs, financial welfare and lives. She had destroyed everything there was to destroy. She'd killed, stolen and vandalized. She'd been hunted and now, she was safe in the woods. Or so she thought. She heard a light twig snap somewhere in the distance.

    She wondered if it was her captors who had finally caught up to her to bring her in. Maybe it was an animal attracted by the fire. Or maybe it was a passerby. She turned to the sleeping form of her fox familiar, Ruby, and knew it wasn't her. She had to assume the worst in any situation, so she sucked up her tears and gathered up all her strength. She firmly called out into the darkness.

    "Hello? Who's there?" She abruptly stood, as she heard another rustle in the trees. She quickly placed her hand on the short sword strapped to her waist. She felt her hands heat up as the flames surged in her soul, the fire blazed higher, recognizing her ever present power. She narrowed her icy eyes at the forest beyond. Whatever was out there, would not take her life tonight.
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    Valkoinen Metsästäjä

    It was a beautiful night, Shiro had managed to convince Ravanna to go for a midnight stroll. There wasn't much to convince really. They had been dating and living together for several months now. Things couldn't have been better for the duo. The catgirl's heart fluttered whenever Ravanna would return home or vice versa. In the recent time since, nothing overtly wild had happened. They worked, ate, slept. To others, it would've grown boring, not for the neko and the elf. They spent the entire time basking in each others presence, enjoying every minute of it.

    They walked, hand in hand, through the trees. Shiro keeping an eye out, her grey irides scanning past the foliage. Some habits die hard. This particular habit wasn't going to be broken, not now, not ever. This, however, did not mean that she was focusing solely on keeping watch. She was chatting and making sure her partner was satisfied as well. They traversed and conversed quietly, something about the forest at night made it feel like a library.

    Shiro spotted the glow of the campfire first. She normally wouldn't have given it thought otherwise, but to set up camp this deep in the woods is dangerous. She slowed her pace and gave a terse warning to Ravanna, whom of which followed suit. She was hoping to get a closer look at who possibly could be out here this far.


    A branch, somewhere between the two had snapped. Shiro would've been upset, but it didn't matter. If a fight ensued, then between the two they were pretty formidable. Besides, they knew this forest better than most, so if a tactical retreat was necessary then the pair could easily slip away into the night without so much as a peep. Her tail swayed to and fro.

    A voice called out into the dark, vaguely in the direction of the approaching duo.

    "Hello? Who's there?"

    The voice was female. Young. There was a falter that was in her voice that Shiro immediately picked up on. Oh no, a runaway? She thought to herself. This only compounded the situation even further. There was also another feeling that the neko felt, it wasn't corporeal. Magic? The catgirl was hesitant to continue, a inkling in the back of her head told her to just leave well enough alone. She relayed the info of what she was feeling to Ravanna who was even doubly cautious of her surroundings.

    Curiosity killed the cat.

    Before stepping into view, she motioned for Ravanna to prepare for a fight, just in case. They had no way of knowing what will happen in the following minutes.

    Taking a deep breath, Shiro braced herself. Keeping herself in a ready stance, she stepped into the dim glow of the fire. Her platinum eyes drinking in the scene. It was a small camp, a lone woman with a pet. Something about this particular presence emanated more danger than appearances let on. This was a tactic that the catgirl knew and employed all to often, as such, she was no stranger to this and would give no quarter should tensions boil.

    "Hail! Easy there. What brings you out to this part of the woods?" she called out to the stranger, not letting on that there was another in her company just yet. She needed to figure out whether or not this young woman will be a threat or not.

    "I mean no harm," Shiro spoke, trying to come off as non-threatening as possible. The low light kept her mostly concealed for the time being. Her hand resting upon Tsujigiri, ready to draw. Her tail curling and uncurling in agitation.

    She waited for a response.
    Nazuk Raeyansa
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    Posted Image

    ------------------------------------------------------ awake the dreamer within ---------------------------

    The belly dancer had been watching from some time now, the blond woman was watching the fire's glow. That is of course until a branch snapped on the far side of the clearing where Nazuk sat. She watched with interest as the woman stood and demanded to know who was there. A moment later a woman, a cat woman, appeared from the darkness.

