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Matthew Amt
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Finally a little progress on this, sort of. Got the back all chiseled out at last, and smoothed with the rasp disc. I resoaked the rawhide enough to put it back on the front, with a coating of hide glue on the wood, and I tacked the tabs down at the back with copper tacks. Then left the whole thing propped up with some weights so that the drying rawhide wouldn't curl it the wrong way.

But it seems I didn't let it dry enough! Because a couple days later it had indeed turned concave on me, with the middle about 1-1/2 inches deeper than the sides. Sigh... I decided that it didn't matter enough, nailed the handle on the back, and painted the front (casein paint). Yes, impatience wins again.

Then I decided that I didn't like it curved the wrong way! So I re-wet the front with some towels, put even bigger weights on it, and it's going to STAY like that for a whole week! With a dehumidifier on it for the last couple days.

I made a nifty boss for the middle, and might make a couple smaller ones and some little studs as well. Don't have a photo of that, yet, but here's one of the miscreant shield under weights. The cans are full of lead printer's type, and the anvil is 75 pounds alone.

Whew! This better work...

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