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What is Dwarf Fortress?
Topic Started: Dec 6 2008, 02:27 PM (4,241 Views)
Liveman Ieb
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Something bad happened in Paxia? I did it.
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Based on a true story.
Goro was admitted to the hospital after the incident, and was pronounced paralyzed from the neck down. In 2016, he was outfitted with a prototype robotic replacement body. He quickly conquered the world through superior firepower.

All hail our robotic overlord, King of the World, Gorobei.
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Liveman Ieb
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Something bad happened in Paxia? I did it.

Now, here’s the thing about dwarves: they’re not like you and me. We wake up, we shower, we get dressed, we go to work, and while we’re doing all this, sometimes we get an idea. “I should write a cookbook that focuses on pomegranates,” we think, and then we get out of the shower and towel off and we don’t write the book. “I should create a mosaic depicting Washington’s terrible defeat at Fort Necessity,” we think, and then, almost always, we reach our bus stop, we step off the bus, and we go on with our lives.

Dwarves aren’t like that. They have lives, and jobs, just like us, and they have normal ideas that don’t come to pass, just like you and me, but sometimes – often enough that the Dwarves have five different words for it, all of which translate, roughly, to “touched” – a dwarf gets a particularly strong idea, an idea that he can’t shake. “I should write a cookbook that focuses on pomegranates,” the dwarf will think, “and I will make the cover from pomegranate peel. And the ink will be made from pomegranate juice, and the pages shall be made of the finest papyrus, and the pages will be bound with a single thread of gold. And the book shall be called ‘Berrydowned’.”

he dwarf’s co-workers might say to him “Hey, Arast, why did you stop hammering?” and Arast will say “Screw you,” walk in to a grocery store, kick everyone out, and spend the next nine hours obsessively examining each pomegranate to find the perfect materials for his cookbook. That’s what dwarves are like.

This is a story about two dwarves in the fortress of Bekemlogem, “Springpainted.” One of these dwarves became a legend. The other died miserably, starving in the dark. The first dwarf’s name was Nish Oddomshetbøth. The second’s was Urist Köbukrinal.

Bekemlogem was an unusual fortress, built as it was in the middle of a swamp. Dwarves, by their nature, are not fond of swamps. There’s too much mud, for one thing, and too much water. There are many adjectives one can apply to a dwarf, but “moist” is not the first that comes to mind. This was not just any swamp, but a swamp that, as near as anyone could tell, was over an aquifer. An aquifer can make it hard to mine safely, and no mining means no profit. The leader of the expedition to found the fortress, a merchant by the name of Stukos Oddomsanreb, had to do an awful lot of fast-talking to persuade people that he wasn’t crazy. “There’s a caldera there,” he insisted, “which has to be solid rock. We can tunnel down near the caldera, and mine under the aquifer. If we’re careful, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Stukos was a good dwarf, but not a persuasive one. Only 6 other dwarves left the safety of the mountainhomes to try to find their fortune in Stukos’s swampy paradise. The funny thing about this is that Stukos turned out to be mostly right. There was solid rock near the caldera, and although the miners had to be careful to not accidentally take a bath in hot magma, they were able to dig down below the aquifer and establish workshops, where they began growing mushrooms and carving crafts to trade with anyone crazy or stupid enough to visit them out in the middle of the marshlands. Soon enough, they started attracting immigrants.

The swamp was peaceful and quiet. There weren’t even any goblin attacks, and when was the last time you heard of a fortress that wasn’t attacked by goblins? Even the goblins, it seems, were smart enough to avoid the swamp. Nish, a glass-blower by trade, had arrived at Bekemlogem on a spring morning and was promptly informed that out here in the country they didn’t have much call for fancy things like glass, that stone was good enough for plain-spoken honest dwarves, and that we don’t have any sand around here anyway, so here’s a crossbow and you’re in the army now, son.

As I said, there were no goblins in the swamp, which was good, because there weren’t any bolts for Nish’s crossbow either, and even if there had been bolts, there was nothing to shoot at. Military service at Bekemlogem mostly involved standing around outside, swearing, and sweating, not necessarily in that order. Occasionally one of his squad-mates would offer to wrestle, to relieve the boredom, but this just made Nish feel even more uncomfortable, especially since this particular squad-mate always wanted to wrestle naked, “to keep our uniforms from getting wrinkled,” he said.

So mostly Nish just stood outside in the swamp, sweating, and thought about beer. Nish thought about dark beer, light beer, frothy beer, flat beer, ale, lager, porter, and stout. He thought about beer mugs, beer steins, beer taps, kegs of beer, a beer mug, tall glasses filled with beer, coasters that you could fling at people after you’d drunk enough beer from that stone beer mug, and a table for putting the beer mug on, except there needs to be a little bit of something on the bottom of the mug to make sure it doesn’t scratch the table. A bit of turtle shell would be perfect. He thought about drinking beer on cold days, nice days, rainy days, hot and sticky days, when your hand slips on the beer mug and you drop it, spilling your beer, which is bad, so you’d want to have a good grip. Maybe you could nurl the handle? No, no, too boring. You want something textured. Something you can really feel. Bones. You could wrap the handle in small bones. But you’d have to position the handle so as not to obscure the carving on the mug, the carving depicting the founding of the first Fortress.

It was around this time that Nish dropped his crossbow and began slowly walking towards the nearby outdoor workshop, like he was in a trance. “Hey, get back to your post!” said his captain, Momuz. “Screw you,” said Nish. He walked inside to the workshop, elbowed the master stonecrafter in the face, picked him up by his breeches, and threw him out of the building. Momuz put his head in his hands, and moaned, as the realization hit him. “He’s touched. This is going to end in blood.”

In fact, it didn’t end in blood. It ended in a lovely beer mug, engraved with an image of a dwarf raising a scepter, that Nish called “The Undignified Worries,” which when you think about it is a truly appropriate name for a beer mug. Nish never drank from anything else for as long as he lived. On unveiling the masterful mug — and its artistry and craftsmanship were undeniable — Nish was honorably discharged from the army, was given his own workshop and a generous stipend, and basically allowed to do whatever the hell he wanted for the rest of his life. When not in his workshop, “whatever the hell he wanted” turned out to be drinking beer, from his mug, inside.

No, it didn’t end in blood, but Momuz can be forgiven for thinking that it probably would. The funny thing about ideas — dwarven or human — is that there’s no strict requirement that they be practical. We can all imagine building a hot-air balloon to fly to Jupiter, or making a bicycle entirely of bacon, or, to take an example from Minnie the Moocher, a diamond car with platinum wheels. But when a dwarf is touched by the idea of a car like that, he doesn’t stop to think “this isn’t practical.” Instead, he starts looking around for diamonds and platinum.

What happens when a dwarf can’t find enough diamonds and platinum to build his car? Someone dies. Every time.

Sometimes, the dwarf will go mad, grab the nearest weapon, and start cutting down anyone he comes across. This is what Momuz expected when he bemoaned Nish being touched, because that’s what usually happens. Momuz, being captain of the guard, was likely to be the first person killed. An insane dwarf can usually take down four or five of his comrades before being killed himself. It’s a lot easier to kill when you aren’t afraid of dying.

Strangely, this outcome is viewed by most dwarves as the lesser of two evils.

Sometimes, instead of going on a rampage, the thwarted dwarf will kill himself. Suicide is not a part of dwarvish culture, and they would be bitterly offended to hear me describe it this way. Their word for this sort of death translates roughly to “melancholy.” The melancholic dwarf stops eating, stops drinking, and simply wanders aimlessly around the halls, sometimes for months, until she or he eventually dies from starvation and malnutrition. This is infinitely worse for the dwarves than the violent outcome, which at least is over quickly.

The key thing to realize here is that to the dwarves, the failure of a touched dwarf to create his artifact is a failure of the community, not a failure of the dreamer. “If we had only dug deeper, and worked harder,” they think, “we would have had enough diamonds and platinum for her to build that car. The vision of that car was a gift from the gods, and we were too shiftless and lazy to be able to claim it.” The melancholic dwarf, dying slowly in public, is a constant reminder of the community’s inadequacy.

Which brings us to Urist Köbukrinal, a name that to this day will make the dwarves of Bekemlogem weep in shame and shake in self-loathing. Urist was an engineer, a shy boy who one day was touched. True to his nature, Urist snuck downstairs to the lowest levels of the fortress and, in the deep, quietly and shyly claimed a mechanic’s workshop that no one was using. No one noticed he was missing at first, but when they finally found him in the deeps, he was surrounded by sketches of something, and refused to say a word. His sketches had rock, and bone, and cloth, and he was surrounded by pieces of rock of varying sizes. The town elders brought him all the cloth and bones they had, but none of it was right. They didn’t know how it wasn’t right; Urist wouldn’t say.

It would be four months until the next caravan arrived. There was no way that Urist would be able to make whatever it was he was trying to make. And so the dwarven elders of Bekemlogem, perhaps thinking of their children, whom dwarves love as much as we love our own, did the unthinkable.

Urist made no attempt to escape. He just stood behind the workbench, calmly watching each stone as it slid into place. The masons, their cheeks red with humiliation, would not meet his eyes. When the last stone slid into place, he sat down and, quietly, waited to die. It took fifty-two days. He never made a sound.

They walled Urist in his workshop.
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Liveman Ieb
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Something bad happened in Paxia? I did it.
So for a while now, a few weeks or so, I've worked on a mod for Dwarf Fortress. AQ mod, to be precise.

32 civilizations are in the mod, although 27 is the limit the game is able to place in Large or Medium worlds without getting problems and forcing a regen to start.

Just DL the game, boot it up and pick Design a new world something jibba jabba. It's right under Create a world, so yeah.

If there's anyone here who would be interested in playing, but doesn't want to because DF has quite a cumbersome UI, I could make a guide about what menu does what and what all the things the game has mean. In simplistic manner, of course.
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Liveman Ieb
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Something bad happened in Paxia? I did it.

All sorts of minor mistakes fixed from mah mod.

In case you actually decided to play this, just copy the files on the raw/objects folder and move them to your data/save/region#/raw/objects folder, replacing the old ones. Should fix all the little issues without having to regen.
Edited by Liveman Ieb, Oct 25 2010, 01:00 PM.
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Liveman Ieb
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Something bad happened in Paxia? I did it.

The peasant asked me to kill the spouse of the shadow monster. The lair was a little disgusting, but I managed to pick around and find a few coins from its human and goblin victims, minted by the Nation of Rabbits and the Tick of Constructs respectively. The spouse itself was dispatched with relative ease. I went straight to the castle overlooking the river to report my deeds. The lord there sent me off to kill the dark creature bridegroom, and I took a swordsman with me.

The river ran pretty close to the gates, and when I walked out, we had a little alligator trouble. Well, the swordsman had more trouble than I did and ended up in the middle of the river where I couldn't help. The alligator became Skinnyrends and I left on my quest. I found a bronze breastplate in the first chamber, with no sign of the bridegroom other than the mess. I found him in the next room and lopped his head off with my axe. He wasn't alone however. The dark creature was still living there! This would be much more difficult. After getting my weapon stuck in her shoulder, she bit my arm and kept shaking it repeatedly. I broke free after losing a lot of blood, and that's when she took her copper meat cleaver to my toe. I fled, leaving my toe and axe behind.

I made it to a market just before nightfall and the shopkeeper graciously let me sleep on the floor overnight. In the morning I gave up my coins, my breastplate and half of my clothes to get a bronze great axe. My right arm was still useless, but I could manage the weapon with one hand. I went back to the castle by the river to report my success... a technical success, anyway, since the quest was for the bridegroom. As I stepped through the doors of the keep, I witnessed a scene of horror. The alligator Skinnyrends was inside, and the lord was next to his own head on the bloody stone floor. One of the lord's soldiers was holding his own, but I managed to put down the murderous beast myself. I reported my news of the spouse to the soldier, and with my late rescue in the keep, I became a greatly respected figure. Unfortunately, I would need to travel to a castle far away to quest for further glory. Outside the keep, I noticed an elf prisoner. I also noticed his nose was missing. A forensic examination of the keep revealed the body part among the remains. I needed somebody to travel with me in the wilds to help dissuade night attacks on the long journey, so I invited the prisoner along. We made it to the second castle after sunfall and slept in one of the towers.

In the morning, my potential was recognized, and the lady of the castle, speaking for the Nation of Rabbits, sent me after a malicious goblin outlaw, Strodno Stealfrenzy, who was no longer associated with the Tick of Constructs but was still a leader of a large band. I invited a couple of lashers who were in the keep, and along with my elf buddy we set out for the nearby hideout. I ran out ahead of my buddies and took a few grazing crossbow bolts for my haste, but I managed to put down the archers and faced the leader. He only had a bronze slicing knife, but it was his weapon of choice and he managed to cut me all to pieces before I finally took his leg off. I thought that would be the end of him, but he hacked my useless hand off, so I kept my distance while he bled. After I killed a few of his soldiers, he started crawling away into the woods. I went back to the main battle which had gathered behind me to find all of my friends were dead, surrounded by injured goblins. Despite my wound, I was able to avenge my companions. Strodno was pretty far away by this time, but I found him at the bottom of a hill. He deflected the blows I was sending in at him, so I put my great axe away, grabbed his knife, wrenched it away, and threw it at his arm, where it stuck. He punched my foot, and I took out the axe and stopped the fight.

I grabbed up some human armor they had stolen, and one of the lashers' helmets bearing the maple tree insignia of the Nation of Rabbits. Then I realized that it was the late afternoon and I was alone in the wilderness with a long way to travel. Fortunately, there was a village on the way, and I crashed in a cheesemaker's house for the night after pulling a couple of bolts out of my body. He respected me for my deeds, and I convinced him to come along with me to the castle to avoid night trouble. We were attacked by bandits on the way back, but it was a small group and they weren't very talented, so I was able to fend them off myself.