    That same darkness covered Nazuk now. Qarad understood that they were there to watch, and not intervene. But like always the small capuchin had other plans. Qarad saw the fox, a burgundy color and seemingly quiet, and Nazuk understood that Qarad was enthralled by it. While the monkey did not particularly like feline companions he had a soft spot for the canine.

    Quietly the monkey chattered into the woman's ear and she shushed him. He wanted to play with the fox, but Nazuk did not want to give away her place. Silently she pushed her hand into the bag that lay at her feet and pulled out a small chunk of bread that was meant to keep the small stubborn monkey quiet.

    What good that did. Qarad took the bread and threw it haphazardly into the small area where the blond woman stood. Nazuk quickly shrunk back further into the cover of darkness and watched. The blond woman's aura was a bright orange, the cat woman's was a soft blue giving Nazuk a more peaceful feel about her.

    "Qarad we are not to be seen!" Nazuk hissed quietly to the monkey.

    "She Sings" | She Dances | She Dreams


    Raine Mythraven

    Raine surveyed the cat woman that stepped out from the brush. She tensed, ready to defend herself, until she mentioned that she meant no harm. Still, she couldn't trust anyone but Ruby. The little fox that was once curled up, had moved to her side, bushing out her tail and taking a defensive stance beside her human.

    "Why are you here? Are you here to bring me in?" She sniffed, feeling another presence. "Who's with you? What do you want from me?" Raine's voice sounded troubled, and maybe scared. She tried composing her thoughts, but she was running on fight or flight. She hunkered down, slightly crouching and listening for others out there.

    She felt Ruby brush against her leg, and spared her a glance. Knowing that Ruby was in this with her gave her a little bit of strength. She slightly straightened back up, making up her mind to remain as calm and composed as she could. She didn't want trouble. She wanted help.
    Ravanna Elevalon

    The beautiful and calm night sky seemed to contrast the situation at hand too perfectly.

    When Shiro warned her on their walk through the starry sky, Ravanna did think too highly of it. The soft glow of the firelight in the distance was actually rather nostalgic to her. She had been in these woods before, hunting and setting camp in the night. But the tone of Shiro’s voice made her worry. It wasn’t like her to be so…serious. Despite the comfort of the woods and previous experiences, Ravanna did know better; being this deep in these parts of the woods could be deadly if one didn’t know how to survive. She followed her partner slowly, quietly towards the glow, keeping her feet as light as a feather.


    A branch between the two girls snapped. The hair on Ravanna’s neck sprouted upwards, now on high alert. The voice of a female called out to them. Shiro’s tail seemed to go rigid as she told her girlfriend to ready for combat. The elf readied her bow and arrow as the cat girl stepped out into view. She was completely vulnerable in this state. Ravanna looked around the site on high alert, ready for a surprise attack. Shiro spoke to the young girl, but the youth would not easily let her guard down. She still questioned Shiro, her voice gradually sounding more strained, more scared. She almost looked desperate in the light of the fire…

    Internally exhaling in her mind, Ravanna stepped out, still somewhat covered in shadow. A better look at the woman showed she was young and blonde, a pet close to her leg. Her face was wet…no doubt from crying. The aura around her, however, was very confusing. Ravanna could feel a sort of danger from her. But she also felt…fear. A desperate kind of fear…something the elvish woman knew too well. Her mind retreated back to when her family was starving. The fear she felt when she began to steal, the fear she felt at the idea of being caught….

    Despite being told earlier, she lowered her bow to show in a sign of peace to try and avoid hostility. “We…do not know what you mean. We’re not…‘bringing you’ anywhere. My partner is honest- we mean no harm.” She gave the youth a kind smile, hoping to ease her and her pet’s mind. “We just saw the firelight and were wondering what brought you here. Are you lost? It’s awfully dangerous being this deep in the woods at night.

