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Richard Robinson
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I also have had warpage with my aspis. :o
however i think that stretching the rawhide prior to stitching is perhaps the way around this. The harris brothers made their hoplon/aspis this way. Apparently tieing / nailing one (sodden ) edge to a beam and tieing a weight( like an anvil to the bottom edge and leaving it suspended for about a week was the way they started the process. when actually stitching the hide to their base they had a coke bottle inside maintaining the stretch until they had almost completed the stitching, withrew it and then stiched up the last "opening". I tried this on a basket lid years ago but got puckering for my trouble. Very hard and durable shield that one.

Long ago I read up on Plains Indians and how they made their buffalo hide shields. It involved digging a forming pit and a fire. I cant remember any other detail except that the fire made the hide "shrink" (like a shrinky ) and get extra thick. I always wished to simulate this experiment.

Good luck on the 12 hide shield Matthew. My friend Mark Reynolds projects that Brahmas have the right markings for this shield. What do others think?
richard r
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