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Matthew Amt
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How the heck did I manage to post this in the European section instead of the Aegean?? Any chance the thread can be moved, Gregory?

Thanks, all! I think I got the rawhide from Siegel of California, Todd. Might have been Leather Unlimited, but I don't think so. Siegel has some good deals, and often has sales on certain things. This hide has a greenish hue to it, but yeah, it's a lot better than rawhide doggy chews.

Steve, I'm definitely planning to brace the board in some way when I put the hide back on. And I'll be very careful not to stretch it too much. I've seen what rawhide can do to a shield board! As for the shield contest, well sure, aren't we all? My list for the future includes the round Mycenaean one, an earlier tower shield (also layered hide, with a furry face), the one-piece wooden Irish shield already in progress, an Irish leather shield (like the Clonbrin), a Sumerian shield, and maybe another bronze shield or two if I get more bronze.

Of course, I already have 3 Roman shields, a Greek hoplon, a German Hjortspring shield, about 5 medieval shields, a Scottish targe, and 5 fantasy orc shields!


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