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Estate Plots
Topic Started: Jan 13 2013, 02:20 AM (113 Views)
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Hi all I'm back with more questions.
I have gotten estate and bought two plots. Went on a quest got workers.
Now what?
I want to upgrade but maybe I am missing something here.
How do I pay for the stuff?
there are * things near a few things is that stuff I need to get or stuff that I have gotten?
How do I get this stuff?
I do I use it for my plots?
How to I get the stuff I produce?
Please help this is totally new to me.
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Liveman Ieb
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Something bad happened in Paxia? I did it.
Okay, I dove in and checked my estate buildings to help you out, but wouldn't you know, I don't have the * after mentioned materials. I assume it's there to implicate that you're missing it and need to get some? There we go, had to clear up ALL THE BUILDINGS. The * is after those materials that you lack in order to upgrade the building.


Buildings like Stone Pit generate stone every hour, the higher level the Pit is the more stone is produced. Like my level 10 Pit generates 10 stone per hour.

So you basically just wait until you have enough materials to upgrade your buildings. I also recall that Portal building uses Energy solely to send your armies to fight in war events that net you some gold as reward, but I might be wrong and they use other materials too.

To finish off this short tip section, your buildings will only generate materials when they aren't being attacked by enemies. The higher level count all of your House Guards have, the lower the chance that some enemy shows up to harass your workers. Most of the Guards are Token-Only too. So yeah.

It's sort of like one of those Facebook games where you check in every hour and click on stuff, although there's less clicking here, IF you have enough House Guards. Otherwise, enjoy being attacked all the time.



If you have a Trade Hut, you can exchange excess materials to other materials. I think the higher level the Hut is, the better the exchange rate is. Or something.
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