Angkar: Wet season. Precipitation is common during the late afternoon and evening hours. Vegetation grows significantly during the summer, but flooding is a danger due to the monsoons that ravage the country. The rainforest sees evenly distributed rainfall throughout the season.

Ashoka: Desert: Extremely hot and dry. Violent, heavy downpours following long dryspells. Jungle: Hot and humid with frequent, violent rainstorms.

Morrim: Relatively hot and dry, but with a chance of thunderstorms from time to time. The heat may cause forest fires.

Soto: Hot and humid, tree cover is dense while ground growth is restricted. Thunderstorms see the most amount of rainfall during the season, and it can be very windy. On occasion, there are flash floods that can destroy homes and farms built on flood plains.


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Elenlond is an original free-form medieval fantasy RPG set on the continent of Soare and the Scattered Isles, which are located to the south in the Sea of Diverging Waters. The four chief nations of the western side of the world—Ashoka in northern Soare, Soto in western Soare, Morrim in eastern Soare, and Angkar, the largest of the Scattered Isles—continue to experience growth and prosperity since the fall of the Mianorite gods, although power struggles within the countries—or outside of them—continue to ensue.


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    Angkar: To honour the reinvigoration of the ancient city of Mondrágon, the majestic Queen Eulalia has permitted the opening of a Coliseum where people from around the world and all walks of life can test their combat skills against one another. Many have already done battle in search of honour, glory, prizes and money.

    Ashoka: In an otherwise peaceful times, Ashokans are beset with the relatively minor inconveniences of wandering undead and occasionally-aggressive giant rock worms. There has also been some controversy over the recent re-legalisation of human sacrifice.

    Morrim: Rumour has it that Emperor Leofric de Hollemark is mustering forces for a war. Though the threat from Soto’s forests has passed, the forces previously employed in watching the forest now linger at the border. Rumours also circulate of a small group that has been dispatched to make contact with the tribes of the Do’suul Mountains.

    Soto: The Sotoans have defeated the fey and liberated themselves from Méadaigh’s oppression! Preliminary efforts have been made at rebuilding the city of Madrid, which had been captured at the beginning of the war. However, the Sotoans are hindered from recovery famine. Méadaigh’s magic caused summer to persist in the Erth’netora Forest through the winter. Her power has been withdrawn and the plants die as if preparing for winter – even though it is now summer. The Sotoans must sustain off what food they can get, what creatures they can kill and what can be imported into the city from Morrim and Angkar.

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    Mariko; "i'm kind of a big deal"
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    folie a deux

    Name – Yamashito Mariko
    Age – 29
    Gender – Female
    Alignment – True Neutral/Only Very Vaguely Good
    Social Class – Commoner
    Occupation – Witch
    Race – Human
    Nationality – Daroan
    Weapons – None

    Taro -- Taro is a servile dog-spirit, whose true form is that of a mummified, emaciated dog wrapped in cloth bindings. His physical form however is that of a fluffy, dopey Shiba Inu, and while he does protect Mari as dogs are wont to do, he is never commanded to use any supernatural abilities he might possess.

    Physical Appearance – Mari is of an average height and somewhat skinny build, draping herself almost exclusively in black dresses that neither obscure nor hug her form, boots with modest heels, gloves, and no accessories to speak of. Her black hair is kept just a few inches below shoulder-length, the bangs cropped and swept slightly to the sides. Her skin is an average tone, her eyes dark and heavily shadowed, her mouth thin and eternally unimpressed.

    Personality – In a word, unpleasant.

    In many words, Mariko is bitter and sarcastic, somewhat jaded and grumpy with a tendency towards carelessness and an almost complete lack of interpersonal skills. Though she helps normally hopeless causes, Mari seems to have no real sympathy for people, instead going about her work as something that simply needs to be done -- and if she must be tender, she does so begrudgingly. She does not make friends easily, though this is all less to do with her natural personality and more to do with a very emotionally-disconnected childhood, rife with spiritual, mental, and occasionally physical abuse.

    This being said, she doesn't cling to the unhappiness of her past, wrongly dismissing it as not-a-very-big-deal; as such, Mari is not very self-aware, and doesn't like to confront herself or any of her personality traits, rarely even thinking to do so. With consistent good company she may demonstrate some nicer qualities, but these most certainly aren't her norm, nor does she choose them willingly.

    Something she hides very well -- or at least, thinks she does -- is her vials. Mariko can be very unstable, a side-effect of the strange circumstances surrounding her birth and her tense upbringing: when she is calm she is very calm, but when she doesn't take the contents of her vials, she can easily spiral into violent mania: this version of Mariko is a woman with a very crooked and very extreme sense of justice, who seems to be happy with nothing, always hating, always agitated. Nobody wants to be around her and she doesn't mind that one bit, scaring people away intentionally and creating curses at the drop of a hat. Mari's two-fold personality, however, is rarely, if ever, seen by anyone due to her tendency to not make friends.