    Ravanna hoped she would answer her questions instead of attacking them.
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    Valkoinen Metsästäjä

    The young woman barked at Shiro, her voice still faltering even further. But, good news, she hadn't lept into an attack yet. So that was a plus at the least. Shiro was just as cautious as her counterpart, doubly so with her own significant other in tow. She had to also keep half a mind out for Ravanna as well.

    Speaking of the blue-haired elf, she decided to balk Shiro's order and step into view along side the neko. Shiro flinched slightly, but kept her composure. Her temper flared, she was trying to keep Ravanna concealed just in case things went south. No matter, thought the catgirl. One must adapt to the ever dynamic situation they find themselves in. Her tail twiched hurriedly. She was unsure of her girlfriends plan of action here, but she needed to stick with her no matter the situation at hand.

    The elf spoke softly, backing up the claim that Shiro had made moments prior. They were on the same page, this was good. Shiro watched, keeping her vision between the two. The neko was ever vigilant for any sudden shifts or changes in stance, even in this low light. One of her ears flicked under her hood, there was some shuffling of the underbrush nearby. It didn't sound like the startled slumber of some forest creature. Not even the lowest of intelligence in a woodland animal would keep refuge this close to a potential predator. Then again, this was far enough in to the Erth'netora that it was possible.

    Shiro nudged Ravanna slightly, gesturing mutely. Informing her that there was a third party to this encounter. At least one other by her count. She kept her hand on her sword, but straightened up to a more casual appearance. There was no way of telling if this mysterious onlooker was in cohorts with the young trembling woman.

    "It seems that there is more to this little rendezvous than meets the eye. We have a visitor," Shiro spoke, just loud enough for the youth to hear but not the other. In case this was a setup, the catgirl wasn't having a single bit of it. She let there be a pause, keeping up the ruse that the observer was unnoticed.

    "So!" she called out to the stranger, " are you planning an ambush on us? It would be most unwise." Her grey irides staring daggers at the person, if they didn't know before. They knew now. Her piercing eyes could reach out and touch souls almost.

    It wasn't an empty statement. But getting all the players out on the field was the smartest play at the moment. Ambush or no, they were ready for anything.

    "Reveal yourself this instant!" She shouted.
    Nazuk Raeyansa
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    ------------------------------------------------------ awake the dreamer within ---------------------------

    Nazuk froze unsure of what to do. If she revealed herself who knew what would happen. She couldn't dance her way out of this mess. Not this time at least. Slowly she picked up her bag and creeped out of the underbrush. Her red outfit had been the last thing she wore and caused the wind to blow right through her.

    Qarad wrapped his long tail under Nazuk's arm for stability as she crept keeping low to the ground. Her slim figure slowly becoming illuminated by the fire. The nineteen year old keep her stance low as her light minty blue eyes scanned the people before her.

    "I did not mean to lurk," But in all reality she did. Nazuk felt Qarad pear towards the fox, his eagerness to meet the animal radiating from him.

    The elf like woman's aura seemed to shift and change when Nazuk staired. Struggling to decipher it Nazuk looked away her and felt her mind strain from the attempt to figure out the aura.

    "I tell you the truth when I say that I am unarmed, for I am a simple street dancer." Nazuk knew that this was not likely to work, despite it being total truth, apart from the dagger deep in her bag that would take a long time to get to.

    "She Sings" | She Dances | She Dreams


    Raine Mythraven

    Raine jumped back away from the other young woman as she crept out of the shadows. The flames grew quickly with her energy surge, sending her into a state of defense. She crouched low, placing a hand on her short sword and backing up towards the trees. She spoke, spatting out her words with venom laced in them. There was a slight growl to her voice as she accused the others around her.

    "You're all here to kill me, aren't you?! You all want the money!" She shouted, and the fire grew with her rage and fear. Ruby leapt up from her position on the ground to perch on Raine's shoulder. She glared at the strangers and quietly growled.

