Angkar: Wet season. Precipitation is common during the late afternoon and evening hours. Vegetation grows significantly during the summer, but flooding is a danger due to the monsoons that ravage the country. The rainforest sees evenly distributed rainfall throughout the season.

Ashoka: Desert: Extremely hot and dry. Violent, heavy downpours following long dryspells. Jungle: Hot and humid with frequent, violent rainstorms.

Morrim: Relatively hot and dry, but with a chance of thunderstorms from time to time. The heat may cause forest fires.

Soto: Hot and humid, tree cover is dense while ground growth is restricted. Thunderstorms see the most amount of rainfall during the season, and it can be very windy. On occasion, there are flash floods that can destroy homes and farms built on flood plains.


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Elenlond is an original free-form medieval fantasy RPG set on the continent of Soare and the Scattered Isles, which are located to the south in the Sea of Diverging Waters. The four chief nations of the western side of the world—Ashoka in northern Soare, Soto in western Soare, Morrim in eastern Soare, and Angkar, the largest of the Scattered Isles—continue to experience growth and prosperity since the fall of the Mianorite gods, although power struggles within the countries—or outside of them—continue to ensue.


  • We accept any member who wants to RP here;
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    Angkar: To honour the reinvigoration of the ancient city of Mondrágon, the majestic Queen Eulalia has permitted the opening of a Coliseum where people from around the world and all walks of life can test their combat skills against one another. Many have already done battle in search of honour, glory, prizes and money.

    Ashoka: In an otherwise peaceful times, Ashokans are beset with the relatively minor inconveniences of wandering undead and occasionally-aggressive giant rock worms. There has also been some controversy over the recent re-legalisation of human sacrifice.

    Morrim: Rumour has it that Emperor Leofric de Hollemark is mustering forces for a war. Though the threat from Soto’s forests has passed, the forces previously employed in watching the forest now linger at the border. Rumours also circulate of a small group that has been dispatched to make contact with the tribes of the Do’suul Mountains.

    Soto: The Sotoans have defeated the fey and liberated themselves from Méadaigh’s oppression! Preliminary efforts have been made at rebuilding the city of Madrid, which had been captured at the beginning of the war. However, the Sotoans are hindered from recovery famine. Méadaigh’s magic caused summer to persist in the Erth’netora Forest through the winter. Her power has been withdrawn and the plants die as if preparing for winter – even though it is now summer. The Sotoans must sustain off what food they can get, what creatures they can kill and what can be imported into the city from Morrim and Angkar.

    For a fuller description of our most recent events, check out our most recent edition of The Town Crier!

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    Welcome to our home, a world in which anything can happen. From sprawling deserts and vast forests to massive volcanoes and luscious hot springs, Soare and the Scattered Isles are beautiful places just waiting to be explored. For the brave and the bold or the cautious and the wary, creatures of all kinds roam the earth, looking for adventure or for a place to call their own. Species of all kinds - the well-known and the unknown - thrive here, though not always in harmony.

    Elenlond is an original medieval fantasy RPG with a world that's as broad as it is unique. Calling on characters of all kinds, the sky's the limit in a world where boundaries are blurred and the imagination runs rampant. Restrictions are limited and members are encouraged to embrace their creativity, to see where they can go and what they can do. It's no longer just text on a page - it becomes real.

