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Hello!; Cloud and Aerith destroyed my life 20 years ago - and I'm so grateful to them for it.
Topic Started: Nov 6 2017, 05:29 AM (252 Views)
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New, but Long-Time Guest
Hello, everyone! I'm very happy to finally be posting on these boards. I feel like I've honestly been lurking through these boards as a guest for over the last decade and I have no idea why it has taken me so long to finally get to posting on here, but I finally am and I'm so happy to get to posting about my favorite OTP - Cloud and Aerith. :cleris:

First off, I want to thank you all for giving me so much to read and discuss on these forums and I love all of the discussion that goes around and I can't wait to jump in.

So, I seriously fell in love with Cloud and 'Aeris' when the game first came out when I was five years old. I remember watching my older brother play the game and that was really what introduced me to the Final Fantasy series and this couple. Looking back now, it's sort of amazing that my five year old self was able to see and understand this love and connection held between these two characters.

Truthfully, the game's themes and everything Clerith goes through can be pretty heavy and angsty and even difficult to fully understand, especially for a young kid. It wasn't like other love stories like seen in the Disney movies I'd watch, but was one that was faced with very human emotions focused around loss, failure and death - but still, as a five year old observer who saw Cloud and Aerith's world form from such an unbiased and innocent view, there was another very real emotion their story told - love.

I've honestly been a hardcore shipper of Clerith for 20 years now and I will be for the rest of my life now, lol. It's honestly felt like they're some old friends (that have completely and utterly ruined my life, though I've forgiven those two dopes for it.) I literally grew up playing the game and forming literally a list of hundreds of fanfiction and fan arts about them - all because my five year old self had to latch into the most beautiful and heartbreaking couple ever!!!

What can I say? I've always been a fan of selfless, true love.

With the addition of Kingdom Hearts, Dissidia, WoFF, AC, etc., we really get to see Clerith's relationship and connection live on and continue on and evolved in whatever world they find themselves in and to me, that beautiful and shows how much S-E loves and supports this couple. Frankly, they've gotten more attention than most FF couples and I think a lot of that has to do with their amazing love story and the way that they were a perfect fit for each other.

Now, older and wiser about the world, I have entirely new love and respect, love and appreciation for Clerith, as some things life has thrown at me really helped me understand them and their love personally. Like Aerith, I had a first love/crush that meant a lot to me, but was someone I moved on from to find real love. Even in my current relationship, I only get to see my girlfriend every so often, unfortunately for both of us, but like Cloud, I'm always missing her and constantly wanting to be with her. The small separations don't break us down, but make us understand how much we do love each other and want to be with one another. Whoaaa, sorry to get so deep into personal stuff, just wanted to convey how my love for Clerith has very much evolved with my life.

Didn't mean to make a whole essay for my greeting post, I suppose I just have a lot of love for Cloud and Aerith and a lot say about 'em! I'm really happy to have joined the forums with all of you and I can't wait to discuss the love and adventures held between this amazing couple, Cloud and Aerith. :cleris:
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a story of a love
Welcome! Welcome!

I run this Clerith blog on Tumblr: DansantCaparet.tumblr.com

You'll love the content on Tumblr!!

Are you excited for the remake?

Edited by GreyGardens, Nov 7 2017, 04:18 AM.
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New, but Long-Time Guest
Hello, GreyGardens!

I recognize you from around the boards and from tumblr! I just recently got a tumblr a few weeks back and you're one of the first few I followed! Of course, I absolutely love your blog and all the content you post. (Forgive me in advance for all the likes and repost notifications you'll get from me :D )

I'm pretty excited for the remake. Right now, a lot of my excitement is geared towards KH3 (and seeing what that brings for Clerith), but I just recently watched the remake trailers again and it's brought up some new excitement. I'm seriously so excited about seeing Cloud and Aerith and all of their scenes with the amazing graphics, cinematography, voice acting, ugh, all the bells and whistles that come with the remake. Getting to see their first meetings, the church escape and date exchange, them building their bond and world together, all their adventures, their date ughhhhhhh, it's gonna be so beautiful and I can't wait!

I feel like I'm gonna fall in love with them all over again and even harder this time, lol.
Edited by Chocobro, Nov 8 2017, 02:02 AM.
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Welcome to the forums. Nothing wrong about making a long post over what you like and what introduced you to the website, it's interesting to read.

The game came out the same year I was born in, I think I liked CxA as a pairing when I first discovered Youtube and not really knowing what FF was or anything.
Was until a few years after I've finally played the game and grew to like it more. I was never really into searching for fanfictions (not only for CxA, just in general), but I always enjoyed searching for illustrations.

Getting into new series and tastes, growing older, etc. FFVII/Clerith are types of things I could always come back to, once in a while.
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