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Angkar: Dry season. Often sunny, but precipitation is rare. Humidity is low, some bodies of water may have dried up, and bushfires can occur. The rainforest sees evenly distributed rainfall throughout the season.

Ashoka: Desert: Cooler temperatures, although still relatively hot. Violent, heavy downpours following long dryspells. Jungle: Hot and humid with frequent, violent rainstorms.

Morrim: Cool, wet, and windy, rain is common, although snow is, on the whole, infrequent (there may, however, be some seemingly random snow storms) in the interior, and any snow that accumulates along the coast quickly disappears. Early in the season it is very stormy, wet, and windy, while the end of the season is characterized by less wind, less precipitation, and lower temperatures. Towards the mountains heavy snowfall is quite frequent and the temperatures drop significantly.

Soto: Covered in anywhere from a foot to four or five feet of snow, Soto is very cold. Windchills are common and can severely drop the temperature at times. Deciduous trees have no leaves while coniferous trees continue to bear needles. Slow or still bodies of water have frozen over.


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    Dante Scott; Complete!
    Topic Started: Feb 4 2018, 10:28 AM (69 Views)
    Dante Scott

    Name - Dante Scott
    Age - 19
    Gender - cismale
    Alignment - chaotic good
    Social Class - commoner (part of Gold Makers United)
    Occupation - knife/jewelry traveling merchant
    Race - half human, half unknown
    Nationality - Sotoan
    - He carries an assortment of ornamental and cooking knives, but unless in desperate circumstances they are wares, not weapons.

    - A set of finely crafted deer horn knives. They are made from fine steel and the grips are leather wrapped.

    Physical Appearance – Dante has deeply tanned skin, inherited from generations of living on the edges of the ocean. His eyes, however, are a bright blue - the contrast is both startling and alluring. His hair is a deep brown and, at first glance, would be considered black. It's somewhat curly and a little long. The back and sides are normally chopped shorter but he allows the curls to fall into his eyes. He is tall and lithe, although not extraordinarily bulky. Dante stands just above 5'11". He is fairly muscular, although in the way a dancer is muscular and not a body builder.

    The most striking thing one notices about Dante is his wings. They are dark like his hair, although in the sun they can catch the light and shimmer blueish. His wings are huge, and stretch nearly 20 feet across when stretched out. When not in use, they can be tucked tightly against his back, although it is more comfortable for Dante to leave them slightly extended.

    His bone structure is much lighter than a normal human's, and although he's tall Dante only weighs about 115 lbs. He sacrifices some amount of durability, but in general his structure is still strong.

    He tends not to wear flamboyant clothing, preferring instead to keep to darker greys and greens. In the interest of being a personality you will remember, however, he does wear a splash of color with every outfit. Whether that be a yellow scarf, red embroidery on his shirt, or whatever else - Dante tries to make an impression. The wings, of course, help a bit with standing out but every little bit aids. No one wants to buy wares from a forgettable salesman.


    Dante Scott is, in general, memorable. He's witty, charming, and clever. Dante is generally likable and he puts on a very approachable front. He's friendly and tends to make friends easily. He has many acquaintances and is on fairly good terms with most people he meets.

    However, he's not nearly as trusting and laid-back as he can seem. It takes a long time to learn anything substantial about Dante - he is extremely slow to trust. Mentally, he's always on guard in new situations and he's a pretty paranoid person in general. He's very good at hiding this, but however well one might muffle something doesn't mean it is gone.

    Dante is irresponsible with money, and always seems to be in debt. He has a hard time staying away from gambling and other wastes of money, especially as he never wins anything. It's difficult for him to settle down anywhere and since the age of 16 he's been almost constantly on the move. His irresponsibility is partially influenced by his youth, and Dante isn't always as mature as he likes to pretend he is.

    He is a sex-repulsed asexual and panromantic. This can cause small issues for him, as Dante is generally attractive and friendly. He doesn't mind flirting and romance, but the minute things get physical Dante immediately shuts down.


    Dante Scott was born in a small sea-side town on the coast of Soto. He never knew his mother, but his father always told stories of her. The stories were never consistent - in some she was an angel from the sky, in others the spirit of a dolphin from the sea, and in others a fairy from the deep woods. Whoever, or whatever, his mother was -
    the only thing Dante seems to have inherited from her is his wings. In almost all other respects, he is a carbon copy of his father. They are leaner than most of the people on the seaside, but share the same dark hair and bright eyes.

    His father is a good man, and Dante was raised with a good work ethic and in a loving household. He was always a bit of a reckless child though and was in and out of trouble during his youth. At 16, Dante left home along with his father's friend to learn how to be a merchant. They sold petty stuff - jewelry and the such. When his mentor died suddenly, Dante was given the opportunity to take over the trade. Since then he's traveled throughout the kingdoms, trying to make a living selling cutlery and jewelry. Dante enjoys the job - it's given him opportunity to travel and to see more of the world than just his small village.

    In the last two years, Dante has had a traveling partner. His horse - an ordinary, somewhat homely mount - can now talk telepathically to Dante. Why? No idea. The horse (Arthur) said that while they were wandering through the countryside, he felt like he was hit by a bold of lightning. The current working theory is some magician misfired a spell and it happened to hit Arthur instead. He is a bit sarcastic and grumpy, but a partner nonetheless. Dante replies out loud, but hears Arthur's voice in his head. It's a very strange situation for a newcomer to experience.

    Abilities (first 5)

    I. Telepathic communication with Arthur
    - the connection is like if a normal human were speaking. Dante can hear Arthur within ranges usual for a human to hear another human.

    II. The salesman's smile (and conversation.)
    - Dante is very skilled at talking to and convincing people to buy things. Even those who have no use for a fancy fish knife might find themselves buying one at the end of Dante's visit.

    III. Enchantment: Full Water Flask
    - This is a gift from the now deceased mentor. Dante's water flask is always full with clean, fresh water.

    IV. Never Lost
    - Dante has an above average memory for directions and awareness of his whereabouts. Even in unfamiliar cities he always seems to know where he is going.

    V. A Million Hours of Practice
    - Very skilled with his deer horn blades, above the ability of the average fighter. Little to no skill with any other form of weapon, but precise and deadly with his blades.

    This profile has been approved by Mel!
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