The lady of the castle decided it was time for a real task, and I was quested to slay a minotaur. This time I brought a halberdier, a pikeman, a bowman and a spearman. And the cheesemaker. The labyrinth was a long journey, and we were attacked on the way by a self-styled goblin captain leading the Trampled Plagues, a group of about ten goblins. I knew the leader of such a large group would be difficult, but I didn't want to risk losing my overly brave companions in the wilderness, so I stood and fought with them. It was the heroic thing to do, anyway. The captain was tough, and he parried all of my strikes, even cracking out one of my teeth with a thrust of his iron longsword. My halberdier arrived and stabbed him in the side, at which point I saw a great opportunity to kick him in the hand. A fairly revolting compound wrist fracture ensued, and he was easy to defeat after that. The battle had raged all around, and I found that our only casualty aside from my tooth was the poor cheesemaker.

We had been avoiding sleep -- even in a group, if you are caught sleeping things can go very badly. On the other hand, if you avoid sleep everybody becomes ineffective, and we were all very tired. In a stroke of good luck, there was a village hidden in the unexplored area between the Nation of Rabbits and the minotaur's labyrinth. We rested there until dawn, anticipating the final assault.

We descended into the labyrinth in the afternoon and quickly became separated. As fate would have it, the minotaur found me first. I didn't want to be completely heroic all by myself, so I fled back down the passage. I bumped into my archer, and he sent an arrow at the charging beast, to no effect. As I flailed helplessly, the minotaur gored me, knocked me over and then, remembering its human parts, got me in a hip lock. I kept missing, so I took the only opportunity that arose, and bit the monster on the chest. After that it wrenched my leg nearly off, ripping all sorts of connective tissue and an artery. It then knocked my bowman over and wrenched out my other hip. Just at this time my halberdier arrived, covering for my inadequacy yet again by hacking off the minotaur's nose. That was the last thing I saw before I passed out.

I was really surprised to wake up, but there I was. I checked myself over and found I hadn't suffered a single additional injury, and I couldn't see the minotaur. Ah, there it is! Dead. I looked at the halberdier. His left ear was busted up, but otherwise he was fine. Both he and the pikeman had minotaur blood on their weapons. Then I remembered I could look reaaaally closely at the weapons and divined that the halberd had indeed killed the minotaur in the year 257.

There wasn't enough time to get back to the hidden village, so we slept overnight in the labyrinth. Creepy, and smelly no doubt, but we were still alive when the sun rose. On the way back to the village... "Halt in the name of the Tick of Constructs!" A goblin patrol! The three blade weeds were there in orthoclase on their mail. Unlike the bandits, they were heavily armored. My bowman managed to shoot a few of them through their leather hoods, but a violent melee was soon engaged and both the pikeman and the spearman fell. I'm not sure if there were more in the woods, since several of the goblins were killed, but when I got a chance to flee I did, along with my surviving companions.

We arrived back at the hidden village and reported the news that the minotaur was dead. The word spread around, and even the Tick of Constructs respected us for our heroic acts. We all retired together in that village as famous heroes of the Nation of Rabbits, although the halberdier deserves the bulk of the credit. I was the guy missing the hand, tooth and toe who had a penchant for dragging unfortunate peasants into his misadventures.

There are still things to work out (some arising from that game above have since been fixed, others are lower priority). I'd still like to do some aiming fixes, a basic companion display (since that can get really confusing), some dwarf mode testing/fixes, and more, but it is coming together nicely.
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Liveman Ieb
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Something bad happened in Paxia? I did it.
Remember when I said it was a matter of RNG how hilariously disastrous forts in DF can go?
Well, here's a tale of JUST THAT. In two parts because it's apparently too long for one post.


[quote author=Internet Kraken link=topic=15096.msg1475400#msg1475400 date=1281514884]
I don't think it will be that bad.

So I decided to start a fresh new fort and genned a new world to go along with it. The only tropical ocean was an evil one, but I decided to embark on it anyways. I don't think it will be that bad.

My fort is progressing as it usually does. This time I'm building everything out of orthoclase, and the yellow looks much nicer than the usual brown. I have seen a few zombie lesser kraken wandering outside, but so far all they did was freak out the woodcutter. A zombie demikraken was dispatched in a single blow by a war octopre so I'm not particularly threatened by their presence. What is bothering me are the vultures. They keep flying into my food stockpile and stealing stuff. I need to get a wall built around it quickly. In the meantime I'll just have my macedwarf stand guard and hope she can swat the buggers out of the sky.

One thing I do like about evil biomes are the purple trees. I never knew evil biomes had these. They look nice alongside the orthoclase.

EDIT: Oh wow. The vultures stole almost all of the food. My Dwarves are living off of scraps. I really need to get some fish cleaned.

EDIT 2: Scratch that. They stole all of the food. That means nothing to eat. In addition to that, there's nothing to make booze with either. I'm about to lose this fortress because of the damn birds.


Well, things were going well up until now. I managed to get a stable food and booze supply up despite the vulture attack. But then some Ogres started wandering near the camp. The military engaged them but unfortunately the novice fighter got there first and the Ogre kicked his ass. Though my macedwarf came to the rescue and began to beat the crap out of said Ogre. But then another Ogre charged straight at her, knocked her to the ground, and is now beating her face into the dirt. So now both of my military dwarfs are being killed by Ogres with no one to rescue them. I'm beginning to see why terrifying biomes can be a challenge. Still, I'm not going to give up yet. If they enter my fort the caravan guards will take them out for me. I'll dig a trench surrounding the entrance once the caravans leaves to prevent this from happening again.

EDIT: And now Harpies are attacking. I'm shameless, so I'm just going to savescum.


Things went somewhat better this time. The Ogres decided to ignore the hauler outside and instead launch a direct assault on the fortress. Everyone ran screaming in terror aside from my militia captain. However she once again got the crap beaten out of her. The Ogre was mauling her a few feet away from the Fortress. I knew he would attack everyone else once she died. Meanwhile the caravan guards were apparently too busy admiring my incredible sandstone mechanisms to get off their asses and help us. So I conscripted almost everyone into a makeshift army and ordered them to attack the Ogre. The Dwarves charged out and beat against the behemoth, who initially found them to be a minor annoyance. However the force of 9 Dwarves kicking and scratching his kneecaps began to take its toll. He fell to the ground after about a full minute of the dwarves beating him to a pulp.

Unfortunately, I was not quick enough to save the militia commander. A lot of my Dwarves are pretty upset about her death. Surprisingly, her second in command is not. In fact, he's one the happiest Dwarves in the fort right now. Seconds after her death he grabbed her mace and became the new milita commander. I'm not sure what to think about his enthusiasm.

EDIT: Or not. I'm an idiot so I accidentally restarted my computer and subsequently shut down DF before I could save. So none of that happened.


Okay. I feel stupid right now. My Militia Commander just died again (she survived the inital Ogre attack). I received a message telling me she drowned. This confused me, since there's no reason for anyone to be in the ocean. Then I realized that my barracks doesn't have any walls built around it. I checked the combat log, and my fears were confirmed. During a sparring session, she dodged a blow and fell straight into the ocean in the process. I'm not sure if she or the new militia commander (who is ecstatic despite her death) is responsible for this.

EDIT: The new Militia Commander just died the same exact way. Clearly I need to remove the barracks to get these morons to stop killing each other.


Argh, the Ogres attacked the Fortress again. This time, however, I had a surprise ready for them; Giant Eagles. The Elves in this world aren't completley useless since they can supply me with these magnificent beasts. Upon entering the fort, the first Ogre was attacked by the Eagles and ran away in fear. Unfortunately, the second Ogre was able to enter without drawing their attention. So I unleashed the military against them, and they were a spectacular failure. The Ogre punched all of the blood out of one of the poor bastards before I decided to resort to recruiting everyone in the fort to pile themselves on top of the Ogre, which worked.

One of the flaws with my forts is that it takes forever to get the metal industry up and running. But once I do, I shall have my revenge.

Also, http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/5411/townbrush.png is a screenshot of the main floor of townbrush, just to give an idea about how far it's progressed.


So a forgotten beast decided to show up. No big deal, oh wait he can fly. And he breathes fire. And since my military sucks, this is a recipe for disaster. However, I ended up getting incredibly lucky. Rather than attack my dwarves, the beast instead decided to run into the graveyard and destroy the coffins. While he was busy doing that I sealed off the graveyard, locking the beast inside. Now he is trapped with no way out, saving the Fortress from certain disaster. Now I just need to find a new place to bury my corpses.


Oh god. The goblins just launched an ambush. It's only the third year. I don't recall ever getting ambushes this early. I am not ready for this. I haven't gotten the metal industry up and running to make traps yet (haven't found any fuel yet, so we're currently relying on charcoal). Which means that my miltiary is also still using their fists. not that it matters anyways, since only 2 soldiers survived the Ogre attack, and they are both heavily injured. I have no choice but to seal the Fortress and pray the goblins get bored and leave, but I think my fortress might be doomed.

EDIT: Just noticed that 2 Dwarves are still trapped outside. I wonder how long they will last.


More goblins showed up. My mechanic never got around to building cage traps, so the goblins moved in with no resistance. My military commander then died of infection. This means that only one Dwarf remains in the military. In my Fortress, the only way to get promoted is to have your leader die a horrible death.

The entire Fortress is in lockdown. I couldn't save the merchants either. The Dwarf I had operating the lever for the drawbridge decided to fall asleep immediately after I put him in the lever room. So I couldn't raise the bridge in time to let the merchants in. Now there are bunch of pissed off goblins running around trying to find a way into my Fort. On top of that, the human caravan guards that got locked in last month are probably going to go insane and kill everyone. Another wonderful day in Townbrush. All it needs now are some Ogres eating Dwarves and the whole thing will be complete.


Dude, I can imagine hordes of war gorrilas with armor running into an elf
caravan and ripping them into tiny pieces and *BLEEP*.


I caught a breeding herd of elephants, once.

The whole topside was awash in blood. <3 oh the memories

Also I have a saltwater croc now <3 <3 and am working on collecting the regular and
giant big cats GOD DAMMIT someone tell me the DM bug has been fixed :[

I wish I had some good war animals on my embark site. Everything here is a blasted zombie. The only normal animals I've seen have been Gazelles and Ogres. Speaking of which, the Ogres never seem to show up when the Goblins are here. I think they have some kind of pact formed over their mutual hatred for my Fort.

Anyways, Townbrush is still in lockdown. I realized that marksdwarves could help solve this predicament. Unfortunately, nobody in my fort knows how to use a bow. The best I could find was a novice. He's been firing bone bolts down at the goblins for a few days, and so far all he has succeeded in doing is breaking one of the Goblin's ears. I would give him some better bolts, but I don't have enough bars to produce metal bolts. And I don't have any fuel left to make more.


Okay, the Ogres have to be allied with the goblins. It's the only explanation for their bizarre behavior. When they showed up on the map, I was glad for once. They would inevitably end up in a fight with the Goblins. Instead, they went in the opposite direction of the goblins. They went toward my megaproject and entered the mausoleum located beneath it. I feared that they were going to smash everything inside, but instead they're just hanging out inside. They've made it their own little Ogre hamlet. So now once I deal with the Goblins I'll have Ogres to fight. Though by this point that's par for the course.

Also after examining some of the feature of Dwarf Therapist I learned that only 3 of the original founders are still alive. In fact, almost all of the Dwarves from the forts early years have died. Now only the idiots that thought it was a good idea to visit our little slice of hell remain.

EDIT: The goblins finally left. However, not before one final insult to my Fortress. One of the swordsman didn't go with them. He stayed, and made his way into the Fortress since I didn't notice his presence. He took only one victim; my very last soldier. Since she was basically a cripple, she didn't put up a fight and was cut down almost instantly. Then, like a coward, the Goblin fled into the depths of my Fortress and proceeded to exit the map through the caverns. The only upside to this is that it revealed a flaw in my cavern defenses.


Townbrush has finally managed to get some power. The new military is armed with steel battle axes, which allowed them to cut down the Ogres that had taken residence inside the mausoleum with minimal injuries. Now I can resume construction on the tower, hopefully without any more major complications.

On a sadder note, it seems my own personal Dwarf has lost the ability to stand. I refuse to kill him though. Even if he wasn't me, there are only 3 original founders still alive. I don't want them to die.


A forgotten beast appeared in the 3rd cavern layer today. I'm using that layer for fishing and harvesting, so I refused to wall it off. I figured it was time to put my military to use. However, they took forever traveling down to the 3rd layer. During this time the beast managed to crush one of my wood cutters, and he also suffocated the first soldier to arrive. However the rest of the military actually proved to be effective. The slayer of the beast then bestowed a name upon his axe, translating to "The Painful Call". It seems appropriate.


Things were starting to get calm around Townbrush. The Goblins hadn't launched an ambush in over a year. The Ogres appeared to be wiped out. Even the undead hadn't showed up in a long time, excluding the creatures roaming in the caverns. The wildlife on the surface mostly consisted of Gazelles, which are harmless. So things were pretty easy, which caused me to lower my guard.

Then the damn Darnen launched an ambush. They were a custom race I made a long time ago. I thought I had made them incorrectly, so their ambush function didn't work. Apparently it did. They can fly, so all of my defenses were rendered meaningless. The ambush was announced by a Spearman stabbing one of my Dwarves hanging out in the meeting hall, meaning they completley bypassed all of my traps. Then their archers just went crazy, launching arrows everywhere. A lot of Dwarves have been injured, but so far only 1 has died. That's a new record for Townbrush ambushes. Luckily the caravan was entering my fort at the time so they helped clean up the mess. Darners don't wear good armor so they were dispatched easily once they flew in range of the military. Still, the fort is going to be in chaos with all these incapacitated Dwarves for the next few weeks. I already have to many cripples in the hospital. I really don't need more of them, and might have to "euthanize" some of the Dwarves to free up space.

I also discovered something truly absurd. I had decided to try disposing of my prisoners by dumping them into the ocean. I was going to stop doing this since they somehow managed to terrify everyone whilst drowning, but then I realized that doing this is actually dangerous. Apparently, archers can somehow fire their crossbows whilst drowning at the bottom of the ocean. One of the goblins manged to take shots at the kitchen workers whilst briny water filled her lungs. You'd think that would be difficult to manage.


I've been getting a lot of Forgotten Beasts lately. There are at least 3 of them alive on the map still, and 3 have visited the fortress in the last year. A giant quadruped made of ice entered from the top cavern layer and was killed almost instantly. Then less than a week later some weird poison crab crawled up from the bottom layer. It killed a fisher and hauler before the military could get down there. The time it takes to travel from the top to the bottom is far to long so I'm going to carve out a new shaft to allow quicker transit so my military can properly respond to threats found at the bottom of the fortress.