    Raine took another step back, farther away from the light of the fire. She would be ready to run or fight back. As she stepped away from the fire, it shrunk and grew weaker. She noticed this, trying to control her emotions so she wouldn't make a stupid mistake and catch the entire forest on fire. She took a few deep breaths, only stirring her adrenaline. The fire grew and puffed out more sparks and embers. She felt her strength being drained and forced into the fire, as well as the effort it took to try and contain her emotions.

    She shook her head violently, placing her hands on either side of her face. She crouched down low, almost to the ground. She had to calm down, or she could risk the lives of all these strangers around her. But wait, were they here to kill her for the bounty? She thought on this, her head still in her hands. Taking a shaky breath, she stood again, balling her hands into fists and staring daggers at all those around her.

    "So... We gonna tango, or not?" She asked threateningly.
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    Ravanna Elevalon

    Ravanna watched the girl’s movements, who was clearly more on edge by the whole scenario. Shit, what now? She screamed at the three of them, saying that they wanted “the money”. Ravanna, of course, had no need for such a thing, but it was still enough of a driving force for the girl to back away into one of the trees. But something caught her eye….the flames seemed to…react…?

    The flames. Ravanna watched the young girl and her movements, the way she talked and appeared around them. The flames responded to her, growing and shrinking in size. The answer became clear now…magic. Did this girl wield some sort of fire magic? Ravanna had her own, maybe she had trouble controlling it. Nudging Shiro to keep an eye on the strange dancer, she knelt to the ground, making sure she was the same height as the panicked child.

    Stating the first thing that came to her head, she blurted out, “You have a very pretty pet.” Yes, Ravanna. Ease her by talking about her pets. She shook her head slightly at her own idiocy. She never was good at talking to children.

    We don’t mean to fight you,” Ravanna stated, hoping to gain some trust in the girl. Maybe she needed to show what she was capable of…

    A quick snap of Ravanna’s fingers produced a flame that danced around her fingertips. Opening her palm showed the flame perfectly fitting in her hand.

    I can do that too, you know.” A flick of her hand swooshed the flam into the night, her fingertips cold. “You don’t have to be afraid. My partner and I, we don’t mean to hurt you. We were…wondering the woods, and just wanted to make sure that you were alright. Please…tell us what’s wrong. We can help.
    Nazuk Raeyansa
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    Posted Image

    ------------------------------------------------------ awake the dreamer within ---------------------------

    The woman who's aura changed lit a fire on her finger and Nazuk jumped back like the orange aura woman did moments earlier. That same woman now was almost surrounded by the forest around her and spewed nonsense about monkey and the like. This peaked Nazuks interest but she knew that now was not the time to ask about the amount of money on her head.

    "While I am just a street dweller, the most harm I could do is have my monkey steal your rings." Nazuk gave a small chuckle but it soon died as she realized that now was not the time to joke.

    Qarad chattered about the fox and pointed to the woman with the cat ears. The dancer hushed the monkey and watched curiously as the other women moved about in the small clearing. This meeting was not one that she would typically happen upon and most definitely would not be seen around the likes of the people in the opening. Nazuk was caravan royalty but to the rest of the world she was nothing but a street dancer and seductress.

    "She Sings" | She Dances | She Dreams


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    Valkoinen Metsästäjä

    // Yo can we keep a proper post sequence?

    Shiro watched on as her partner de-escalated the situation. She felt a swell of pride in her gut. But this wasn't the time to start celebrating at all. She kept an eye on the supposed street dancer. The neko kept an eye out for any sudden movements of any kind.

    Ravanna used some magic and was trying to make a connection with the young one. Everyone was a bit on edge, as is the standard for a random encounter with strangers in the middle of the forest at night. The catgirl stepped out into the small clearing as well, next to the blue haired elf. She kept a hand on Tsujigiri, but it was more of a casual, comfort grip than a action grip.

    The dancer approached as well, finally within earshot. The woman had a tiny monkey companion that gossiped about Shiro, and a fox? It took a solid second but then the neko spotted the animal in question. The young woman in the center had a companion as well. Both creatures seemed to be of some intelligence as well. Shiro made a mental note of this and kept it stored away for later, just in case.

