Angkar: Wet season. Precipitation is common during the late afternoon and evening hours. Vegetation grows significantly during the summer, but flooding is a danger due to the monsoons that ravage the country. The rainforest sees evenly distributed rainfall throughout the season.

Ashoka: Desert: Extremely hot and dry. Violent, heavy downpours following long dryspells. Jungle: Hot and humid with frequent, violent rainstorms.

Morrim: Relatively hot and dry, but with a chance of thunderstorms from time to time. The heat may cause forest fires.

Soto: Hot and humid, tree cover is dense while ground growth is restricted. Thunderstorms see the most amount of rainfall during the season, and it can be very windy. On occasion, there are flash floods that can destroy homes and farms built on flood plains.


March 30th, 2018 As you might have noticed, Elenlond has changed hands and is now under new management! If you have any questions, please direct them to DaringRaven! As for the rest of the announcements, including a season change, you can find them over here at the following link!

January 16, 2018 As you might have noticed, Elenlond has a new skin, all thanks to Mel! Don't forget to check out the new OTMs as well!

December 2, 2017 Winter has settled on Elenlond, bringing sleep for some and new life for others.

September 26, 2017 With the belated arrival of autumn come some interesting developments: new OTMs, a Town Crier and the release of the Elly Awards winners!

July 14, 2017 After a bit of forum clean-up, Elly Awards season has arrived! Head on over to make your nominations!

May 31, 2017 Summer has arrived and so has activity check! That's not all though – we also have some new OTMs for you and some staff changes!


Elenlond is an original free-form medieval fantasy RPG set on the continent of Soare and the Scattered Isles, which are located to the south in the Sea of Diverging Waters. The four chief nations of the western side of the world—Ashoka in northern Soare, Soto in western Soare, Morrim in eastern Soare, and Angkar, the largest of the Scattered Isles—continue to experience growth and prosperity since the fall of the Mianorite gods, although power struggles within the countries—or outside of them—continue to ensue.


  • We accept any member who wants to RP here;
  • We are an intermediate-level RPG;
  • We have been open since June 2004;
  • Elly's layouts work best in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. It is not optimized for IE.


    Angkar: To honour the reinvigoration of the ancient city of Mondrágon, the majestic Queen Eulalia has permitted the opening of a Coliseum where people from around the world and all walks of life can test their combat skills against one another. Many have already done battle in search of honour, glory, prizes and money.

    Ashoka: In an otherwise peaceful times, Ashokans are beset with the relatively minor inconveniences of wandering undead and occasionally-aggressive giant rock worms. There has also been some controversy over the recent re-legalisation of human sacrifice.

    Morrim: Rumour has it that Emperor Leofric de Hollemark is mustering forces for a war. Though the threat from Soto’s forests has passed, the forces previously employed in watching the forest now linger at the border. Rumours also circulate of a small group that has been dispatched to make contact with the tribes of the Do’suul Mountains.

    Soto: The Sotoans have defeated the fey and liberated themselves from Méadaigh’s oppression! Preliminary efforts have been made at rebuilding the city of Madrid, which had been captured at the beginning of the war. However, the Sotoans are hindered from recovery famine. Méadaigh’s magic caused summer to persist in the Erth’netora Forest through the winter. Her power has been withdrawn and the plants die as if preparing for winter – even though it is now summer. The Sotoans must sustain off what food they can get, what creatures they can kill and what can be imported into the city from Morrim and Angkar.

    For a fuller description of our most recent events, check out our most recent edition of The Town Crier!

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    Kestrel Sumner (Shadow)
    Kindle Blackheath
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    Welcome to our home, a world in which anything can happen. From sprawling deserts and vast forests to massive volcanoes and luscious hot springs, Soare and the Scattered Isles are beautiful places just waiting to be explored. For the brave and the bold or the cautious and the wary, creatures of all kinds roam the earth, looking for adventure or for a place to call their own. Species of all kinds - the well-known and the unknown - thrive here, though not always in harmony.

    Elenlond is an original medieval fantasy RPG with a world that's as broad as it is unique. Calling on characters of all kinds, the sky's the limit in a world where boundaries are blurred and the imagination runs rampant. Restrictions are limited and members are encouraged to embrace their creativity, to see where they can go and what they can do. It's no longer just text on a page - it becomes real.

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    Kinaldi is the capital of Morrim. A proud city of higher learning and the arts, the place is made mostly from wood grown by timber farms on the outskirts, towards Morrim's western border. Some of the people have begun creating what they call the "Kinaldi Forest" on the other side of town, planting saplings of quick-growing trees and slow-growing trees on the south side of the city, spreading out further every year.

    The Kinaldi Academy, on the north side of town, is one of the larger institutes of higher learning, as well as being a brewery and distillery. The members of the academy cultivate a vineyard by a river near Kinaldi and the grapes are harvested and processed every year in late summer. The subjects primarily taught at the Academy are Goblinology and Ballistics, as well as Military History and Engineering, though Alchemy, Chemistry, and Physics are growing in popularity.

    The West Quarter of Kinaldi is known as Tunetown because it is home to many musicians, most of whom are talented with multiple instruments. Also here are highly trained singers and inspired composers, as well as the odd artist and writer in the mix. Music emanates from every street, from those playing for money to those practising in private in their homes. There are many performance halls here where one may see musical as well as theatrical performances, and these may even be attended by the Empress herself.