At least my military is getting experience by killing all the beasts and zombies.


I got another moody dwarf. By this point I don't even pay attention to them. I have a mountain of materials so Dwarves almost always find what they need. But this dwarf hasn't. I can't figure out what the idiot wants either since everything she demands appears to be in my fortress. So she'll probably go insane. I don't care either. She's just a farmer, and not an important one at that. Also vultures attacked again. They don't appear to be as bloodthirsty as before though, since none of them attempted to attack my crippled Dwarves in the hospital. However one did steal some plump helmet roasts which apparently made the cook that made them incredibly depressed.

Townbrush Fun Fact: All of the migrants from wave 15 are dead except for one baby.

EDIT: Okay, now that aforementioned cook is throwing a tantrum. So far all she has done is topple a fishery, which doesn't bother me to much since nobody has caught a fish in Townbrush in years. But I honestly don't get why she is going crazy over this. Ogres mercilessly tearing my friends to pieces? Well that sucks but life must go on. Vultures stealing my plump helmet roasts? OH GOD WHY THERE'S NO POINT TO LIFE ANYMORE!!!!

EDIT 2: Apparently the captain's definition of "beating" is "smash with a crossbow until their lungs are crushed and they can no longer breathe". The cook paid for her destruction of the fishery and farmer's workshop with her life. The captain also delivered this "beating" inside the hospital for some reason. That must have been fun for all the cripples to watch.


Townbrush has descended into chaos once again. A series of unfortunate events involving Forgotten Beasts and zombie fish has led to a dozen deaths in rapid succession.

I decided it was time to preform a cleansing of the caverns. I removed the barrier on the second cavern with the intent of having my military kill all 3 of the Forgotten Beats lurking within it. They immediately disposed of the first one, but the other 3 were hiding in the shadows. However another Forgotten beast appeared in the 3rd cavern layer, proudly announcing its presence by crushing a hauler. I sent my military down to deal with him, but the other 2 FB decided to come out in the open. They attacked some haulers and diggers, killing them all. My military spent the next few months scrambling up and down the stairs, killing undead and FB. During this time an ambush occurred on the surface. However my trap defense worked wonderfully, killing most of the goblins. This didn't save the Outpost Liason though, who spawned in the middle of a goblin squad and was decapitated.

The undead have also become a lot more active again. A zombie manta ray crawled into the bedroom and crushed a mason to death. I've been having my Guard Captain shoot any undead that approach the fortress as a precaution now. I also flushed a brave flesh ball explorer into the ocean to serve as a distraction. Currently it is being attacked by a zombie whale shark, which is unable to kill it. Also both of my idiot doctors decided to go on break, leading to many cripples dying of thirst, including myself. Obviously I wasn't too thrilled about that. This also reduces the number of original founders down to 2. I really need some new migrants to balance out all these deaths. Considering how they were willing to visit Townbrush during the Ogre invasion, I don't know why they are staying away now.

The only positive thing that happened recently was that a forge master went fey and produced a highly valuable adamantine crown.

EDIT: Just had my first magma related death in DF (yay?). I was channeling tiles over the magma sea to create an incineration pit, when my digger made a mistake and fell in due to a cavern collapse. The result of this is pretty obvious. He was also one of the starting seven. So now there is only one.


My FPS was starting to lag noticeably. It wasn't terrible, but I wanted to improve it. The cause was pretty easy to identify. We've lost several cooks, including the legendary butcher that was beaten to death due to her tantrum over the stolen plump helmet roasts. This has caused the Octopre population to go unchecked, resulting in many young octopuds scurrying around the fortress, draining FPS. Since we have plenty of food, I've decided to use more drastic measures to reduce the population. I have ordered many octopuds to be dumped into the magma sea. There has already been a noticeable increase in FPS as a result. I've also decided to mine out a small chunk of adamantine. I doubt this will have any consequences, since I haven't dug out much yet.

Summer just started, so autumn won't for a long time. However, I'm already worried about the potential for a Goblin/Darnen ambush. The outpost liason was decapitated last year due to ambush, and I want to prevent this from happening. No ideas spring to mind though.

EDIT: Some of my soldiers have the thought "Was attacked by the dead recently". I like that Dwarf Fortress has little details like this.



Dear god. Truly this is the most evil creature to ever walk the earth. They will deceive Dwarves with their resemblance to food, only to devour them instead!

I find it weird thought that none of the zombie plump helmet men have any injuries. I haven't seen any other zombie creatures like that.


For once my military has actually proven to be incredibly useful. Years of training has turned my dwarves into a true force to be reckoned with. They have slain over 10 forgotten beasts now, and any other threat to the fortress is easily dispatched by them. They managed to repel 2 ambushes without any injuries as well. One of the Dwarves is such a badass that he usually kills all of the undead by himself since he moves so fast.

At the end of autumn I'm just going to station these guys near the area the liason usually comes from in an effort to protect him. I'm confident they can fight of any goblin ambushes with minimal injuries, especially when they all 10 of them are fighting together.

Townbrush has come a long way, so I figured I'd upload an image of the main floor of the fort for anyone that is curious.



Well I just learned an important lesson: never attack your own civilizations merchants. Because if you do, every Dwarf in your Fortress will start killing each other and lead to a mass death. I can't figure out what the hell is going on. All I know is that my Dwarves are killing each other. I can't tell who is allied with who, if there even are allies. I'm not sure who I should be trying to save. Everyone is dying. The population has plummeted from 55 to 27, and it will surely continue to drop. My axelord, once the glorious champion of the Fortress, has been slaying innocent civilians, children, and even his fellow soldiers. Most of the Dwarves are either ecstatic or miserable. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!

I'm going to continue watching the train wreck and see what happens. Maybe the carnage will
stop eventually. I'm debating whether to save scum, try and piece the fortress back together, or just give up on Townbrush completely.


Welcome to Townbrush.
Don't mind the trail of corpses.

The Townbrush death cycle seems to have finally stabilized at a population of.......7 dwarves. It's probably not going to even stay that high for much longer either. My legendary Hammer Dwarf is the only soldier remaining. However, he might be a source of the chaos and continue to fight my Dwarves. the rest of the Dwarves seem to be at peace with each other, save one crippled mason who appears to be having gone insane due to the collapse. I'm going to try and piece the fort back together. I've assigned the survivors to the farming and hauling positions. Hopefully we can stabilize food production until migrants arrive. A Forgotten Beast appeared though. Hopefully it will stay away, and if not my legendary hammerdwarf will have to duel it to the death.

My fortress is now composed of psychos, murderers, and traitors. Most of which are missing some appendages. And to think last month my glorious military was slaughtering legions of undead while the Dwarves celebrated their wonderful lives, or at least as wonderful as life can be in an evil ocean.


Battle Royale

what happened there is that you made your civ hostile to itself. which basically
means it's a free for all.

I see. I'll have to keep that in mind in the future. My game crashed though, so I reverted to a save prior to the mass death. My mayor celebrated his return to the living by mandating the construction of more aluminum goods >:(


Oh tragedy! Our beloved mayor has died! For some reason, he was standing on a microcline bridge when it was ordered to be to deconstructed. He plummeted into the magma bellow, dying nearly instantly. The Fortress shall mourn his loss. We shall always remember his endless mandates for aluminum, despite never having produced an aluminum item.

In other news, Townbrush finally received migrants. A rather large group to, boosting the Fortress population up to 84. I drafted a chunk of the new migrants as fortress guards. Most of them are unskilled, but since they are just on zombie clean up duty, they don't need to be. The real military will still handle threats from the caverns, ambushes, and Forgotten Beasts. I also appointed a new Captain of the Guard, who immediately proved his worth by getting himself killed by a zombie tuna. I'll have to replace him with another neophyte who will probably suffer the same fate. I miss my old Guard Captain. After receiving his crippling hand injury he died of infection. Maybe that's better than watching some idiot attempt to carry out your former job and utterly fail at it.


Well, I'm pretty mad right now. Another Forgotten Beast appeared in the caverns. Nothing surprising or dangerous about that. I send my military to go kill it. It manages to strike down a fisher dwarf before they arrived, but that's not to surprising. However when they began fighting I noticed a problem. This creature would let out huge bursts of frozen extract, and when it did this everything (inculding itself) would be knocked around the cavern. I don't mean a few feet either. They could be flung several yards by this blast. Since I spend spare time modding creatures, I quickly realized the Forgotten Beast had an [UNDIRECTED_DUST] attack. I'm shocked Toady actually put this in the game since it's so buggy. The physics involving dust is screwy, so for some reason it blows back everything it touches.

The fight quickly went south. The military commander charged at the beast. He was knocked back. He charged at it again, only to be knocked back once more. Only this time he was blown over a cliff and fell several z level, dying instantly upon impact. The beast had killed my favorite warrior without even touching him. My hammerlord was in the same blast, but he was crippled rather than killed. So this beast took out my two best warriors in addition to the last soldier of the second militia squad. All because it used a buggy physics attack the harmed itself. The rest of the military managed to slay it because it had also been seriously wounded by its own stupid dust.

EDIT: Ugh. Both my new milita commander and the hammer lord died from their injuries. These Dwarves have been training for years, and all of 3 of them were wielders of artifact weapons. That's a serious blow to my military's strength.


I don't know who I'm going to replace the captain with. Probably who ever managed to slay the beast. Aside from this, Townbrush is actually doing okay. The outpost liason (who somehow survived a goblin ambush and a repeating spike trap by himself) promoted us to a barony. He was bleeding heavily and missing a finger though, so I imagine it was an awkward meeting. Normally I make myself the baron, but I died so I made my former wife the baroness instead. She is the only one of the original seven that is still alive as well, so it is fitting. So far she has been easily pleased and all her mandates have been tolerable. Hopefully she won't have an unfortunate accident like the former mayor did.

Also continuing in the trend of pathetic replacements, the Captain of the Guard was torn apart by a horde of zombie lesser kraken. I'll have to wait for migrants to replace him, as nobody has any relevant skills whatsoever.


I lost another militia commander. Another Forgotten Beast showed up (I think this is the 16th one, but I've lost count). I sent the remnants of the military to fight it. The militia commander attacked it by himself, resulting in horrible injuries. The beast broke most of his organs, tore off several limbs, and tossed him around before he finally bled to death. Fortunately the rest of the military killed it with only minor injuries to one dwarf sustained. This is the fifth time I've had to replace the militia commander.

Also the entire fortress is in a panic because of a zombie whale. The whale isn't actually attacking them, its just hanging out bellow the fortress attacking the flesh ball ocean explorer. Because everyone in the fortress is a moron, they see this as a reason to run around screaming rather than get work done.


A vile force of darkness just arrived. This is the first siege I've ever encountered, but I'm not intimidated. It's a squad of about 20 goblin swordsmen lead by a maceman riding a giant rat. I've faced larger numbers of goblins at once due to several simultaneous ambushes, and this time they lack crossbows. I'll just set the spike trap to repeat and if they get to close, I'll just retract the bridge.

I'm surprised this siege isn't being led by a Dwarf. All of the goblin ambushes have been led by Dwarves.

EDIT: The siege already left. The Goblins charged the entrance, the maceman's rat was stabbed a few times, thought "*BLEEP* this *BLEEP*", and turned around.

EDIT 2: Ugh, the Darnen apparently decided to launch an ambush at the same time. Luckily a cage trap alerted me to their presence rather than a dwarf being stabbed in the chest.

EDIT 3: Oh dear lord. My military proved just how absolutely useless they were. They engaged the Darnen in combat, only to get their heads lopped off nearly instantly. The Darnen then ran around the fortress decapitating everyone. So many dwarves died. There hasn't been a slaughter this bad since the Ogre attack many years before. The corpses are strewn throughout the fortress. Many lie dead on the surface, while others are rotting down in the tunnels. Fortunately, The Darnen became bored with the slaughter and flew away. The Fortress is now in chaos. Most of the Dwarves are absolutely miserable, and many are tantruming. The military presence in Townbrush has been reduced to one pathetic solider, who presumably survived because he was to pathetic to actually be attacked. So the majority of Townbrush's citizens are either weak, miserable, or crippled. I honestly don't know how much longer they can possibly survive. But I will continue on, simply to see how this all ends.

Townbrush Fun! fact: The Baroness was killed, meaning that the 7 insane dwarves that decided to build Townbrush have died. The dead also outnumber the living.


I honestly don't know how much longer they can possibly survive. But I will
continue on, simply to see how this all ends.

Never give up, never surrender. Good luck!

I really want to, but it's hard to continue when my fort looks like this;


I don't know what that black crap on the depo is. I doubt I'd want to either. And all I have to clean up this mess is a bunch of tantruming dwarves.



I am still determined to make Townbrush work, even if most of the population is either insane or miserable. I'm still proceeding with my plan of constructing a swimming chamber for the military. I need this one soldier to be as powerful as possible, which means he can't drown to death whilst fighting the undead. However no matter what I do the fort just seems to slip further into chaos. I had to replace the mayor because the old one went insane.

To make matters worse, the zombie whales are back, interrupting what little work I'm actually able to accomplish. If they decide to attack I'm screwed.

EDIT: The Zombie Whales just moved into the fortress and are slamming Dwarves against the dining tables.

EDIT 2: Haha oh wow. The miltia commander wastes 10 minutes "picking up equipment", charges at the whale, and then gets slapped in the face, causing him to fall into the ocean where he then drowned.


It's becoming increasingly hard to manage Townbrush as more Dwarves begin to tantrum or go insane. I really need an immigration wave, since we're running out of Dwarves in almost every profession. Doctors, Farmers, Forge Masters, even Masons are in short supply. I don't understand why nobody is coming to Townbrush. Does the death rate of your fortress actually affect immigration?

Townbrush fun fact; There are exactly 10 tame animals still living in the fortress.


Townbrush is still in danger of falling apart, but the mood problem has been resolved. None of the Dwarves are unahappy now, the artifact dinning tables and beds apparently pushing out the painful memories of Darnen decapitating their friends. However there is still a shortage of workers in every profession. I had to draft my last mason has a soldier since he's the only one with any developed fighting skills. Hopefully the swimming chamber will be completed before he inevitably falls into the ocean.

