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Space Station #13.; Soooo, anyone interested in griefing?
Topic Started: Aug 27 2010, 10:43 AM (311 Views)
Liveman Ieb
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Something bad happened in Paxia? I did it.

Here's a game I've wanted to get into for a while now but have been "oh god if I join the servers I know of I'll be dead and hated".

But apparently you can make up your own server in this thing.

Short description:

Spacestation 13, is a round-based game, usually lasting for about an hour, however one can jump into at any time, provided the station is not on fire or under attack, and the Head of Personnel can assign you a job. The main goal of the game, is to do your job, be it running the engines to keep the station powered, repairing the sabotaged/damaged bits of the station, keeping the station's crew in good health, or just being the on-board security team. There are of course, quite a few more jobs than that.

There are different gamemodes, Extended, for instance, are where you just maintain the station, fix any damage caused by random events, and stuff like that. Or, traitor, which is when some of the crew are randomly selected at the beginning of the round to be, well, traitors. They will be given a goal, as well as whatever traitor items they order, and they have to complete that goal by any means necessary. Another gamemode is nuke, as it is called, where the station is under attack by a group of syndicate, and they have to retrieve the captain's nuclear authorization disk, and blow up the nuke they brought, destroying the station. There are of course more gamemodes than these.

The station is a tricky thing to run all by yourself, the engines have to be powered, if they aren't in time, you will need to salvage the power on the station, and get the solar arrays up, and while a few months ago, they could power the station entirely, (as long as you had a skilled engineer, running back and forth constantly) the solars are always only a backup. The atmospherics system, with pipes and filters, pumps and inlets, control the stations air supply, or in the case of you being a traitor, the toxic, flammable gas known as 'plasma,' supply.

The UI is a bit painful, I heard. Not sure HOW painful, but people who play this game tend to have a good time with it. So I guess it's not impossible to learn.

Another problem with this thing is that we'd need a bunch of people. Like, I figure ten would be a good start so there'd be people filling enough job spots.

So, anyone up for this?
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Hell yes, count me in.
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