    Rigor Mortis Jun 19 2018, 11:45 PM, By Qayin
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    Subforums: Grand Palace of the Empress
    Located on the Obsidian Plains, a place fertilized with black volcanic soil and thus filled with crops, Orl'Kabbar is a dimly lit city filled with violence and crime. It is quite different from Kinaldi; whereas that city's soul is that of a cleansing flame, Orl'Kabbar is the highly destructive and uncontrollable wildfire. It is often labelled as the most dangerous city in Soare, despite the valiant efforts of the few uncorrupted guards and some additional soldiers from the Morrimian army. For, though they may do their part to bring criminals to justice, the judicial system here is notoriously corrupt, from some of the guards to the very judges at the top.

    Many of the inhabitants of Orl'Kabbar are those who have trouble living elsewhere. Drow, orcs, and vampires thrive in the darkened streets and alleyways, and strange monsters and animals thrive in abandoned buildings. Though a member of one of the more common races may have much to fear here, there is much to be said for the surprisingly egalitarian way in which the more stigmatized races are accepted here. Compared to the persecution that they face in other regions, the violence and seediness of Orl'Kabbar is practically a haven.

    Stores usually sell hastily cleaned or still-dirty items in this city, and a tavern is as likely to get you killed as it is to get you drunk. Brothels and opium dens are common here as well, illegal goods can be found at every turn, and the slave trade here is vicious and operates outside of Morrimian law. One must enter these places at their own risk, but keep in mind the city's motto: "The safest places look deadliest."

    Monster May 19 2018, 01:24 PM, By Mordecai
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    A growing city is nestled between the large sea and Morrim's main river, the Andakalisa, down on the southern coast. Fairin acts as the only port city, as it is the only place in Morrim any ships are able to dock. Nestled at the foot of the great Do'suul Mountains, the town has slowly expanded across the river as trade has increased. To connect the two, a large bridge was built, able to lift up in the middle of it to allow boats travelling up the river safe passage. Long boardwalks line most of the coast, giving room for dozens of boats to dock.

    With constant trade, it's no wonder the city is as large as it is, offering any necessity that a travelling sailor might require. At least two inns and two taverns occupy the town, making enough room for any travelling merchants or sailors that wish to stay overnight. In addition to the inns, one brothel can be found near the docks for those seeking a warm bed and company for the night. Merchants have no need to go too far to sell wares, as stalls line the streets.

    Due to the temperate coastal clime, one may find orchards and fields of herbs to be used for perfumery. The harvest of these goods occurs in late summer, a good time to get temporary work and participate in festivals. One of Fairin's exports is fragrances, and it is because of this the town is so popular amongst the wealthy, for one may find unique perfumes here available nowhere else in Elenlond.

    Life, What Cauchemar! Jan 5 2018, 03:39 PM, By Lillith
    Topics: 12 Replies: 86
    Loniar Swamp
    Located in the northwestern corner of Morrim is an expanse of wetland that is often avoided by all except those who wish to take a shortcut to the north. The land here is unproductive and near impossible to build on because of how waterlogged it is, so there aren't roads or inns here, making it very easy to get lost.

    On the eastern side of the swamp, towards the mountains, the landscape is characterized by tall trees that stand over the wet ground and still pools of water. These trees are often hung with moss, and fog quite often winds its way between the plants and over the water. Towards the west the landscape becomes more bog-like, with next to no trees but lots of moss. One must be very careful no matter where they are in the swamp, for what appears to be ground may very well be plant-covered waters and, worse even than that, will-o'-the-wisps appear at night to entrance the lost individual to their death.

    Given the difficulty and danger of travel here, one wonders why a person might come to the Loniar Swamp at all. One reason may be to seek the help of the witches and oracles said to live in solitude in the swamp, or else to seek a rare object for potion-making. There are also those who come to document the strange plants that grow in the swamps, for carnivorous plants grow here in abundance and there are species here that can be found nowhere else in Elenlond.

    Drayd of the Swamps Jul 24 2016, 03:20 PM, By Ilazki
    Topics: 2 Replies: 6
    Do'suul Mountains
    A vast mountain range lines the coast of Morrim, preventing easy access to the sea. There are many tales positing the origin of the Do'suul Mountains, saying that they are things as wild as the spine of a gigantic dragon, or that they were created when a devilish god tried to pound his way out from the ground. The only thing one can know for certain from these tales is that the Do'suul Mountains have greatly impacted the Morrimian imagination.

    Though the rocky slopes of the mountains are inhospitable, there are some valleys in the mountain range that serve as homes to small groups of Morrimians.

    The Tomb of Vespasian Jun 4 2018, 12:44 PM, By Castor
    Topics: 9 Replies: 77
    Subforums: The Black Tower
    Windswept Plains of Aeril
    The grasslands make up most of the land in Morrim and are named for Aeril, a young maiden who is said to have died for the preservation of the plains. The tales told say that when she sacrificed herself, the gods created a wind to blow eternally across the land in reminder of her, for Aeril loved the wind. The breeze, of course, varies; sometimes it merely rustles through the branches of the occasional trees while at other times it practically flattens the long grasses and wheat crops of local farmers to the ground. Though there are many small rivers and streams in the area, the major source of water is the Andakilsa River. Located in the heart of the Alastrine Valley, this mighty river snakes along the eastern border, following along the foot of the mountains until it eventually finds an escape into the sea.
    The Metal Man May 10 2018, 07:37 AM, By Kaida Sayua
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