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Soto: Hot and humid, tree cover is dense while ground growth is restricted. Thunderstorms see the most amount of rainfall during the season, and it can be very windy. On occasion, there are flash floods that can destroy homes and farms built on flood plains.


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    Funtime Friendship!! ~with a twist~; For Rolande ::D
    Topic Started: Sep 16 2017, 01:46 PM (207 Views)
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    There was something about travelling that kept tugging at Nispa's thoughts. She'd think of sailing far across the water as she fished in the morning. The salty water pulled her out, out, away from the shore. The waves shied up to her feet and wrapped their watery tendrils about her ankles before scurrying off. She splashed about for a small while, playing with the water as much as it played with her. She fought the urge to wander down the coast; she knew that she'd fall into an endless spiral of Just a little bit more! She took up her basket of fish and her spear and climbed up the cliffs to return to the town.

    She'd daydream of exotic goods and markets as she bartered away her catch in the afternoon. The people of the village had different goods than the forest folk. Where they grew beans and grain and raised cattle, the elves had had a variety of berries and spices and game animals. She thought about where she'd come; if she'd gone south instead of east, what would she be eating instead of shepherd's pie? She looked at the fields surrounding the town, so different from the forest. What other types of places were there? She reminded herself yet again that there was nothing to stop her from finding out. Somehow, it still felt wrong; it still felt like she shouldn't leave the little village. She was lucky to have found a place that would accept her. She knew she shouldn't give that up on a whim.

    Still, when the day bled into afternoon and the farmers returned to their fields after lunch, she'd look up at the sky and wonder how far it went. What other types of places did the sky look down on? How many other villages has that cloud scooted over? She left the town in the early evening and ran through the fields, racing the clouds and losing spectacularly. She tripped on her feet and tumbled to the ground, laughing all the while. She was jealous of the clouds. They had come so far, and they had seen so much; they could go wherever they wanted, and she was stuck on the ground, watching and wishing.

    Late in the evening, with nothing to distract her, she'd think about leaving. This little village wasn't her home; it never had been, and it never would be. It was safe for her, and she wasn't unhappy there, but she knew that she had nothing holding her there.

    Isoldren would miss her. That was a fact. She'd taken a few trips away from her village before, and he'd always been anxious for her return. Part of her wanted to invite him with her, for her sake as much as for his; she never liked being alone for long periods of time, but he had a place here where she did not.

    She rolled onto her side and looked out at the first few stars. It wasn't the first night she'd argued with herself about this, and she knew that it wouldn't be the last. The same reasons clashed in her head, pulling her out towards the stars, then drawing her deeper into the cave. It was nearly scripted by now. She hardly heard the thoughts she was thinking, lost in imagining as she was. The argument resolved itself, as it always did, as she decided to stay there, at least one more day. She let out a sigh and turned away from the sky, closing her eyes to go to sleep.

    Her eyes snapped open again, and she sat bolt upright. If I don't want to leave, then why am I unhappy with staying? It was a new thought, and the daily battle between staying and going teetered the other way. Without waiting for her mind to change again, she grabbed up her daggers, spear, and cloak, and departed down the road to the west.

    She didn't let herself think on the road. If she did, she'd come up with a dozen reasons to go back, a hundred problems with her (lack of) plan. Instead, her feet buzzing with excitement, she skipped and twirled and sang and played all the way. She plucked two handfuls of flowers and wove them into a crooked crown, the last dying rays of the sun allowing just enough light for her to see what she was doing. Placing the flowers atop her head, she felt like royalty. She scattered the rest into her braid, feeling for all the world like a right princess. She dropped down to a low scuttle, winding along the road like a viper and brushing her hands against all the plants she encountered. At least, that's what her princess had done; she had no idea what human princesses were like.

    Her excitement carried her to the Kaadian Way. It was a good place for an adventure; she was bound to run into someone sooner or later. During the day, at least. At night, there wasn't anyone on the road that she could see.

    Well, almost nobody. Up ahead, she could see the faint silhouette of a most definite someone! She quickened her pace to close the distance between them. One of her flowers slipped out of her braid, but she didn't notice. She waved one hand at the stranger. As soon as she was close enough, she called out an enthusiastic greeting.

    "Hey there! How's it going?" She came to a stop next to the young woman, panting slightly. The woman had golden hair, shining faintly silver in the starlight. She had a wheeled cart with her as well, but it seemed to have overturned. A pile of papers sat on a patch of rock nearby. "What's goin' on out here? Need a hand getting that thing back on its wheel?" She displayed all four of hers to offer their assistance. "M'name's Nispa. What's yours?"
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    The road had been long and arduous that day, but the courier Rolande knew it had been work well done. There was a soft breeze that drifted through the area, one that she knew would turn into something stronger later on, so she set about protecting her and her packages from being too exposed to the elements. It wasn’t long until her trusty cart had been shifted onto its side and into a makeshift shelter. She set about gathering wood and tinder for her fire, then dug a small pit until she as satisfied with the shape and distance of it. Standing up to stretch, she noticed a lone figure down the road. As they got closer, she recognized her as one of the spider-folk who lived in the area. The person waved at her, and Rolande waved back invitingly.