More zombie whales have come, and they are swimming straight towards the fortress. Apparently the failure of their friends hasn't deterred them. And because we lack masons, the wall around the dormitory was never completed. Not sure how I'm going to resolve this problem. I'm also worried about the goblins launching a siege or ambush (or worst, the Darnen), since the Elven caravan will arrive soon. I just need to keep this fortress going until the next wave of migrants show up. Then I can get some real work done.


Argh. These damn Zombie whales are interrupting work again. I orderer my new Captain of the Guard to kill them, but he's to busy throwing people into jail to pick up his crossbow.


A wave of Migrants finally came to Townbrush. It was a small one, but I'll take anything I can get at this point. I'm trying to fill back in the holes of various professions. The metal industry is still a mess,and we lack haulers and masons. Though the other professions are beginning to stabilize.

Meanwhile, the Captain of the Guard continued to throw Dwavres into jail for crimes they committed during the great tantrum. And when he couldn't do that, he beat them to death. During this time the Zombie Whales began to swim towards Townbrush. I was bombarded with job cancellations of Dwarves terrified by the shadows in the water. And because the chat log was suffocating under this job cancellation spam, I didn't notice the message "Urist McMason has been struck down". So imagine my horror when I open up the units screen, only to find 3 legendary zombie whales listed there.

The Zombie Whales had, at some point, entered the fortress and began crushing the terrified civilians. So I called upon the military to fight the undead menace. I expected them to be about as successful as soldiers in a Godzilla movie, but they did surprisingly well, slaying all of the whales without sustaining injury. Perhaps there is some hope in this new batch of recruits. But now there are even more corpses lying on the streets of Townbrush. I'll have to double coffin production.

The Whales are now one of the greatest enemies of Townbrush, alongside the Darnen and Ogres.

Townbrush Fun! fact: If I dig another mausoleum floor to store more coffins, my diggers will punch a hole straight into into the mines. The dead are actually taking up too much room.

EDIT: After looking at some Engraving made by my clearly traumatized Engraver, the Darnen attack apparently has a name. The great attack that has lead to the destruction of Townbrush is known as "The Sugar of Executing".

.......really strikes fear into your heart.


Well, I think I just *BLEEP*ed up Townbrush beyond repair.

While I was playing, my FPS suddenly began to slow down. I thought the game had froze, but I noticed it was very slowly progressing. What I saw confused me. The blue ocean tiles were being replaced by light blue dotted tile. I wondered what was hapening. Was the ocean freezing? That would be impossible, since it has never frozen before. Was it a glitch? Maybe.....and then it hit me. I feared I had made a horrible mistake. I viewed the swimming chamber, and found that my fears were correct. The ocean was pouring into my fortress. I thought I had removed the designation for the ocean to be pierced, but I was wrong. The lever to control the floodgate is submerged under 7/7 water. There's no way to reach it. A torrent of water is rushing through the deep roads of Townbrush. And I think it may destroy everything below the ocean. The deep roads currently flooding with water reach from the underground farms down to the abyss. Nothing is safe. The water will eventually engulf everything, ending at the great magma sea.

So I'm pretty much panicking right now. My first thought was to come up with a way to evacuate the farms. Turns out I'm too late. The water is flooding in at an alarming rate. The farms are already completley submerged, along with many of the tunnels. It hasn't flooded to first cavern layer yet, but it's already made it's way down to the dark lake in the second cavern, meaning that stopping the flood is impossible. The log doesn't report any dwarves drowning, so the workers may still be alive. They probably had the common sense to run from the wave of destruction. But they can only run so far. But if my diggers are still alive, they might be able to save the dwarves. I'm going to try digging a tunnel to the surface from the abyss. If the diggers work quickly, they might be able to reach the surface before the water floods the escape route. Then I'll just have to hope the Dwarves fleeing from the water go up rather than down into the adamantine mines or magma sea.

But even if I can save the workers, I don't think Townbrush will be able to continue with the caverns flooded.

EDIT: Here's a comparison picture to show just how much I messed up.



Well Townbrush isn't completely hopeless. In a stroke of luck, it turns out the road to the Abyss is dug in a way that prevents the water from flooding into the abyss itself, or at least not a the moment. This means I might be able to save one of the cavern layers if I'm careful. Though any hope of saving the workers from the flood is gone. Most of them couldn't run fast enough and were caught in the surge of water. There are only two known survivors.

The first is the digger KaveKa, who is one of the only named Dwarves left. I'm glad to see he is still alive since he's been a legendary digger for a long time. He barely survived the flood. He was digging out a new passage on the first cavern layer to allow quicker access for the military when the water began pouring in. I ordered him to construct a barricade to prevent the water from reaching him. It was completed just in time, has the water has just reached his location. Hopefully he can dig himself out of the cavern. The second is the legendary Engraver Rigoth. She used to be a soldier, in fact she was the one who struck down Epslo. She had to retire because of injuries she sustained. I've ordered her to construct a blockade around the flooded tunnels to be safe, but she has yet to do so. She continue to engrave the walls, despite having stone detailing turned off. The entire fate of the fort may rest on her right now, so I hope she comes to her senses.

If the Abyss isn't flooded, I can establish a farm down there. Then I can continue to harvest underground crops and trees. So things aren't as hopeless as I thought. Still, between the mass death and decreasing FPS, I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out.

EDIT: Nevermind. There's no hope. Rigoth wasn't quick enough, and now the Abyss is flooding.


I'm hesitant to say there is some hope again, but there might be. There's one small, secluded area in the abyss. It's high up, so it will take a long time for it to be flooded. If Rigoth can work quick enough, she can seal it off and preserve it. The cavern is taking a long time to flood, so she's probably going to starve to death before the waters reach her. She'll be a hero to the fortress if she can seal that area off.

So here's the situation; all mining has ground to halt due to flooding. All metalsmithing has ground to a halt due to a lack of fuel and raw materials. All tree cutting has ground to a halt due to flooding. All underground farming has ground to a halt due to flooding. All work in general has ground to a halt due to significant portions of the population being killed of by flooding. I don't think things can get much worse.




Okay, so last night DF crashed. This is the second time DF has crashed after a major disaster, only this time the previous save wasn't before the flood started. However, the flood had only just begun, so I saw an opportunity. Rather than just watch the trainwreck, I could instead use my future knowledge to save the Dwarves!

It didn't work. In fact, my population is lower than it was last night, suggesting that there was a 3rd survivor I didn't notice. However, I was able to completley wall off the tunnel to the Abyss before the flood reached it. This means I have managed to save one of the cavern layers. Of course, it had to be the most dangerous one. The sole survivor of the flood is the same Engraver as last time, Rigoth. She's currently building farms and waiting for the diggers to reach her with the new tunnel. Hopefully the local Forgotten Beast won't decide to come kill her. At least I saved the cute little bug bats from drowning.

EDIT: Never mind, the bug bats are doomed. Because there was another tunnel I didn't notice, and now the Abyss is flooding.


Well the diggers finally managed to pierce the chamber Rigoth was barricading. It's a good thing to, since she was about to die. She had resorted to hunting vermin for food and attempting to drink out of the flood waters. Now I just need to clear out the trees and I'll have managed to preserve an area of the caverns for farming. Townbrush may survive.

With the tunnel finished, I've also begun operation "Save the caverns", which coincides with operation "Save my FPS". I'm going to dig out a large chamber beneath the area where the water is flooding in. Then, I'll attempt to pierce the area above, temporairly diverting the water into the chamber bellow. This will hopefully stop the water from rushing into caverns, if only for a short time. The goal is to lower the water level to the point where the lever controlling the floodgate is accessible. Then, I'll pull the lever, preventing the water from flooding in. If I'm correct (probably not), most of the flooding water in the caverns will disappear when it touches the edges of the map. Slowly over time, the water levels will drop, allowing some areas to be habitable again. This plan can't fail.

Also the zombie whales showed up again. I guess it just wouldn't be Townbrush is the undead ocean dweller weren't harassing me constantly. But the water levels aren't high enough for them to enter the Fortress, so for once I have the advantage.


Well it looks like I saved the fortress.....sort of. The plan didn't work properly. When the digger pierced the roof, water flowed in at an alarming rate. But it was temporairly diverted. However, for reasons unknown to me, my idiot dwarves didn't pull the lever. Even though there were 4 levers in close proximity to it. So the plan failed due to my Dwarves being lazy.

So I cheated. I spawned magma and plugged up the hole with obsidian. I can't play the fort with such crippling FPS. I'd rather cheat than abandon, though I don't feel particularly good about doing so. Oh well. Now to see if my theory was correct and the water begins to drain out of the caverns.

EDIT: Of course. Now one of the Dwarves actually gets off his ass and pulls the lever. However, the moron didn't wait for the water levels to subside and dove into the water, which predictably pushed him down one of the flooded mine shafts. So he better gain Olympic swimming skills quickly, or I'm going to have another wet corpse to clean up.

EDIT 2: Wonderful. Apparently his son thought it would be a good idea to follow him.

EDIT 3: Now a mason dove into the water. Why have my Dwarves suddenly become even dumber than before? :(

EDIT 4: This most be a mass suicide they planned out before hand. A 4th Dwarf just flung himself into the flood.

EDIT 5: Well they all died. All except for one; the mayor. He was lucky. The flood waters washed him down a different road. Instead of being pushed into the dead end mines, he headed towards the underground farm. The water is draining out of this area quickly, so he was able to find a "safe" zone. He's clinging to a ramp that is only covered in 1/7 water, somehow managing to maintain his grip despite being hit by all of the water traveling downwards. I don't know how to rescue him though. The closest living creature to him is a zombie gorlak, which will probably attack him at the first opportunity.

EDIT 6: Apparently he isn't holding his grip. He keeps getting knocked back by the water, almost drowning, then managing to claw his way back up before getting knocked back again. Poor bastard is going to run out of energy eventually.

EDIT 7: A vile force of Darkness has arrived....I'm sure my population of 26 can fend off the goblin horde.


So the siege consists of about 30 goblins, all riding giant rats. They also brought along an 8-man Troll kill squad. Townbrush currently consists of 25 Dwarves, two of which are crippled from injuries, and the military is made up of 2 novice fighters

Not exactly a fair fight. The way I see it I have two options; let the goblins in and watch them tear Townbrush apart OR keep them out and watch Townbrush fall apart due to decay. I've opted for the latter, even though defeat is pretty much inevitable. There is a glimmer of hope; none of the goblins have ranged weapons. I can station the captain of the guard on the fortress walls and have him shoot down at the invaders if they wander to close.

Also the mayor just clawed his way out of the flooded mines. He's the only Dwarf to survive falling into the water for any amount of time. I'd say he deserves a statue just for that, but then I remembered that he fell in due to his own idiocy.

EDIT: The Captain of the Guard just drove back the entire siege by himself. He pelted the goblins with arrows from the wall, killing many of their giant rat mounts. Eventually, the Goblins got sick of being shot at and decided to leave. The Guard Captain is now hero of the fortress. I'm sure he will have glorious 2 month reign before fighting a zombie whale and falling into the ocean.


Why do people build things out of blocks instead of just raw stone?

Because blocks have a higher value when used in architecture. I don't bother with it though, as I think it is just a waste of time. If I was building everything with blocks everything would be much slower.

Anyways, Townbrush is still barely scrapping by. Most of the work is being dedicated to keeping the fortress from falling apart, and even that isn't working to well since most of the cage traps are still unloaded, dead Dwarves are strewn throughout the fortress, and the number of bodies piled up at the entrance is becoming absurd. So then the liaison comes, and sees this mess of a Fortress. He sees crippled Dwarves lying at the entrance begging for food, skeletons shoved into corners, and several whale carcasses clogging the main road (I guess the Dwarves just crawl through them to get by).

Apparently, my liaison thinks these are the qualities of a grand fortress. Townbrush has officially become a county. Even though we don't have a count. Maybe he just went to my baroness's tomb and promoted her posthumously. Then again I don't need a noble demanding stuff I can't possibly provide, so that's probably for the best.

I seem to be sitting on a fair amount of kaolinite, so I'm going to try to make a
blood red fort.

That's a great idea, since everything in your fort is going to be stained red with blood anyways.
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Something bad happened in Paxia? I did it.



It's the 10 year anniversary of Townbrush. It's at this point I looked over Townbrush to see how it's progressed, only to see that it hasn't. Townbrush is still in a state of decay. So I've decided to initiate a major clean up program across all aspects of the fort so it is optimized for when migrants finally arrive. I've ordered all excess animals to be butchered, ordered the construction of more coffins to empty the graveyard, and have assigned my carpenter to carry all the logs to the stockpile.

Of course this clean up program extends beyond the basics due to Townbrush's "special" situation. I had to face the fact that cripples are merely slowing down Townbrush progress. In this dire time it is necessary for all Dwarves to be working as hard as possible, and feeding useless cripples is taking away from that. Townbrush has two permanent invalids, one suffering from spine damage and the other missing both legs. Until they starve to death, food will not be distributed to the wounded. I'm also trying to drain water out of the vital areas of the caverns that are still flooded. Current goal is to divert the water in the adamantine mines out into the caverns, where it will eventually drain away (or create a new lake, and then drain away). Then I'm going to try establishing a stable pier in the magma sea, for a variety of reasons, one of them being the creation of a magma lake near the surface. That's a long term goal though.

And what better way to celebrate 10 years of misery than with a Forgotten Beast. Though I was confused when this Forgotten Beast showed up, since he is almost identical to another beast still residing in the fort. Same color, same tile, and their descriptions are quite similar;


It's almost like they are twins or something, only one is tall and thin while the other is huge and fat. Vesh has actually been in the fortress for about a year now. He spawned in some hole isolated from the rest of the caverns. He could fly up and access the rest of the caverns that way, but for some reason he hasn't done that. I guess he's just to fat and lazy to bother. Liruk on the other hand is very active, using the flooded caverns as his own personal swimming pool. So maybe they're just the cast of some unimaginative forgotten beast sitcom that tried to pair a tall, athletic beast with a lazy fat one.

