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Angkar: Dry season. Often sunny, but precipitation is rare. Humidity is low, some bodies of water may have dried up, and bushfires can occur. The rainforest sees evenly distributed rainfall throughout the season.

Ashoka: Desert: Cooler temperatures, although still relatively hot. Violent, heavy downpours following long dryspells. Jungle: Hot and humid with frequent, violent rainstorms.

Morrim: Cool, wet, and windy, rain is common, although snow is, on the whole, infrequent (there may, however, be some seemingly random snow storms) in the interior, and any snow that accumulates along the coast quickly disappears. Early in the season it is very stormy, wet, and windy, while the end of the season is characterized by less wind, less precipitation, and lower temperatures. Towards the mountains heavy snowfall is quite frequent and the temperatures drop significantly.

Soto: Covered in anywhere from a foot to four or five feet of snow, Soto is very cold. Windchills are common and can severely drop the temperature at times. Deciduous trees have no leaves while coniferous trees continue to bear needles. Slow or still bodies of water have frozen over.


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    Angkar: To honour the reinvigoration of the ancient city of Mondrágon, the majestic Queen Eulalia has permitted the opening of a Coliseum where people from around the world and all walks of life can test their combat skills against one another. Many have already done battle in search of honour, glory, prizes and money.

    Ashoka: In an otherwise peaceful times, Ashokans are beset with the relatively minor inconveniences of wandering undead and occasionally-aggressive giant rock worms. There has also been some controversy over the recent re-legalisation of human sacrifice.

    Morrim: Rumour has it that Emperor Leofric de Hollemark is mustering forces for a war. Though the threat from Soto’s forests has passed, the forces previously employed in watching the forest now linger at the border. Rumours also circulate of a small group that has been dispatched to make contact with the tribes of the Do’suul Mountains.

    Soto: The Sotoans have defeated the fey and liberated themselves from Méadaigh’s oppression! Preliminary efforts have been made at rebuilding the city of Madrid, which had been captured at the beginning of the war. However, the Sotoans are hindered from recovery famine. Méadaigh’s magic caused summer to persist in the Erth’netora Forest through the winter. Her power has been withdrawn and the plants die as if preparing for winter – even though it is now summer. The Sotoans must sustain off what food they can get, what creatures they can kill and what can be imported into the city from Morrim and Angkar.

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    Reinyan of the Neko; Aniketos, open
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    ...er, not really.
    TW: Blood, Gore, Death

    It was time.

    She had gotten the idea back in Morrim. The damn idea kept creeping up on her even after she returned home. But how? How in the all the high heavens will she be able to pull that off. It isn't like she can just waltz in there and "Uh, yes, excuse me? I would like to Councillor please." That will just not happen. There is a process or something, the catgirl figured. She needed information, only way to make it happen is to make it happen.

    Shiro didn’t take into consideration her girlfriends reaction or opinion on this matter. In fact, she hadn’t even discussed it with Ravanna in the slightest. The Neko wasn’t sure how that particular conversation would play out, thus she resigned to worrying about it when the time comes. She smirked to herself, taking guesses how the blue-haired elf would take the news.

    It had been a very, very long time since she last seen Madrid with her own eyes. The rumors she heard since the War broke were more or less true. The streets were filthy and disheveled. There was an air of doom and gloom about the entire city. No passerby dared look into one another's eyes. Everyone shuffled by and went about their business without so much as a "How do you do". It was unnerving and utterly depressing to see.

    First, she needed to stop in and check on the guild she had joined some time back. She was fortunate as they were plenty accommodating with her own lifestyle and everything, the guild didn't bother her as she went about her business. Unbeknownst to Shiro, all of her private entrepreneurship with all the buying and selling of the meats and pelts was bolstering a healthy relationship between several guilds that resided within the streets. She appreciated all the discounts they gave her as well.

    Shiro weaved through the torn up streets before coming to the sizable building that housed the headquarters of Dido's Children. Oddly enough there wasn't a soul to be seen coming or going from the place. That was the first sign that something was off, the neko filed it away in her mind and stepped on inside.

    Normally, there were a ton of faces that would greet her with enthusiasm, but no one was around. Maybe the office was closed? Couldn't be. It was deathly quiet inside, the noise from the hustle and bustle of the town surrounding was all but drowned out by the deafening silence.

    Only then did she truly realize something was very wrong. She called out to someone; no response in the slightest.

    Quickly, she unsheathed Tsujigiri and slowly stepped through the building. Peeking around every corner. She was met with nothing but harsh unending silence. Unconsciously, the two ears flattened further upon her skull, out of fear or adrenaline she wouldn't be able to distinguish. Her tail curling in suspicion, hairs raising.

    The stillness hung about the entirety of the halls and passageways like a dull smoky aura, only broken by the occasional footfall from the catgirl. It was maddening, near suffocating.

    With calculated caution, Shiro made her way through the building. She braced for an ambush around every corner or out of every room. But no such attack came. Her muscles tightening , jaw clenching, nerves raw. What in the hells is going on?

    Then the smell hit her nostrils. If Shiro wasn't on full alert, she'd most likely lost her lunch. Thankfully, the catgirl was ready - only flinching slightly. The stench wafted over her like she had entered into a bath, it encased her wholly. Finally making her way to the headmaster's office. There, the aroma of death and decay had increased tenfold.

    There, at the desk, sat the body of the former Headmaster. Limp, head strewn back, arms resting calmly by his sides. The throat, cut vertically - poorly. Quickly sheathing her sword, she rushed over to the body. The entirety of his chest and lap was covered in darkening blood. It was difficult to tell how fresh of a death this was, the blood was human, not animal. Shiro was not a doctor by any stretch of imagination.


    Turning on her heels, Shiro fled back down the halls and rushed out into the street. In her rushed state, the catgirl wasn't keeping her wits and barreled right into someone. The few pedestrians that were in proximity of their encounter made wake and stopped to watch the encounter. Recoiling, she stumbled backwards. She looked up into their eyes, it was a vaguely familiar face.

    "Oww..." she mumbled to herself.

    "Hey...you have to help! S-someone has been murdered! Come quickly! Get a coroner!" Shiro's tone switched quickly, trying to emphasize that this was an emergency. She couldn't sit still.

    Shiro took two steps back towards the guildhall, beckoning.
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