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Dwar- Urist Fortress.
Topic Started: May 8 2010, 09:36 AM (289 Views)
Liveman Ieb
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Something bad happened in Paxia? I did it.
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This is Urist.

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Urist is old and tired and was forced onto a colonization project, far from the Mountainhomes, deep into the far edge of the world.

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Urist woke up shortly after the loud crack and crash when the ice broke apart beneath them, and was atop the pile of tree-scrap and barrels and picks and axes that were of the colonists.

Urist has no idea where the other dwarves are.

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Urist was afraid. Alone. But he was Urist. The sharpest of all dwarves.

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The ice broke apart easy with his pick.

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And deep below, Urist struck his way to a cavern. It comforted him. It was so unlike the surface, cold and unforgiving. It was warm and familiar down there.

There, Urist would make his home.
And every home needed a name.

And that name was...
Uristurist Uristurist Urist.
Daggerdaggers The Dagger-Daggers of Daggers.

So yeah. There was once a conversation about a hermit challenge of sorts, except it was less hermit and more based on excluding dwarves from the fort by their name.

This fort will only accept people named Urist.

Our Urist though is really old. Hopefully though, within a decade at least one other Urist will show up since dwarf old age death starts from 150 years.
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