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    Erth'netora Forest
    The Erth'netora Forest encompasses most of Soto and surrounds Madrid, and acts as a natural border between Soto and Morrim. Always haunted with an air of mystery, the forest has become stranger since the Sotoans' war with the fae. The power of the fae's queen, Méadaigh, caused the forest to grow unnaturally through the winter, and thus the trees did not lose their leaves until the beginning of spring. The forest is only now recovering, entering a too-short growing season that is fated to end at the beginning of winter. The plants are coming back, but weakly, for the soil is exhausted and unable to sustain much life. The creatures that usually inhabit the forest are lean and few. There are some more permanent changes to the forest as well. Many of the trees have become twisty and convoluted under the influence of Méadaigh's power, and they are taller and thicker than they used to be. Then there is the ruined fae city of Nemetona lying somewhere in the forest. At the top of Nemetona's hill is the burnt wreckage of the once-vast Pale Tree, and the rest of the city is abandoned, the trees that made up its habitations covered in ash and eaten by fungus.
    Sorrow & Veil Jul 13 2018, 03:21 PM, By Shell
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    Madrid is the capital city of Soto. It is set into the side of a small, grassy mountain, the more prominent, wealthier families living near its crown while those who live in the slums populate the flat land at the foot of the mountain. For most of its history, the city was an island of construction in the forest of the sea, but since Méadaigh captured the city in the winter of 9AR, the city has become overgrown. The city has been retaken but there is much work to be done. Weeds and saplings have grown up in the streets and must be removed and a monstrosity, which the Sotoans simply call the Great Tree, now crowns the Capitol Hill. The city is emptier than it used to be, and so many of both the earth-toned houses of the wealthy and the wooden houses of commoners sit uninhabited, eaten up by vines and home to animals. The gardens that were once grown on the flat roofs of many of the buildings have become unruly, some so much that the buildings supporting them collapsed. The overall wealth of the city can be seen in the fountains that adorn the market squares, the clean, well-paved streets and the sculptures that embellish public spaces. The fountains that once proclaimed that wealth of Madrid are clogged up with algae, lilypads, water hyacinths and frogs and the statues that mark Sotoan history are covered over with moss and vines, some of them completely demolished by the fae. The streets feel empty and bleak compared to their former flamboyance and glory; there is indeed much work to be done.
    Ōmagatoki May 5 2018, 09:01 PM, By Mariko
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    Reine, the major port city of Soto, is built by a natural harbour just a few miles down the coast from the massive cliff where the Falann River thunders over the edge in a brilliant cascade of water. The entire city is built on stone that ends where the water of the Sedokai Ocean begins. From here the docks jut out over the water, providing a place for sailors and merchants to harbour their ships. Many ships may also be found in the nearby drydocks for repair. There are more people from the lower class in Reine than in Madrid, and many houses are built from wood and have shingled roofs. Only the inns and shops, such as the armouries and smithies, are privileged enough to be built from dark red brick, distinguishing them from the rest. There are a few mansions in Reine, but they tend to be congregated in certain areas of the city, distanced from the docks, and are fewer in number than those in Madrid. The marketplaces spill out into the streets in this city, so more open streets are lined with stalls selling fresh seafood as well as whatever has recently been brought in by the merchants. One never knows what they'll find here, especially since all sorts of people pass through the city, from wanderers to merchants and thieves to pirates. Often one will come across outlaws in the seedier parts of town and perhaps be unaware of it, or else they might see their corpses hung on display after they have been caught and punished for their crimes. Since the war, Reine has become somewhat overpopulated, with many refugees living in the streets, in warehouses and abandoned buildings. They continue to stay in Reine because it is the main port through which food is being brought from other countries.
    Whiskery Witchery Jun 12 2018, 07:59 PM, By Nispa
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    Southwestern Island
    Whereas the mainland of Soto is populated largely by mixed deciduous and coniferous forests, the colder climate of the Southwestern Island fosters only conifers, from towering pines to sturdy yews. Many refugees were brought to the island during the war with the fae, and so the island, which was once quite sparsely inhabited, is seeing its settlements swell. Communities which were once small are being swollen, new villages are popping up and many people are setting up new farms wherever they can.

    Though the Southwestern Island is technically incorporated into the Sotoan nation, it is also somehow separate. A separate guild system operates here, with a minor council that decides affairs only for the inhabitants of the island, though the laws of Soto as a whole are still observed. Despite this separation, the Southwestern Island still bestows great benefit upon Soto, for the trees here are particularly tall and produce particularly luxurious wood. Lumber is therefore the greatest export of the Southwestern Island, for it is bought even by the Sotoan mainlanders who desire something of higher quality than what is produced by their own trees.

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