EDIT: Lurik infiltrated the fort through an incredibly convoluted path involving the flooded tunnels and caverns. Due to his method of entrance the military couldn't catch him, and he made his way to the surface before being cornered. However, he killed a war octopre and, more importantly, our legendary engraver. I'm disappointed about her loss, but I guess it was better than losing a dwarf who preformed a vital job. Upon being cornered, Lurik was struck down by a single steel bolt.

EDIT 2: "Some Migrants have arrived, despite the danger."

Finally, some migrants. But what does it mean by "despite the danger"? I mean, I get the obvious danger associated with Townbrush, but I didn't know the game actually took that into account with migrants. I guess that explains why migrants are so rare. Though with all the deaths from Ogres, Darnen, Goblins, Forgotten Beasts, and zombie whales I'm surprised I didn't get this message before. I guess it took the great flood to make everyone in the Mountainhome realize Townbrush is a complete disaster.

And yet we're still a county.


Townbrush has actually been doing surprisingly well in the past few months. The Fortress has adapted to a much smaller group of Dwarves, so the industries have stabilized and we are actually making progress. I'm finally going to construct bedrooms for as many Dwarves as possible. For over 11 years they have all lived in the community dormitory and thrown their personal items across the fortress. Hopefully that will no longer necessary.

Part of what I can attribute to Townbrush's recent success is the lack of goblin aggression. Ever since the failed siege, the Goblins haven't approached Townbrush. Perhaps they no longer consider the Fortress to be worth their trouble, though I know that is just wishful thinking. So I've begun preparing for their arrival. I'm going to use them to solve the Fortress's undead prisoner problem. Over the years Townbrush has accumulated a huge number of caged undead, and have no method of efficiently disposing of them. I've begun unloading them on the caravans, but I've figured out a more productive use for them. I'll place their cages outside the fortress walls, then link them to a single lever. Upon being pulled, the undead shall be released and will swarm towards the goblin horde. I don't expect them to kill them, as the local undead aren't to powerful. However in large numbers they may be able to wound several goblins. Either way, it helps to reduce clutter in the animal stockpile while at the same time helping to kill goblins, so I see no downside to this.

Despite the infamy Townbrush has gathered among the Dwarves, only one has actually perished in recent times. And that was because he was a moody dwarf that refused all our materials, despite it seeming like we had what he required. The only other thing worth noting is the Forgotten Beast issue. Many Forgotten Beast's have taken up residence in the caverns, though few have attacked. Most of them are just endlessly wandering through the flooded halls of the Fortress. Since these areas are currently inaccessible they pose no threat. However, these areas are slowly starting to drain. And as flood levels subside, I'm sure the beasts will head towards the fort. I just have to be ready for that.

EDIT: My brave Flesh Ball explorer that I flushed into the ocean years ago was killed by a zombie sea serpent. By this point I thought it was invincible. I'm a bit saddened by that.


Crap. That Zombie Sea Serpent is being very aggressive. My Guard Captain tried shooting at it from above, but then it swam up, grabbed his feet, and dragged him into the ocean. Then it tore off several of his limbs before he drowned to death. I liked that Guard Captain too. He was actually doing well.

Still, I can't say I'm surprised. The Guard Captain is a position that almost always results in certain death. Makes me wonder why I keep equipping them in adamantine.


The "zombie apocalypse" trap is progressing well. Dozens of cages holding zombie lesser kraken, crundles, and trogs have been placed outside and linked to a single lever. The cherry on top is a caged Giant. Hopefully they will spill plenty of goblin blood, enough to convince the goblins that Townbrush isn't worth the effort.

Speaking of goblins, they've begun attacking once again. The Goblin ambushes effortlessly cut down the Elven caravan, but this month the humans caravan guards drove them off. The military isn't in much shape to fight, so this is a good thing. A lot of people are suffering from blisters. Some digger killed a cave blob and now he's dragging cave blob fluid across the fort, spreading infection to everyone.


It's pretty easy to trick Forgotten Beasts when you take advantage of their building destroyer tag. They have an uncontrollable urge to smash any building they see, so you can lure them into caves with a few buildings then wall it inside while it's busy smashing them. I actually saved Townbrush in it's second year doing this. The Forgotten Beast flew over the barricade, but couldn't resist the urge to smash the coffins inside the mausoleum. So I had the masons seal it inside while it was distracted.

Also I just realized that Forgotten Beast is the longest living "resident" in Townbrush, since all of the Dwarves from the early years died. So the elder of Townbrush is a giant cave eagle that spits fire.


I'm pretty sure Townbrush is doomed. The Darnen just launched a massive ambush that might as well be a siege. There are over 50 crossbow men out there being led by a single swordmaster. They also brought along a war Jaguar kill squad (which confused me since that arrived before any of them), and at least a dozen of them are mounted on horses. I can't even seal Townbrush up since they will just fly over the wall. So I pulled the zombie apocalypse lever. The horde of zombies was immediately cut down by a volley of bolts. Some of them are still fighting though, mainly just scaring away the Darnen horde. My only hope is that they will leave after running out of ammo.

EDIT: And the goblins just launched a siege as well. I'm pretty sure they're allied with the Darnen, so no hope of them killing each other. So now I'm being sieged by two factions at the same time. My military consist of 4 novice recruits suffering from cave blob blisters. If I somehow survive this I'll be amazed.

EDIT 2: The siege is being lead by the goblin general, who is actually a dwarf. Odd.

EDIT 3: My military, against my orders, is charging out into to the battlefield. They are doing surprisingly well, considering there lack of training. I suppose adamantine makes a huge difference. Also apparently everyone in my fort is a moron since even the guys who have no job refuse to pull the levers.


EDIT 2: The siege is being lead by the goblin general, who is actually a
dwarf. Odd.

S/he was kidnapped as a child and raised as a Goblin.

I know. Most of the ambushes has been led by Dwarves. I just didn't realize that slaves could actually ascend to one the highest positions in Goblin society.

Doesn't matter now though, since he's dead. OR at least I think he is since the Goblin civilization no longer has a general. My military dominated the siege. Not because they are skilled, but rather because I just realized how powerful adamantine really is. Almost every single attack was deflected because of the adamantine, allowing the Dwarves to effortlessly cut through the horde of goblins. The only injuries they sustained were on parts of their bodies that didn't have adamantine (one of them is now missing an arm). The only casualty was a new recruit, probably because he wasn't wearing adamantine. Right now my military is cleaning up the remnants of the siege, which consist of a troll squad so it shouldn't be much of a threat.

So Townbrush managed to survive. We'll probably have another age of prosperity until a Forgotten Beast with deadly dust comes and ruins everything. Speaking of which, there are tons of them in the caverns now. At least 8. They all refuse to approach the fortress. The flood water is apparently messing with their pathing. Which means as soon as the waters subside they are all going to rush the fort.

EDIT: I never get a break. Some zombie baracudas just came into the fortress via the newly constructed rooms. Now they're interrupting work everywhere. And my military isn't doing a damn thing. Two of them are resting in bed, while the third is bashing a troll with his shield. And there's still some rampaging horses running around in the underbelly of the Fortress.


I'm starting a new fort, carving out some 10x10 farm plots and irrigating them.
It's rather tedious, but it's worth it in the end. :D

But why bother with irrigation when we have perfectly good caverns to work with?

Speaking of the caverns, I'm attempting to drain some water out of the first layer by having it go off. All I have to do is a carve a passage that connects the flooded chamber to another one that extends to the end. I'll either succeed or end up flooding part of the fortress again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Besides, Townbrush can handle a disaster right now. With a recent migrant wave boosting the pop up to 42, Townbrush is starting to progress well. The death of the Goblin's general means they probably won't attack for a while, and the Darnen don't attack very often either. One of the many Forgotten Beasts down in the caverns decided to attack, but it apparently sucked and was killed by a single new-born octopud. Probably because it was made out of mud. Point is, Townbrush can handle some flooding without it causing everyone to go berserk. We're no longer teetering on the brink of destruction.

The Mandrill shakes The Puppy around by the head!
The head is ripped away and remains in The Mandrill's grip!
Avuz Gikutrigòth, Puppy (Tame) has been struck down.

I love this game. I don't know why I've never embarked on a jungle before.

That does remind me. One problem I've had recently is that zombies keep killing all of my guard animals.


I went through around 6 of them in one month. Though I recently acquired many animals from the Elves, so I have many replacements.

Townbrush Fun Fact: I've been solving my prisoner problem by pitting them in the magma sea. However, Darnen can fly, so this has mixed results on them. Usually they take a short dip in the magma, start to melt, then fly out dripping ichor and probably screaming before they eventually collapse. Though the Dwarves don't seem bothered by the melting, flying bugmen.


3 soldiers. 3 soldiers was all it took to fend off over 100 goblins and darnen. They alone saved Townbrush. They beat back the siege. They slew the general leading the goblins. They struck down many Forgotten beasts. They were the heroes of Townbrush, the glue that held this fortress together and kept it from becoming a wreck.


And all 3 of them just drowned fighting zombie bluefish. >:(


I salute both your efforts. Townbrush's soldiers died with honor, and the depths
shall again be conquered. A good day.

Some of the old soldiers died with honor, but these idiots dove into the ocean and then realized they couldn't get out.

Oh well, I just need to get some more adamantine. That stuff makes your military invincible. These guys weren't even experienced. They just had tons of adamantine on. Problem is most of the adamantine is exhausted. There's another vein visible, but I can see that it goes straight into the magma sea. It's basically guaranteed to connect to the circus, so I'll have to be careful.

On a side note, I always buy blood from caravans for no reason other than some strange obligation to do so. Recently I acquired a barrel of acorn fly ichor. I wonder what poor bastard wasted his time catching thousands of acorn flies, and then squeezed the juice out of them until he had filled an entire barrel.

EDIT: Ain't that just like Dwarf Fortress. Makes me think I have every thing under control, then it pulls the string. A Forgotten Beast showed up, which wouldn't be a big deal if my military didn't consist of a bunch of weak migrants that just arrived. This Beast didn't want to hang out with the other ones in the flooded tunnels, apparently that's not the cool thing to do now. Instead, he made a dash straight for the fortress. After terrorizing a woodcutter that eventually escaped, he started heading towards the stairs. That's when the brave new militia arrived.

Or some of it. The idiots apparently decided to charge in one at a time. They also decided to ignore all of the shiny adamantine and steel equipment in favor of scavenging armor and weapons of the dead invaders. They looked at all the various types of metal and thought "hey, let's go with copper. I see this working out well". So now I have a skinless dinosaur chewing on 4 crippled dwarves. The only remaining soldier is too busy eating, drinking, and sleeping to help them. This will not end well.


Urist McGuardCaptain: I heard that one of the foul beasts is approaching the fort. You better round up the boys and put it down.
Urist McMilitiaCommander: Sure, just let me finish this ale first.
Ursit McGuardCaptain: The soldiers are all charging down into the abyss. Shouldn't you go with them?
Urist McMilitiaCommander: Oh I would, but I'm just so tired after fighting those zombie bluefish. I wouldn't be much of a help in my current state. I'm sure they'll be fine.
Ursit McGuardCaptain: One of the haulers saw them fighting. .......they're not doing so well. You really need to help them.
Urist McMilitiaCommander: Alright, alright, just let me pick up my equipment. I'm sure I left that gauntlet lying around here somewhere.
Ursit McGuardCaptain: Come on, you can hear their screams all the way up here! Get down there and fight!
Urist McMilitiaCommander: Oh...well, I um.....need to get provisions! That's right. I can't be charging into battle without a backpack full of food, now can I?
Ursit McGuardCaptain: You bloody coward! I don't see how an Elf like you became the milita commander. I'll deal with this abomination myself! Now where did I put my adamantine crossbow....bah! I don't need it. I'll just bash it to death with this copper shield!


At this point Ngogngo (how would you even pronounce that) is just taunting me. He ripped one of the soldier's arms off, removed his copper gauntlet, and his now beating them to death with it.


Well the rampage of the Forgotten Beast came to an end, since the militia commander finally decided to slay it. He just walked up to it, pulled out his axe, and cut its head off in one hit. Yeah, this guy could have disposed of the beast in seconds yet he decided to hang back and let the new recruits and Captain of the Guard suffer horrible deaths before stepping in. The sad part is that he wasn't even trying to fight the damn thing. He was going to get provisions. The Forgotten Beast just happened to be in front of the food stockpile he was trying to access, so he killed it for the sole purpose of shoving plump helmet roasts into his backpack. I'd demote him, but he's the only solider in the entire fortress. All of the lives of Townbrush rest in his hands.

Armok help them. He's already proving how unreliable he is, as if the Forgotten Beast incident wasn't enough. A zombie sea serpent crawled into the dormitories. I built a damn wall around the thing and the undead can still squirm there way in. Well zombie sea serpents aren't exactly pushovers. The farmer never stood a chance, as his lower body was torn off instantly. So now there's a sea serpent about to crawl into the dinning room to feast on Dwarven flesh, and what is the commander doing?

Drinking. You'd think the terrified screams of the civilians would be enough to motivate him, but he's to busy guzzling beer to fight. I can only hope the sea serpent wanders into the stockpile he's currently sitting in.

EDIT: Another Forgotten Beast came. It's beating the *BLEEP* out of my last soldier. The last soldier. The only one that can fight. The last hope of Townbrush is being crushed by a stick insect made out of slime.

It's drafting time!

EDIT 2: Oh, he's killing everyone. They can't even scratch him. They're all going to die. The Fortress is once again descending into chaos.

Note to self; arrogance always leads to misfortune.

EDIT 3: The civilians are swarming the foul creature, but it's hopeless. He is to strong. He's already stuck down 9 dwarves, and I fear that number will keep climbing.

And now another Forgotten Beast showed up :'(

EDIT 4: NO! The mayor is dead! His mandates were actually reasonable! That's it, I have to face the facts. Dostik is to strong. He can't be defeated. I have to seal off the third cavern layer, to protect the fortress. The Dwarves down there will be doomed......but they were goners anyways. This has to end.