    The spider girl seemed friendly enough under the rising light of the moon. Rolande was at once intrigued and wary, even though it seemed to her that she could easily escape if the need arose. She rattled off several excited phrases, all of which helped Rolande relax a little more each time.

    "Hey there! How's it going? What's goin' on out here? Need a hand getting that thing back on its wheel? M'name's Nispa. What's yours?" Standing up to her full height and smiling, the girl with the cart took on a cheerful tone, extending her hand in greeting.

    “Why, hello Nispa! Not often you meet kind people on the roads these days! Don’t you worry, I put it that way so I’m protected from the wind and all that! Knowing that thing, it’s likely you couldn’t lift it anyway. No offense!” She grinned energetically, clapping her hands together once as though deciding something.

    “I’m about to start a fire here if you’re interested in staying! Oh, name’s Rolande, you can call me Rolo for short!” The courier took to lighting a flame. As it was in the few last days of celestial Summer, the seasonal magics Ecthenios had gifted her with still allowed her to light a flame by hand. With a minor blast of heat from the orb’s impact, the fire was crackling and roaring. Reaching into her personal pack, the blond haired girl drew out a few pieces of traveler’s bread and jerky. Tearing the loaf in half, she offered it to Nispa, along with a piece or two of jerky.

    “Sorry I don’t have anything fresher, I don’t have much chance to hunt when I’m out on the wide open roads!” She grinned as she sat down, looking up at the other girl standing just a little taller than her. Her appearance was certainly nothing Rolande had seen before, but she found herself admiring the gleam of her carapace and the way her hair weaved with the flowers.

    “You’re a proper fairy queen, ya know that?” Chuckling to herself, she bit into her food with gusto, enjoying the savoriness of the meat mixed with the more plain taste of the bread.

    “So, what brings someone like ya’ll out on the road at night? Off on an adventure or somethin’?” She smiled again, perhaps overcompensating for her social anxiety. Still, there was something about this woman that interested her, and she was excited to discover just what it was!
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    Nispa's excitement rose as the woman returned her greeting with friendliness and enthusiasm. Her words rang true: "Not often you meet kind people on the roads these days!" Nispa had run into her fair share of grumps, and she was glad all over that Rolande was not such a one.

    Her next words were not so straightforward: "Don't you worry, I put it that way so I'm protected from the wind and all that!" So...she was using her a shelter? Her mind wandered to inns, but she refrained herself from inquiring about them. She hadn't passed any recently, and perhaps the woman couldn't afford to stay at them most every night. She looked like a traveller. Nispa nudged the cart with a foot. "So then...what exactly is it? What's it for?" Obviously she knew what wheeled carts were. She also knew that their owners tended to get very angry when one was "borrowed" and raced through the trees, then returned covered in dents and full of twigs and leaves. Not that she'd ever done that or anything. It was just common sense.

    "I'm about to start a fire here if you're interested in staying," Rolande invited. At least half of that sounded like a good idea, so she seated herself near what could only be the firepit. "Sure! Thanks, Rolo." She shifted nervously as Rolande started the fire, watching carefully should it spread. Soon enough, it was roaring and crackling, and Nispa got a good view of her buddy for the first time.

    How fitting it was that such a kind voice belonged to such a pretty face! Nispa was used to the gruff, grimy sort on the Way. Maybe it was just the firelight in her hair, but it looked like there was a halo residing delicately atop her head. Realizing that she'd been staring, Nispa took the half-loaf of bread that she was offered. "Sorry I don't have anything fresher," Rolande explained. "That's alright! I've got some apples if you want one." She handed the apple to Rolande in exchange for the jerky.

    "You're a proper fairy queen, ya know that?" Nispa beamed, smiling anew. She had an urge to jump up, to give her a big ol' hug and exclaim how precious she was. But that was silly, and she knew it. Instead, she settled upon a much more reasonable response. "Then you must be an angel. Or a princess, with a golden crown!" She leaned over to the grasses and plucked a handful of long, lush blades. She'd woven simple crowns before, but for Rolande, she began a wispy waterfall tiara. She pulled a few flowers out of her own braid and set them into place. There were enough flowers for both of them!