    Shiro needed to join in the situation and attempt to defuse it it further.

    "Tango? Can we not dance? It's awfully noisy," her voice trailed off. It was a small reminder that they ought to keep it on the quiet. They were, after all, still deep in the woods.

    The neko didn't know what money the young one was referring too, maybe a bounty on her head? Whatever the case, it didn't matter. Shiro and Ravanna were well enough off with that hidden trunk that she had in her cottage. That wasn't even a concern.

    "It's extremely unusual for someone like you to be out here in the woods all by yourself," Shiro stated cooly, trying to exude an air of calm. For the most part it was working. There was still some nagging things that poked and nibbled away at the back of her mind. But for the moment, it was just hearsay and whatnot. Shiro's tail flicked to and fro.

    Besides, if Ravanna and Shiro wanted her dead, she would've never seen them, much less conversed with them.

    "What's your name?"
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    Raine Mythraven

    "M-My name?... Raine.." She stuttered out her name, still watching the other creature of fire in front of her. She slowly lifted up her hand, a ball of flame starting to grow and flicker. She took deep, steady breaths, trying to keep her emotions under control and calm. She closed her eyes, feeling the heat on her palm. She lightly blew on it, sending it to join the rest of the fire.

    "So... if you're not here for the money..." She trailed off, realizing that not everyone knew about her bounty. She took a deep breath, the flames growing and retracting. Raine slowly lowered her hands, and straightened her back, taking up a more relaxed stance. Ruby, the fox, noticed this and climbed up her clothing to perch on her shoulder again.

    Raine's eyes flashed as she looked around the campfire site at all those who had joined her. She took a deep breath, summoning all her strength and courage. "My name is Raine Mythraven, and I am wanted for murder."

    OCC: I think if we have an order it should be Raine, then Shiro, then Ravanna, and then Nazuk. Just kinda following the order we started with and Shiro and Ravanna are kinda connected so if you two wanna alternate if one of you can't respond then that would be fine.
    Ravanna Elevalon

    Murder? The elf had to blink for a moment. This frightened youth was wanted for murder? It was hard to believe that a mere child would have the status of such a vulger crime. However...that did explain a lot: why she was so distraught with the three strangers presence, her uneasy aura, how she desperate she was, cowered and paniced. Such a poor fate for a small girl...

    Ravanna steadied her emotions, trying to make her face look blank. If she made one wrong move, the girl would get upset again, no question. She might even take off. In this deep of the woods, that could be a fate worse than death at times.

    As calmly as she could muster, Ravanna curiously said, “Why are you wanted for such a crime?
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    Valkoinen Metsästäjä

    Wanted? For murder? Shiro thought. This wasn't optimal, but she didn't look like the type of criminal that would just openly murder for funsies. She tensed a bit, still prepped for anything. So far, nothing was causing the situation to boil at least. Maybe down to a nice simmer.

    Ravanna beat Shiro to the punch and asked first.

    Her hand snaked up and grabbed Ravanna's, giving it a gentle squeeze. One small reminder that Shiro wanted to remind her that she was still here.

    Keeping her platinum irides bouncing back and forth between the two entities. The hairs on her tail raising.

    Let them think you have lowered your guard. Yes, try to spring an ambush.

    At this point, Shiro was content to let Ravanna do the talking, she was better with being sociable, much less diffusing a potentially explosive situation. At the very least, they had a name now. Raine Mythraven. Criminal - Wanted for Murder.

    The catgirl figured that there was some hefty bounty sitting on her head, which led her out this far into the woods. The guardsmen of Reine have known about this glaring weakness in attempting to apprehend evil doers. This has actually led to some interesting situations where flatfoots would attempt to hide out in Shiro's cottage.

    She smiled internally because of all the neutralizing traps she has set in the surrounding area.


    "No sense in being strangers. I'm Shiro, Shiro Sogeki."
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