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Has anyone listened to “Oath” (the JP song) and “Don’t Think Twice” (the EN song)? Here’s “Oath’s partial lyrics (found the translated from this forumforum:


I don't know anything about fate
But at this moment, I can't help but acknowledge its existence
Are you really happy with me just the way I am? Hey, are you?
I'd rather you not get my hopes up too much
This day is free of lies and falsehoods
The perfect day to take an eternal oath
I don't need pretty flowers or anyone's blessing
Let's wear rings of the same color

Then Don’t Think Twice’s partial lyrics:


How did I live in a kingdom of thieves
And people who say things they don't really mean, really mean
You're only everything I ever dreamed
Ever dreamed of, ever dreamed of
You must be kidding me
Did you really think I could say no
I want you for a lifetime
So if you’re gonna think twice, baby
I don’t wanna know, baby
I don’t wanna know
Everything is just right
But if you’re gonna think twice, baby
I don’t wanna know, baby
I don’t wanna know

While I know the lyrics don’t 100% exactly reflect the KH plot, the song’s mood seems to give off that ‘the end’ of Sora’s story and everything and everyone involving it. Now this is all purely interpretative, but the two lyrics are as if two different people of the same relationship talking.. it sounds like they want to be together but there are still doubts/hurdles to face, which I think speaks subtly of Sora and Kairi and how the two of them have been holding out for each other, though apart, they are very devoted and they can’t wait for the day they’ll truly be together... and though it doesn’t go smoothly, and the waiting game is long, they still endure.

That’s how I’m reading the snippets of lyrics anyway, and if by a cinch I am sort of right, this applies a lot to the Clerith arc in KH too. Cloud did after all promise Aerith that he will come back.

So, what am I expecting? I’m expecting a Promised Land-related reunion for Cloud and Aerith. It just fits so well with the overall romance theme of KH and the new song/s seems to support that :lol: plus with the remake on hype, Cloud reuniting with Aerith in KH would hint the conclusion of Cloud’s eternal search for the Promised Land. Finally, the boy can be truly happy.
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