    She occasionally has a tendency toward dramatic flair.

    History – (Under construction)

    Mariko almost wasn't born: her mother had gone through three failed pregnancies, and by the time she was pregnant with Mari, her husband abandoned her, no doubt fed-up with his wife's inability to bear sons and the family's near-zealous pursuit of occult power -- indeed he saw these miscarriages as evidence that she and her mother were going too far, too deep in sorcery and dark ritual to be blessed with a child.

    In order to keep her new baby, Mariko's mother Miho sought direct help from her own mother, an accomplished sorceress who had long ago traded a traditional family life for the ability to write and rewrite her own destiny. Through fringe-medicine and sacrificial ritual, Miho managed to carry her daughter all the way through pregnancy and birth -- when the child was born with a caul over her face, the two women knew it meant she would be gifted.

    They did not realize just how gifted, however: the sacrifice made during the ritual created a sort of metaphysical schism between life and death, but where the focus was on sustaining life. Mariko was born a child of two worlds, able almost from the start to move her consciousness between the world of the living and the world of the dead -- and apparently able to see her dead sister's ghost. Her mother and grandmother made good use of this in their rituals: a family that only the most desperate people went to when purer routes failed, Mari was often used as a vessel for evil spirits that had been expelled from someone else or their child, being directed to use her ability to physically interact with incorporeal matter and pull the offending energy or spirit out of its host, then swallowing it. Once the evil spirit had been swallowed by Mariko, the grandmother could then properly neutralize and defeat it; this more visceral form of exorcism was astonishingly effective, and inflicted no real lasting physical harm on Mari, who showed uncommon resilience and resistance against evil energies and spirits.

    Miho, though she loved her precarious child immensely, was also terribly jealous, holding her own struggle to bear Mari, the abandonment of her husband, and her own powers over the girl's head at every opportunity, reminding her constantly who she owed her life and abilities to and becoming furious whenever her daughter dared to mention anything about her sister's ghost. Mariko's grandmother was only slightly more amicable, but stressed the rightness of the family's short-lived involvement in Onmyodo sorcery, threatening her with horrifying tales of Meido and Jigoku if she misbehaved or strayed too far outside the family's particular dogma. This pattern continued until Mariko came of age, at which point she proved her own independence by cursing her mother and grandmother and unleashing the family inugami on them. When they had died, she lay their bodies inside, and burned the house to the ground, then leaving the property never to return. She has been wandering ever since, refusing to cling to religion or ideology, instead believing solely in the spirit and her own abilities.

    Recently, she recieved a cordial invitation to visit from Ylsabet Troy -- a friend she made in the Aethyr -- and is currently making her way to Soto through Soare.

    First Five Abilities
    • In-Between – Mari's consciousness and spirit exist halfway between the physical world and the worlds spirits inhabit; she can see most ghosts and spiritual beings, though whether or not she can communicate with them depends on the will of the being itself.
    • Hands Across the Borders – Since she was a child, Mariko has possessed the ability to touch incorporeal matter, able to manipulate some of it with her hands (ie: pushing, pulling, anchoring). At this point her ability to "hang on" depends on the strength of the spirit or ghost in question.
    • Inugami – The Yamashito family only began their sorcery three generations ago, with Mariko's grandmother; through a cruel, brutal ritual, her grandmother created an Inugami -- a servile dog-spirit -- to aid the family's nefarious deeds and carry out their wishes. This inugami, whom Mariko has named "Taro", appears as a normal Shiba dog but can interact with spirits and deliver curses from his mistress, should she choose to make them. Taro was not treated well by her grandmother or mother, but is fiercely loyal to Mari, who adores him and never uses him for anything but company and occasionally a pillow.
    • Katashiro – A type of form-substitution doll made of paper or straw and inscribed with a sigil, typically used as a substitution for a person during a spell or ritual. Mari typically uses these to draw curses and evil energies away from a person, though the form is weak and cannot play host to a full curse; as it is, this substitution can only "take the edge off" a curse or energy.
    • Sanshi – "The three corpses"; sanshi are the three spiritual worms found within the human body, though they are often more symbolic than anything else. Mari can draw upon the energy of these worms when in very close proximity to another living person (within seven feet), and while they cannot cause real physical harm, they can make things somewhat unpleasant, mitigating focus and temperance:
      • Joshi (Upper worm) - Drawing upon this essence, Mari can cause mild fatigue in a victim.
      • Chuushi (Middle worm) - Drawing upon this essence, Mari can cause mild agitation and, oddly enough, heartburn.
      • Geshi (Lower worm) - Drawing upon this essence, Mari can cause mild anxiety and confusion in a victim.

      This profile has been approved by DaringRaven!
      Edited by Mariko, May 17 2018, 05:39 PM.
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