Well, the abyss has been sealed off. Dostik is trapped down there. However, he brought a huge chunk of the fortress with him. The population dropped from 45 to 29. Plus there are still 3 dwarves trapped down in the abyss with him. I can't risk trying to save them. There only hope would be to somehow live off vermin for an incredibly long period of time. Until Townbrush has a military force capable of taking on Dostik. So their fate is sealed. The outpost liaison is also trapped down there with them.

Townbrush is crippled once again. Production has ground to a halt as a result of key dwarves getting their brains shoved through their skulls. Tantrums are disrupting work. And with no military to speak of, any undead is a huge threat to the fort.

And this isn't even the worst thing to happen to Townbrush.


Oh god, the other Forgotten Beast is on a rampage. It tore through the farms and is already at the top of the underground tunnels. It's impossible to wall it off. It's going to get into the fortress and then go on a rampage. I have to draft everyone again and hope they have more success this time. It's our only chance.


Good news! Townbrush hasn't collapsed into ruin! Both of the Forgotten Beasts are dead. Dostik squirmed his way into the fort through a hole I didn't notice, so I had to swarm everyone over him in a last ditch effort to save the fort. To my surprise they managed to bring him down. I broke down the barricade and allowed everyone trapped in the abyss to return to the surface. Among them is the mayor, who I had assumed would have perished but apparently managed to crawl away from Dostik. However, he is severely depressed and refuses to leave the abyss. The outpost liason is still there, apparently undeterred by the forgotten beast rampage.

However, the population has plummeted to 22. Tantrums are constantly occurring. The military is dead, and Townbrushs's sole leader is going mad. I'd say this would be the end, but we've come back from worse.

EDIT: Interesting, A stray plump helmet woman gave birth to a boy. I guess she breed with the Mechanic's pet plump helmet man pet before Dostik smashed him against a wall.

EDIT 2: The mayor just succumbed to infection. Subsequently, the diplomat left unhappy.


The goblins have launched a siege again, and it couldn't have come at a worse time. Townbrush is populated by 28 dwarves, only one of which has any military skills to speak of. So I had to lockdown the entire fort, and I suspect it will stay in lock down for a long time. To make matters worse, another forgotten beast showed up. It's taken up residence in one of the ponds in the abyss. I know it won't stay there forever. One of the other forgotten beasts did the same thing, and then it attacked when I had forgotten about it. Luckily it was incredibly weak and killed by a single octopud. I won't be so lucky this time. I have no choice but to draft more people into the military, so that when they swarm the beast one of them will get a lucky hit with their adamantine weapons.

I don't think this will be the end of Townbrush. This is just going to be another troublesome year. Also, I realized that I haven't posted a picture of the main area in a long time, so here's one for anyone that actually cares;


Townbrush fun fact: 28 Forgotten Beasts have visited Townbrush, 5 of which are still alive.


Another forgotten beast showed up. I've been getting a lot lately. This one started heading straight towards the fort, so I mobilized the military. They did manage to slay it, but not without a casualty. The beast ripped a dwarves ear off, injected his deadly spittle into the wound, and then tore off one of his arms before getting killed. The dwarf then collapsed later after suffocating, presumably as a result of the syndrome. Still, at least I know my military is capable of taking out a forgotten beast.

Despite the goblins being locked outside, they are still harassing the workers. Apparently by shaking their fists at them from across the ditch, since they can't actually hurt the workers. Yet my haulers still panic everytime they wander anywhere near this one squad of hammer goblins. They are standing next to the tower I tried to build, a project that fell apart a long time ago. The only purpose it serves now is for storing corpses in the graveyard beneath it. So they wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for this one idiot that keeps trying to climb the tower. For what reason? Apparently to eat this one plump helmet lying on top. We have plenty of plump helmets lying in the food stockpile, but this guy will only accept this one plump helmet. It's gotten to the point where he is starving because he refuses to eat anything else.

These goblins don't have any ranged units, with the exception of a legendary blow gunner. To bad nobody in my fort knows how to hold a crossbow.


So they wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for this one idiot that keeps trying to climb the tower. For what reason? Apparently to eat this one plump helmet lying on top. We have plenty of plump helmets lying in the food stockpile, but this guy will only accept this one plump helmet. It's gotten to the point where he is starving because he refuses to eat anything else.

Did you try forbidding the plump helmet? Press "k", scroll over the PH, press "f"

Yes, I did. But this idiot was still determined to eat it no matter what I did. At one point he stopped trying to as he went to get a drink. After doing so, he attempted to get the plump helmet again. The moron entered a food stockpile to get a drink, ignored all of the plump helmet inside of it, and then went back to getting one in an incredibly obscure location. Though the plump helmet is gone, so I guess he somehow managed to overcome his phobia of goblins and climb the tower so he could gnaw on a sun-baked plump helmet that has been rotting in a tower for years.

EDIT: The goblins just launched an ambush. This is in addition to their current siege. What exactly were they hoping they accomplish with this? If there massive army wasn't capable of working there way into Townbrush, a little squad of 8 goblins isn't going to be more successful. I wonder why they keep dedicating so much manpower towards taking down this one little outpost in the middle of nowhere.

EDIT 2: I just noticed that the water flooding the second cavern layer is gone, excluding the dark lake but that's supposed to be flooded.

EDIT 3: Another god damn forgotten beast. This one has "noxious secretions". I'm not even sure what those are or what they do, which is probably going to result in Fun.

EDIT 4: Or not. This Forgotten Beast was pretty weak, and was cut down before it could cause any real harm.


I just got ambushed by kobolds. kobolds. Apparently Townbrush is so pathetic that Kobolds think they can take it out. Of course, they didn't accomplish much. All they managed to do was kill a plump helmet man baby and chase a hauler around for about 5 minutes until the military cut them to pieces. Then a kobold theif showed up. It stabbed one of the soldiers in one hand, and cut of the other one before running away. So that thief accomplished more than their whole ambush.

Aside from that the remainder of 1064 was uneventful. However, the goblins decided to celebrate the new year by launching another siege. Once again I am hopelessly outmatched and have no choice but to lock down Townbrush. Once again the only ranged units are two legendary blowgunners, making me wish my Captain of the Guard hadn't tried to beat a forgotten beast to death with a copper shield. I've noticed the goblins have stopped bringing mounts with them. I wonder if this has something to do with me killing their general. I doubt there's any relation though.

I've also started sacrificing prisoners to the Forgotten Beast Vesh. All I have to do is chuck them down a pit and then Vesh comes and kills them or forces them to run off the map. It's nice to have one Forgotten Beast basically work for me rather than kill me. Also Olin, a child, just bled to death in the hospital. I have no idea about how he was injured either. There's nothing in the combat logs. My only guess is that he was crossing the bridge when the lever was pulled, causing him to plummet several Z levels. I'm surprised he didn't die on impact if that's the case. Shame, I wanted him to live.


"A Vile force of Darkness has arrived!"

I am so sick of these goblins. They're constantly launching sieges now, ruining any work I try to do outside of the fortress. It's not like they can destroy Townbrush. They lack any way to get into the fort. But there constant sieges are cutting me off from caravans and, more importantly, migrants. I need a way to deal with them to discourage further sieges, even if only for a short time. I don't want to completley obliterate the surface, so that means magma is not a viable option. My fort is sitting right on top of an endless source of water. Water is the great equalizer; even adamantine doesn't help you survive in it.

I just got an idea. I really stupid idea that probably won't work, but, an idea I'm going to try utilizing none the less.

EDIT: God damn it. I just noticed a flaw in my current defenses. The pit I had the drawbridge constructed over isn't high enough to kill most of the creatures that fall into it. I learned this problem early on, and it was rectified simply by having my military stationed inside the pit and having them kill all of the crippled foes while they were still suffering from extreme pain. But I noticed that my soldiers didn't follow the order to stand in the pit. It turns out because the caverns were flooded, a goblin-cap was able to grow on the path leading to the pit preventing any one from entering it. So now I have a horde of angry Trolls held back by a single tree, which is sure to result in Fun if I ever cut that tree down by accident. Or if Toady makes it so creatures don't treat trees as the ultimate roadbloack.
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Something bad happened in Paxia? I did it.


It's the beginning of a brand new year. The goblins have retreated, but I know they will be back soon. Construction of my siege breaker is slow, but that's because I simply don't have enough Dwarves available to work on it. I'm hoping the next migrant wave arrives before the goblins siege again, but knowing my luck they'll be back before spring is even over.

On the plus side Townbrush has been surprisingly free of deaths. Usually we always lose a handful of Dwarves each year to a variety of reasons. The military is doing surprisingly well for a bunch of novices. I'm sure they will continue to impress me until they die due to their own stupidity, just like all the others. I've also been getting a lot of fey moods. Most of the artifact have been *BLEEP* though, aside from a pair of adamantine greaves.

EDIT: Oh hey, migrants did come. During the siege. I just noticed their corpses lying outside.

EDIT 2: http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/5257/*BLEEP*youmilitary.png


EDIT 3: I have no idea what the hell is going on. Somehow snatchers have suddenly begun to easily capture children. They made off with one child and a baby plump helmet man, which my mechanic isn't to happy about.


The human merchants had traded with Townbrush for years. Though they had received great profit from Townbrush, they had also suffered much hardship in their travels. It took a great amount of courage and strength from both the merchants and guards to brave the undead infested wastes and make their way to the isolated fortress. And usually the fortress would not even be accessible. They would find that the few Dwarves that still inhabited the decrepit Fortresses had barricaded themselves inside. And the confused merchants would then be assaulted by the goblin horde before they could even think about heading back. The journey for most of these merchants ended at the knees of goblin swordsmasters. And yet they still came, enticed by the enormous profits Townbrush could provide to those lucky enough to survive. But when their liasion was once again cut to ribbons, it was clear that Townbrush was no longer worth the risk. The humans removed Townbrush from the caravan routes. They canceled all deals they had with the dwarves living inside. Their goal was to forget about the cursed fortress and the sorrow it had brought to them.

Or at least that is what the humans would do if they weren't a bunch of idiots. Instead they are sieging me because goblins kept killing their liaisons and caravans. Don't blame me for what the goblins did, siege them instead! The siege breaker isn't even close to finished yet, mostly because a bunch of zombie tuna keep scaring the masons. So *BLEEP* it, Townbrush is going into lockdown. Again.

EDIT: The human siege wasn't much to speak of. About 15 bowmen lead by an axeman riding a camel. Certainly not the biggest threat I'd ever seen. The idiots gouged themselves on the spike trap before fleeing. The only casualties were some octopre and a plump helmet man baby (these guys seem to have a high mortality rate). A mason got his arm shot off, but he managed to survive. He ran down onto the beach and then snuck back when I lowered the bridge to lure the humans. Still, the fact that humans are sieging me now isn't pleasant, even if they are weak.


I'm never going to get migrants. Not with Townbrush constantly being attacked by enemies. First the Goiblins, then the Humans, and now the Darnen. And boy are they pissed. They brought a huge squad along this time. A ton of bowmen riding horses, squads of swordsmen and spearmen, and two war jaguar kill squads. This might not even be their entire fighting force. Since they don't siege, but rather launch a huge ambush, I have to discover their troops as they attack.

Most of them were riding horses, which actually works in my favor since they can't fly when they are on mounts. At least it would have if my Dwarves weren't being morons. Nobody wanted to pull the lever to keep them out. The one dwarf that did was all the way down in the abyss. I tried freeing labors on several dwarves, hoping the idiots would then go pull the levers. Instead they went to eat, drink, or sleep. So the Darnen charged in. First thing they did was decapitate a plump helmet man (it's like they are cursed or something). Fortunately my two soldiers are badasses, and are capable of taking on the entire Darnen swarm without injury. Even though one of them has only one hand. However they couldn't hold them all back, especially since some can fly, so now Darnen are squirming past them and causing panic. So far nobody has died, but I don't expect that trend to last long. We can't have people dying in our already underpopulated fortress. This has the potential to turn into a massive disaster.

And I just know that the goblin are going to launch a siege pretty soon to. The Darnen and Goblins are always working together to make me miserable.


Who are the Darnen, Kraken? Something modded?

Yeah, they're a race I modded in. One of my first modding projects, and it shows because they're ridiculous. As far as I know they can use all types of metal for weapons and armor. I didn't mean for that to happen, though it makes sense since they're master thieves and would steal all the metal they need from dwarves. But from a game play perspective this is absurd. Darnen soldiers will range from deadly to harmless depending on what they have equipped. For example, during "The Sugar of Executing" they were wielding steel weapons, which is why a single squad was able to wipe out almost the entire fortress. But during "The Canker of Disemboweling", a much larger ambush, they were easily dispatched by a much smaller population since they had crappy weapons and armor. Also they can fly, which always results in fun.

Speaking of which, the Darnen ambush has been repelled. The casualties total up to a bunch of octopudi (which actually works in my favor since I had way to many and was going to sacrifice them to Vesh anyways), a plump helmet woman, and 2 children. Since the fort has a population of only 23, I'd say those 2 deaths are actually a problem. Every death is, because I'm not sure Townbrush is ever going to get another migrant. It's been years since the last wave. Nobody wants to live in Townbrush, and for good reason. Almost everyone that has come to Townbrush has been eaten, stabbed, crushed, drowned, hacked, incinerated, or beaten to death with an octopre skin backpack. When we're not under siege, we're being attacked by Forgotten Beasts. And when we're not being attacked by Forgotten Beasts, there's probably a zombie whale crushing someone to death in the dining room.

I really need to be careful with my last two soldiers. They're incredibly strong (one of them has only one hand, yet she somehow managed to hold a shield and battle axe at the same time. And her remaining hand has sensory nerve damage), but that doesn't help you when you are drowning in the ocean. So I have to keep them away from any underwater undead, otherwise they leap into the ocean to fight them. Which means I have to wait for the undead to crawl into the fort and start attacking people before I can safely mobilize the military. It means I also have to deal with "Urist McMason cancels construct last hope of Townbrush: Interrupted by zombie tuna" on a regular basis.


Now that DT works with .13, I have upgraded. And as soon as I did, I recieved two migrant waves! This boosted Townbrush's population up to 32. I also drafted 2 new soldiers.

