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Sorry for the thread bump, but with all of the hype and news for KH3, Im so excited for the next upcoming months leading up to the games release.

In regards to Clerith in KH, Im really excited and looking forward to it. The clip of their scene in 2.8 really got me hyped. I think its a definite for Cloud and Aerith to be in KH3, as theyve had a ongoing story with each other and Sora throughout all three games. Were definitely going to get a reunion between them and I can already imagine Aeriths trademark lean forward pose. I think it would be even sweeter if Rinoa appeared, too, as what was hinted at the end of KH2. It seems like both Clerith and Squinoa have in-game reunions on the horizon for KH3 and Im here for it.

Im curious what the designs for Cloud and Aerith would be like. Theyve changed their outfits for the games, but with KH3 coming out in a few months, its be interesting to see S-E debut Cloud and Aerith as their PS4 KH delves before their FFVII Remake characters. Perhaps well get both at the same time? At least I can hope :) I would love it if in KH3 Cloud and Aerith just had their traditional OG outfits. I know the first KH were inspired off of them, but I think they would look great for KH3 and sort of bring things full circle for them with their appearances.

With Tangled being a world in the game, I would absolutely love it if Mandy Moore returned to reprise her role as Aerith. I think shed definitely be voicing Rapunzel, as she still does regular voice acting for the character on the television show, but I think she has been the best English voice actress for Aerith and is exactly what Id imagine Aerith to sound like. On top of that, there are so many similarities between Aerith/Clerith to Rapunzel/Flynn and Tangled and Id love to see that all in the same game.

But I can bet that S-E has let the voice casting directors know that whoever they cast as Aerith for KH3, theyd want to utilize her for Aerith in FFVIIR and Id love it if Mandy did both, but Im not sure if thats a project in the works for her. But Id hope so!

And of course, Id love a nice Clerith moment in the game (their reunion!) and whatever else for them that comes after and a nice credits scene with Clerith and Squinoa, getting their happily ever after moment. ❤️
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