    Now that her hands had something to do, she picked up the conversation. "You know it! The Kaadian Way is the best Way to find adventures. And look, it's where I found you! I'd say it's doing a good job." She paused for a moment to make a few spider scales. Five little patches on her arm began glistening in the firelight. She poked them each with a fang while they were hardening so that she could thread them onto the crown later. "What about you? Are you a trader?" The carts that she Absolutely Never used to race with had always belonged to elven traders. Still, that didn't quite seem right. "Me, I'm a fisher. But I guess I can't stay in one place for too long. Just gotta go places sometimes, y'know?"
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    "Me, I'm a fisher. But I guess I can't stay in one place for too long. Just gotta go places sometimes, y'know?"

    “It’s the same for myself! Well, I imagine our reasons are a bit different, but still! Sometimes ya just want to go home though, ya know?” There was a wistfulness in her words, thoughts of her homeland deep in the valleys. Rolande knew she would not return there for some time, for the safety of others at the very least, but still the memories would not cease. She let out an uncharacteristic sigh, then shook her head and smiled again!

    “Well, you’re welcome to stay here for the night, it’s as good a place as any! I’m heading out in the morning.” The conversation ended kindly, but still abruptly. She felt poorly about it, but there was little that could be done. Her mind raced through memories, and also through names and places she was to deliver packages to. While at times getting up to stoke the fire, she had retired for the night.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    They chittered to themselves in a clicking, hissing tongue. Carapaces scraped against metal, limbs creaked with purpose and intent. Their insectoid forms were black and yellow, gleaming in the moonlight, the spiky frills of their neck’s bizarre geometry crackled. They were waiting for the one that had hired them to arrive, to give them the permission to strike. It was with the clanking of metal spurs that he walked into the clearing they had situated themselves around.

    “Silence.” The speech of the hunters silenced, as though a landslide of tumbling stones had ended.

    “Do you know who you’re looking for, Harn’iit of the Hi’avs?” An excited hiss echoed amongst the bipedal figures, and the most battle-scarred stepped forward. He spoke in common, the words struggling to escape his mandibles properly.

    “Ro-lan-de, the ca-rt girl who humi-liat-ed you in ba-tt-le.” Though the man’s face was obscured with a cloth, his eyes were suddenly an icy blue, angled harshly as the he spoke in response.

    “Yes. That girl.” Some harsh laughter echoed through the ranks of the mercenaries, but their leader silenced them with a wave of his two left limbs.

    “We under-sta-nd, gun-man. We see no sha-me in re-ven-ge, espe-cia-lly for the price you wa-nt to pay.” With a gale of wind and the harsh scratching of wings, the Hi’av dragoons leapt into the air, leaving the hunter’s cloak rippling in the wind.

    “You will regret what you’ve done to me Rolande, by the blood of all my men, I swear it.”
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    Nispa opened her mouth to say more--she's so friendly! We get along great--but she realized that she had been dismissed, of sorts, and that Rolande was retiring for the night. Still intending to say at least something, she released a faint but genuine "Well, goodnight, then." She picked a patch of long grass, draped her cloak over herself as a blanket, and curled up to go to sleep.

    Sleep didn't immediately come to her, however. She found herself pondering a great many things. She thought of Rolande first, of course, and whether she'd let Nispa come with her for a few days. She thought next of her little village, and when she'd go back. Not for a small while, she decided, listening to the rustle of the wind-tousled grass around her. She spotted a spider on the ground and scooped it up with delight. She played with the small creature for a few minutes, then released it, bidding it well. She twisted her back and watched the stars for a while, then eventually closed her eyes and tried her absolute best to go to sleep.

    Just as she had convinced herself that she was asleep, a faint hum buzzed in her head. At first, she dismissed it as a nearby bee, but soon it grew louder, and she rolled over to make it go away. It didn't. She groggily draped an arm over her head, momentarily muffling the sound. After a moment, she lifted her head, four bleary eyes looking in slightly different directions for the source of the noise.

    The buzzing waned and cut off in a metallic clatter. Thoroughly confused, she pinpointed the general direction of the noise. Her eyes came into focus and she scanned the wilderness for movement.

    Three gleaming shells scuttled forth. Instantly, she recognized them as carapaces, and she jolted fully awake. They were nearly as big as her, with twice as much fuzz. They were, at least in part, armed and armoured, She noticed with a sinking heart that they were not alone. She could see glimmering specks of reflected moonlight from at least half a dozen others. She watched them for a few moments; it was clear that they were headed straight for her and Rolande. It was also clear that they were ready to attack; the only thing on their collective mind was blood. She scrambled to the makeshift camp to warn her newfound chum.

    "Rolo! Rolande, wake up!" she hissed. Although she knew that the enemies already knew where they were, she still found herself trying to keep quiet. She reached for her spear, grasping it firmly in two hands. She knelt by the courier and shook one of her shoulders. "Someones are coming! Hurry, get up!!"
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