So everything seems fine, and then to goblin's decided to launch another siege. I suppose I should've expected this though. I ordered Townbrush to be thrown into lockdown. However, in Townbrush when something important needs to be done, nobody does it. I even locked a guy inside the control room and he refused to pull the lever. So some trolls marched straight into the fort and beat my legendary mechanic to death before the military could reach them. The military then cut their way through the goblin horde in a glorious massacre. They were untouchable. I figured I could drive back the entire siege using them.

Then the humans decided to launch their siege as well. These morons are still determined to march to their death just because their liaison was killed by goblins. Well the Humans suck so they weren't a threat. Then I recieve a message. A message that always results in incredible anger and frustration.

"Urist McBadass has drowned."

What the hell. They weren't even near the god damn ocean. After looking at the combat log, I find out what happened. A human swordsman was knocked into a murky pool. So my legendary axedwarf decided to dive in and kill him, and then drowned as a result. Good job moron. And right after this everything starts to fall apart. My other legendary soldier isn't able to hold back the horde alone, and is cut down. This leave me with two novice fighters, whom were to slow to reach my soldiers before they began fighting. I ordered them to fall back, but the goblins were already upon them. One soldier tried to hold them off, but failed miserably. So now I've locked down Townbrush. Again.

Total casualties amount to a legendary mechanic, two legendary soldiers, one novice soldier, and a dwarven child. The child died because she ignored burrow restrictions and marched across the drawbridge when I ordered it to be retracted, causing her to plummet several Z levels. She landed in a pile of goblin and troll skeletons, and died a slow, painful death by suffocation in that pit full of vermin and corpses. I have no sympathy, since this was her fault.

So yeah, Townbrush's military is *BLEEP* again. Plus all of their adamantine equipment is either in the ocean, in a murky pool, or outside with the goblins who are fortunately too dumb to wear it. I'm sure the undead and Forgotten Beasts will pick now to attack Townbrush.



Of course >:(

Well I've sent the military to fight Gopet, but I'm not sure they can win. Worst, the whales might go on a rampage while they're down in the abyss.


"A Great Feathered Viper. It has an enormous shell and it squirms and fidgets. Its amethyst feathers are downy. Beware its poisonous bite!"

Not that it matters, since a novice fighter decapitated him in one hit. Then a thief stole an adamantine battle axe. Other than that, things seem okay, ignoring the army still standing outside. The siege breaker is about 1/4 of the way done. All of the ballista are set up, but the masons haven't finished construction of the path since it's so damn long. Plus the death of my legendary mechanic means no one is available to link more spikes, so I'll have to get my siege engineer to do that at some point.


So the humans finally decided to end their stupid siege. It has been almost a year since they first launched it. They are far more dedicated to destroying this fort than the goblins. They had been sitting out there so long that their mounts started giving birth to children. They also attempted to kill these children the second they came out of the womb. Apparently when the game makes them hostile it doesn't take into account that they should be allied with the civilization their parents belonged to. So they just end up as generic enemies, resulting in amusing chase scenes in which human swordsman riding camels hunt down baby camels.

And what better way to celebrate the end of the siege than with Forgotten Beasts! Two of them! And my military still sucks. One of them is a giant flying lobster. On top of being able to bypass any my cavern barricades, he also spews deadly dust. He attacked almost instantly, tearing up the entire underground farm. He then encountered a forge master, who he is now chasing in a chamber 3 z levels beneath the heart of Townbrush. What is my military doing? I have no clue. One of them is down in the caverns. The other is messing around outside. The third one is in the food stockpile, presumably shoving as many plump helmets into his backpack as he can to avoid having to fight. These are the brave heroes of Townbrush!


The Dwarven caravan arrived, and despite what is the norm at this point they actually didn't get killed by goblins/zombies. I've actually had a few months of peace since the humans retreated. So my haulers can actually get to work on cleaning up the mountain of corpses that are lying outside.

However, progress on the siege breaker is once again nonexistent. Some zombie whales (*BLEEP* whales) came, and have decided to sit right below the construction site. They refuse to move, and are scaring away anyone that goes near them. So they are impossible to kill yet are still capable of ruining my work. At this rate, the siege breaker should be done in about 5 years. On top of this, another forgotten beast came. Because apparently the two that just attacked weren't enough. It smashed a carpenter up against the wall and badly wounded one of the soldiers before it was cut down. However, every attack that causes even minor damage has large consequences. My military only consists of two dwarves, and only 1 is currently fit to serve. Since Migrants are once again viewing Townbrush as a death trap, the death of any dwarf is a problem. Otherwise I would have executed the moron who just made an adamantine cape, encircled with hanging bands of adamantine, and menacing with spikes of adamantine.


Those whales.

They're not even doing anything at this point. They're just swimming in circles, occasionally crawling onto land and diving back in seconds later. This wouldn't be a problem if they weren't doing this right under the siege breaker. No progress can be made while they are near it, because the dwarves are terrified of them. I'd say they were overreacting, since the whales can't even reach them (yet), but considering the number of engravings of whales crushing dwarves to death I'd probably run in terror upon seeing them as well. Suddenly one of the horrible monsters you've heard chilling tales about is slowly swimming towards you, probably spurting some kind of noxious fluid out of its rotting blowhole.

I'd send the military to deal with them, but I don't trust soldiers anywhere near water. Which is great when your fortress is on top of the ocean.


Well despite my common sense telling me not to do it, I sent the military to kill the zombie whales. I was just so sick of them. They weren't going to leave either. So I had the Guard Captain and 2 soldiers fight them off, expecting them to drown to death in the process. However, they defied all expectations and actually survived. They didn't dive into the ocean to fight the zombie whales, but instead waited for them to come onto shore and then shoved adamantine battle axes into their bloated bodies. I'd give these guys a medal, but every time I take pride in my military they always disappoint me months later. So I'm sure they're going to do something stupid soon. Hope I get some migrants, as the population has room to grow.

But more importantly, with the zombie whales gone, progress on the siege breaker can finally continue! Actually, it can't. Because within seconds of the zombie whales being killed, the goblins decided to launch a siege. I never get a god damn break.

Also a crafter somehow starved to death, yet his corpse is located inside the food stockpile. I guess he just choked on a plump helmet.


So another zombie swordfish showed up, no big deal. After all, they're not that dangerous. Oh wait, it just stabbed my Guard Captain in the chest. And he suffocate. Then the swordfish began crawling through the fort stabbing any dwarf it could reach until one of the soldiers went to get some beer and decapitated it along the way. Meanwhile the goblins have set up camp right outside the fort, probably laughing at the sight of dwarves fleeing in terror as a flopping fish zombie shambles towards them.

And while this was going on, another forgotten beast showed up. He decided to announce his arrival by crushing my engraver against a wall. He's currently beating that engraver into a mushy pulp.

And oh, look at that. More zombie fish. Yeah why not. Now all we need are some darnen and ogres to complete the nightmare.

Now all we need are some darnen and ogres to complete the nightmare.


God damn Darnen come right the *BLEEP* out of nowhere. The goblins finally decided to leave, and mere second after I lowered the bridge and let the first dwarf out the fort in months, he was already being shot by archers and torn apart by war grizzly bears. In a panic I ordered everyone back inside and the drawbridge to be raised. But nobody wanted to pull the lever. They just sat on their asses and watched the Darnen march over the bridge along with their beasts of war. I locked 2 Dwarves inside the control room and they still won't pull the lever. I have no clue why. If I had to guess, it's because the tile the lever is on is occupied by a sock. And if they aren't pulling the lever because of a god damn sock they deserve whatever cruel things happen to them.

So basically my only hope was to send the brave soldiers of Townbrush to fight the Darnen horde. All 2 of them. The commander picked up his axe, let out a fearsome war cry, and charged towards the fiends. His second in command? "I'm gonna take a break guys. I'll be back after I drink some beer, eat some food, and maybe sleep for about a week." And with that he proceeded to head off to his room and do *BLEEP* all during this time of crisis. A Darnen spearmaster is using the commander as a pincushion and this guy is sleeping in his room. Good job hero.

So now there's a massive army plowing through the main entrance. Dwarves are screaming in terror as a blanket of crossbow bolts engulfs them and snarling war bears devour the children (really, 2 kids have already been killed by one bear). And I really think Townbrush is going to end because of this. There is nothing I can do. I have no hope of defeating an army this large. The Darnen will hunt down every last dwarf and tear them apart. There is no hope left.

All because they refused to pull a lever.

EDIT: WHAT THE *BLEEP*. On top of this invasion, my Fortress is flooding. I have no clue how, but somehow a huge torrent of water is pouring into the mines. It's not even connected to the ocean. This is from years ago when the fort was flooded. Apparently something somehow held a huge amount of water in one of the mining chambers, and some dumb dwarf just caused it all to come out. I have no clue about what is going on anymore

EDIT 2: http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/7245/ohgodwhat.png


How many left alive kraken?

14....down from 36 prior to the invasion. The Darnen got bored of the slaughter and decided to leave. The only ones who managed to survive were those who got lost in the many chambers of the mines and managed to avoid the Darnen as a result. Everyone else was killed without mercy.


One notable Dwarf was one I managed to save by having him quickly build a wall between himself and the Darnen. He only managed to do so becuase the Darnen chasing him became distracted by his pet ocotpre and decided to kill it, allowing him enough time to build a wall.

So with only 14 Dwarves left, things are not looking good. This is the lowest the population has dropped in a long time. And there are guaranteed to be more deaths due to our lack of healthcare. So the survivors will have to rebuild the fort....somehow. I'm really not sure what to have them do at this point. I guess the only thing I can do is have them continue building the siege breaker.

Also I found out the reason the lever wasn't pulled was because I'm an idiot and for reasons I can not recall assigned specific dwarves to it.


"The Farmer hacks the Forgotten Beast in the head with her =adamantine battle axe= and the severed part sails of in an arc!"

Thank god adamantine makes up for a complete lack of skill. Rifi made his way to the surface, right into the ambush the Dwarves had set up. They swarmed him, attempting to tear the beast apart through sheer numbers. It simply couldn't survive a vicious swarm of adamantine clad peasants. Of course, this victory was not without a price. In addition to the Dwarves that had been killed by Rifi earlier in the attack, a mason dwarf was horribly injured during the attack. Still, Townbrush has managed to survive another day. The only hope at this point is that migrants will soon arrive to replace the dead, and subsequently haul away their rotting corpses. You're more likely to see a skeleton than a living creature when you walk through the halls of Townbrush.

The population of Townbrush now consists of 7 Dwarves. You might be wondering what happened to the child I mentioned earlier. Apparently, he doesn't exist. I can't find any evidence of him in the game, so I can only assume that DT is glitched and thinks he is still alive.


"Some migrants have arrived"

So that bumps Townbrush up to 7 Dwarves. So I don't have to worry about losing the fort to the last 2 dwarves randomly collapsing from some disease. Now all I have to worry about are Zombies. And Forgotten Beasts. And Goblins. And Darnen. And pretty much everything else that is capable of injuring a dwarf.

Townbrush Fun! Fact: There are more Forgotten Beasts on the map than Dwarves.


Kraken, can't you seal the mining shafts to prevent FBs getting in for the while?
Someone should make a chart of the population of Townbrush over time. It seems that once you were in trouble with 10 dwarves left, but then your pop was brought back up to 20, now you have problems with between 2 and 7 dwarves.

I could do that, but I don't want to. The main reason being that my current goal with modding is to make it so that the caverns are something you don't just want to wall off. Something you always want to be working with, because it contributes many valuable things to your fortress. So I'm trying to get used to what it's like having the caverns always open.

It is worth mentioning that none of the FB on the map are actually a threat, for a variety of different reasons. Basically, they all are incapable of reaching the fort or simply don't try to for reasons I don't understand. Probably due to their pathing getting messed up by the flooded sections of the tunnels. Strange how that flood has benefited me in some ways.


Things have been surprisingly calm in Townbrush. The goblins haven't shown up yet, the forgotten beasts are no longer restless, and even the zombies aren't too prevalent now. The only attack so far was a zombie reef shark crawling into the food stockpile, but that was quickly eliminated by the axe-wielding farmer.

Really the only thing of interest is that the Elven caravan showed up, and for once they weren't greeted by the goblins decapitating them. They still died though. They just happened to be crossing the bridge when it was finally raised, causing the merchants to plummet several z levels into the muddy cavern. They then bleed to death, lying on top of a pile of troll bones and rusted armor. I didn't even mean to kill the hippies, it was just an unfortunate (or fortunate depending on your view point) incident.


So a human caravan showed up today. You might think that's nothing special, but Townbrush has been under siege by the humans for years. The arrival of this caravan means that they have finally forgiven the dwarves and decided to once again conduct trade with us.

I showed my appreciation by locking them outside to fall prey to the goblin ambush

With a population of 6, I can't risk opening Townbrush for any reason. So the humans are doomed to die. Which will probably piss them off again, leading to more sieges. It's a never ending cycle of failure!

Also, another Forgotten Beast showed up. At this point that doesn't really surprise me. I've decided to be a cowardly Elf and just wall of the caverns for the time being. This Fortress is being supported by a handful of weak, scrawny Dwarves. I don't think they can handle the fell beasts of the deep.

EDIT: Oh god dammit. Somehow, my Mechanic was trapped inside the caverns along with the Forgotten Beast. And I can't risk opening the caverns to save him so.......*BLEEP* him. He's just another corpse.


Townbrush is currently progressing at the pace of a snail attempting to pull a pickup truck. Since the master mechanic is now being gnawed on by a giant scaly skunk, the only advancement made with the siege breaker have been from my sole mason. Of course one mason can't do much other than slowly extrend it, and that's when he's not being interrupted by zombie fish. Without a mechanic or siege operator the siege breaker wouldn't be as effective as I would like either. So the goblins will once again be able to leave without an injury, though I'm doing all I can to ensure this doesn't happen in the future.

Other than that, there's nothing noteable about Townbrush at the moment. Ever since I intitated the full lockdown, there's been a significant decrease in Fun!. It doesn't matter if the Forgotten Beasts outnumber the Dwarves 2:1 when they are all locked in the caverns. So unless there's some hole I didn't notice or a flying one shows up, we should be fine. Provided zombie whales don't burst into the dining room again.


*slams head on desk* WHY DID I MOD IN A FLYING CIVILIZATION!?!

Darnen showed up again. Not even a year after they *BLEEP*ed up my fort and they are already seeking to ruin me. So as if the Goblins standing outside and the zombies crawling into the fort weren't bad enough, I now have bug people to worry about. And with a grand total of 5 Dwarves, I'm not confident in their ability to survive any battle. So I took the cowards way out; I abandoned the fort.

Well, perhaps that's not the right term. It's more accurate to say that I abandoned part of it. Faced with certain death, I made the decision to herd everyone underground. I then had them wall off the only access to the surface. So Townbrush itself is empty. Nothing is in there but rotting corpses and rusting swords. When the Darnen fly in, they will find nothing to kill. All they will find is the results of their constant attacks. And then they will laugh.

Honestly, I might as well just give up completley now. There's really nothing I can do. I've been forced out of my home. Only 5 dwarves remain, and one them is stuck in an endless hauling loop. I have nothing to work with. There's no way for me to recover from this.


I've come to the realization that no matter what I do, the Darnen will always screw me over. Even if the siege breaker was completed, their flying would negate it. The only way I will ever be able to survive their onslaught is through the use of a military. And the Townbrush military has a record for up constantly. I can't really rely on a handful of badasses to defend the fort when they could all drown to death in a single day.

Therefore, I have only one option; to value quantity of quality. I have drafted every single dwarf, aside from one lowly farmer, into the military. When more migrants come, they shall also be drafted. I will continue drafting soldiers, regardless of the equipment available, until I have an army large enough to overcome the Darnen through sheer numbers. It is a crude and bloody solution to the problem, but the only one that has any chance of working. This is how Townbrush survived in its very first year. Our trained military could not overcome the Ogres, but 10 angry peasants swarming an ogre would inevitably bring it down. The same principle can be applied to any army.

That is assuming New Townbrush can survive long enough to get any migrants. We have next to no food and booze available at the moment.


Well the Darnen finally got bored of milling around in Old Townbrush looking for Dwarves to kill and left the map. But they will come back. They always do. Because of this, I'm not going to open the path to the surface. New Townbrush is to fragile. I will not let them out until all of my dwarves are highly skilled fighters, or some migrants arrive. Who will then be sealed down in New Townbrush along with them. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Currently everyone is living off the plump helmets my farmer is picking out of the underground forest. However, he keeps picking a large amount of dimple cups rather than plump helmets, which is pretty annoying. But with only 5 dwarves to feed, this shouldn't be a problem. The only major problem I see at the moment is my mayor, who also happens to be my militia commander. She is miserable, and only gets worse as time goes by. Mainly because her mandates keep being ignored. This leads to her getting upset about the "criminal" not getting punished, so it's just an endless spiral into depression. And if she goes berserk.....well, I'm not sure 4 unskilled dwarves can stop a berserk adamantine-clad soldier. Even if she did use to be a lowly farmer.

But other than that, things are just peachy.


Oh, immedeatly after making my last post, some migrants arrived! Only 4 of them, but I'll take anything I can get at this point.

Upon arriving at Townbrush, the migrants had to break down a wall to get into the fort. A ramp was constructed, allowing them access to New Townbrush. They were greeted by the sight of the forge master collapsing to the ground, screaming in pain as blisters covered every inch of his body, before they all burst causing him to bleed to death in a matter of seconds. So in less than 10 minutes they already got a clear message showing them how *BLEEP*ed they are.

I don't know what killed the Forgemaster. I'm guessing it was fun related to Forgotten Beast syndromes. I guess as long as everyone keeps their shoes on they should be okay, though the same can't be said for the pets the migrants brought along. The only benefit of this is that now my mayor has one less "criminal" to complain about.

EDIT: Oh, one of the migrants just suffered the same fate.

This does not bode well.


EDIT: Oh christ everyone is dying. There are only 4 Dwarves left. Again. What the *BLEEP* am I supposed to do about this


Just when you think things in Townbrush can't get any worse, dwarves start to
randomly explode for no adequately explored reason.

When you say that the migrants were greeted by the sight of the Forgemaster collapsing, did you mean that he was collapsing as the migrants entered, or was it a very brief time after?
Well since building degredation isn't a part of Dwarf Fortress, the Fort itself really can't collapse no matter what happens. What I meant was that I had to have the migrants break down part of the outer wall to get in because the bridge was retracted. I didn't want to send anyone up to raise the bridge for two main reasons. One, I'd rather have Dwarves moving to the surface as little as possible. Two, this fort has been going on for so long that I have forgotten which lever does what. So there's a good chance that the lever I pulled would impale the migrants on spikes rather than let them in the fort.

I would guess that the migrants tracked through something on their way in and
started smearing it all over. Assuming the denizens of New Townbrush don't have
access to a well.

There are several wells in Townbrush, but none of them in New Townbrush. I didn't think one would be neccesary. Still, I'm not quite sure how this deadly disease suddenly popped up when none of the Dwarves or animals had been afflicted by it before. My only guess is that there some piece of old military equipment stained with forgotten beast blood. One of the new recruits decided to pick up said piece of equipment, causing them to catch the disease. When they died, another recruit would pick up the equipment of the recently deceased dwarf, becuase whenever someone dies a Dwarves first thought is "free stuff!". Of course this equipment is covered in the blood of the afflicted Dwarf, so now this dwarf is infected as well. Thus leading to an endless disease becuase Dwarves are greedy bastards and can't resist pokceting their friends blood soaked socks.

Also, this might be the 4 hours of History Channel I watched the other day, but the
whole "New Townbrush" rebuild the fallen empire, militarize the working man, take on
everything attitude struck me as a bit of Facist stroke, in the vein of Hitler's
Germany or Stalin's Russia.

Any relation between the Dwarven government and various Facist rulers are purely coincidental, and if you say otherwise I'll throw you into the magma pit.

All is not lost though. 4 Dwarves have survived the deadly plague. Of course, it was only because I quarantied them further in the caverns, along with an unlucky outpost liaison. So they are living in a bunker within a bunker. I'm not sure what exactly to do at this point, other than continue the mandatory military training. One immediate problem is that despite being locked inside the caverns, there are no trees accesible to my Dwarves. Which means there would be nothing to hold the booze brewed from plump helmets, which are fortunately in abundance. However, there is a pit of water nearby. It was one of the areas flooded when I pierced the ocean. Funny how the previous disasters of Townbrush sometimes come in handy when a new problem comes along. Speaking of flooding, I'm considering carefulyl building an elaborate pump system over time. One that will flood Old Townbrush and parts of the caverns, washing away the deadly rot. Of course odds are that I would just end up killing everyone, but I don't have many options.


Well Townbrush has been taken over by the two lowest forms of life known to Dwarf; kobolds and elves.

An elven caravan arrived, and apparently thought there was nothing odd about the abandoned fort stained with blood and covered in corpses. They just marched in through the hole the migrants made in the wall, and sat down in the depo, waiting for someone to emerge from the ruins and make a trade deal with them. The kobolds apparently saw this as the perfect time to launch several simultaneous ambushes, accompanied by a legion of master thieves. The kobolds marched in, stabbed the Elves, and now basically own Old Townbrush. There's no one there to oppose them, so they've turned it into their own personal clubhouse. The master thieves then made off with several valuable artificats, given that there's no way to stop them.

Frustratingly, the disease that causes spontaneous dwarven combustion does not appear to affect the kobolds. So the furry little bastards didn't pay for their greed by collapsing into bloody lumps of gore, as I had hoped. So I can't do anything but watch them party inside Townbrush, steal my artifacts, and chase the few Elves that haven't been stabbed yet.


I want you to picture this; you arrive at the location of an old fort, planning to do trade with the locals currently living it it. However, upon approaching the fortress you find that the entrance is inaccessible. The bridge is retracted giving, you no way to get inside. You call out to someone, hoping to catch the attention of the dwarves inside. But your cry is meet with silence. The only sounds are those of the ocean waves crashing against the shore line, and the deep moans of zombie lesser kraken roaming in the distance.

So it appears your journey has been for nothing, and that you have no choice but to turn back towards the mountainhome from which you came. But before you can leave, one of the other merchants calls you over to the left side of the fortress. A chunk of the wall has been torn off, allowing access to inner area. But the path to the wall is stained with dried blood, and a corpse lies right in front of it. Undaunted, you proceed inside anyways. Upon entering, you are greeted by the site of several skeletons piled up against the wall. Many appear to have been lying there for years, lazily tossed into the corner and forgotten by the residents. The glittering gold pathways of the fort are stained with layers of blood, and many more corpses are strewn throughout the area.

You once again cry out to get the attention of the residents. You hear a noise come from the dinning hall. Eager to do business as quickly as possible, you run towards the door. However, upon opening the door you find only a large number of kobold corpses crushed into the floor. You are then knocked to the ground by a massive zombie whale, and surely would have perished were it not for the swift action of the caravan guards. Still in shock from the attack, you wander around the fort a bit longer before collapsing in a grassy patch near the collapsed wall.

At this point, would you;

a.) Leave, assuming that the fort has been abandoned and that only death awaits you.
b.) Sit there for weeks, waiting for someone to come conduct trade with you.

The Outpost Liaison opted to do the later, even though it is clear that nobody is going to come meet him. There isn't a living soul left in Old Townbrush. New Townbrush lies hundreds of feet beneath the surface, and any knowledge of the outside world is unknown to them. The only reason to stay is sheer stupidity. And if you are wondering why I bothered typing that all up, it's because it is far more interesting than what is going on in New Townbrush. The last year has consisted of nothing but training and brewing. It's pretty easy to keep 4 Dwarves alive inside an isolated area.

One thing I did notice is that the new Outpost Liaison is identified as a Fish Dissector. I'm guessing this is because the old Outpost Liaison is not only still alive, but living inside New Tonwbrush. The poor bastard was locked in the fort over a year ago. I figured he would have gone insane by now, but apparently not. I also noticed that the merchants did not catch the same deadly disease that threatened to destroy Townbrush, so perhaps it is no longer an issue. Though I'm still not risking exposure until I can safely test this with migrants.


After over 22 in game years, I finally feel like I have hit the bottom of the barrel with my current fortress. Everything I do seems incredibly futile. There is little hope for success, yet at the same time failure never manages to crush me completley. My fortress is trapped in an eternal twilight.

Allow me to explain the situation; a series of unfortunate events cut down my fortress population to only a handful of dwarves. There was no way to keep them safe on the surface, so I herded them underground into a safety room. There I aimed to train them into hardened soldiers, so that they could stand up to even the toughest of enemies. Fate had other plans though, as I was soon plagued by a foe I can not destroy. A mysterious disease had appeared in my fortress, one that was a guaranteed death sentence. Any dwarf that contracts the disease was fine at first, but soon after they would begin to feel faint. Every inch of their body would suddenly be covered in boils, which would then spray pus and blood all over the floor. The afflicted dwarves wandered aimlessly, leaving a trail of pus and blood behind them before collapsing to the floor as an exploding pile of disease and rot.

I had no way of stopping this disease. I didn't even know what the source was. In a panic, I forced the survivors further underground. In the dark depths of the caverns, I managed to establish a stable outpost. A renewable source of food and drink, along with materials to build with. But the dwarves were trapped, prisoners of the earth. I waited many months, not knowing what to do but continue training the remaining dwarves. Then migrants arrived, and to my joy they did not catch the plague. I quickly herded them underground into the safety of the colony. It was only when they were trapped inside that the disease killed them. All of the migrants suffered gruesome deaths, while the original dwarves remained unharmed. This process repeated itself when a new batch of migrants arrived.

It seems that no matter what I do, I am doomed to be caught in an endless loop of death. Migrants arrive, appear fine, and then turn into festering corpses. Yet the resident dwarves remain fine. As if the game is toying with me, keeping the dwarves alive while killing any chance of me reclaiming the forts former glory. I can't bring myself to abandon when I have played it for so long. And yet I feel trapped, pointlessly hoping for salvation even though I know it will never come.

So at this point, I don't know what to do. I only have 3 stable dwarves. The forgotten beasts outnumber them 4:1. A deadly disease ruins any progress I make. What can I do at this point? I don't want to abandon after spending this much time in the fort, but I don't want to intentionally send my dwarves to their death either. It just seems unfitting


I don't even have a mining pick.

Also there is a very small silver lining to this situation. Apparently this disease is not limited to Dwarves. Forgotten Beasts can be afflicted by it to. I though they were naturally immune to all syndromes. Apparently not, or this disease is a horrible glitch. Two of the Forgotten Beasts caught it and spread an ocean of blood across several layers of the fort before collapsing. However another forgotten beast is loose on the surface, and he doesn't give a *BLEEP* about the disease.


You know, it's really hard to explain just how *BLEEP*ed this fort is in every conceivable way. If I knew how to upload a save properly, I'd do that so you can see for yourself.


Have you kept any kind of log? Have a good memory? It sounds like an awesomestory, and your short description is only scratching the surface.

The best log of it would be the "what's going on in your fort thread?" I made consistent updates about Townbrush since I first founded it, and it probably details the spiral into destruction better than my memory. It's a long, bloody, and tedious story.

Also, it turns out I did have a mining pick. It was just forbidden, for some reason. Upon locating it, one of the dwarves collapsed into a lump of gore. How silly of me, thinking I might be able to turn things around.


So my only option is to further quarantine my Dwarves inside the caverns, build an elaborate pump system using two dwarves, and then flood the entire map with magma?

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Something bad happened in Paxia? I did it.

Latest update to my Lore mod for Dwarf Fortress.
A bunch of stuff got added, plant-life from Lore that was found mentions of, a few new critters, fixed a few civ's that weren't working etc.

Adventurer mode is especially fun what with all the new stuff that Toady added, bogeymen that haunt lone travellers, night creatures, ambushes from hostile civilizations and I think bandits do ambushes too.

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So I tired it again, but it keeps freezing when it gets to the initial "saving world" stage. Is it because it's on a flash drive?
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Something bad happened in Paxia? I did it.
I recall people have said that loading/saving DF data on flash drives can be excruatingly slow. So yeah, I figure that's why. It's not frozen, just slow as all hell. Might I suggest keeping the game on your comp's harddrive and just copying the savefolder to the flashdrive when you're done playing?



I finished a bunch of shizzle on the mod and finally got it "done".
So there it is.
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