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Songstress Salsa (closed); Amegumi rp 2
Topic Started: Jan 4 2016, 06:05 AM (5,871 Views)
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Kami-sama Admin
The traveling was rough to say the least. Carrying the full weight of a certain star over her shoulders after a life or death battle with an overly large cat was all the more of a challenge. Amethyst trudged out of a hidden passageway into a ravine that connected the forest where her last garden resided to a mountain range. Here the path was remote, far away from those well traveled and scattered with debris that the smaller animals didn't clear on their own.

She made a point to set down the hostage and reseal the passage in the eventuality someone followed far behind. Leave those rots in the dust.

The travel continued. One step at a time, the burn of cold ice and warmth of semi-sweet words keeping her from drifting too far from the moment into an assured madness that crept into the edges of her vision. For Amethyst wasn't entirely done with the last, ultimately anti-climactic battle. She still had it in her to fight, to be ready for any enemy that might stand in her way. To kill them in the worst way possible all the while.

A rumble of thunder, followed by rain, caused the bandit to curse. She wound around the path until coming to a ridge of rock, a small cave one could almost call it, taking refuge until it passed. The songstress laying behind her, her dark green eyes staring at the greyness, ready, waiting. Sword prepared for anything.

Anything that didn't come. The rain lightened up enough for her to take off her robe, wrap the hostage in it, shoulder her once again, and continue onward.

A small sub-sect of a town, a minor robbery. Then off to an alley, and in it a hidden room. Cash traded, a word. More cash, no questions asked. A ride.

The ride, by truck, went to a rest area, where Amethyst thereafter got passage on a semi. A few glances from the rider brought her to mutter out, "It was a long party far from home, alright? %*&# off." A one-way trip into Allcity. An additional word followed by sword point threats and a large, brown blanket was handed to her.

A short walk through the street alleys, keeping out of view of unwanted attention. An unexpected battle that the enemy did not entirely expect the gorey, bloody outcome of. The thug stood absolutely no chance.

After a long travel, Amethyst found her way to the inner sect of Allcity before daybreak. And from here, keeping Megumi's unconscious form completely shrouded in the blanket and her pink hair hidden from view, she knew where to go. There was only one person she could possibly go to in a busy place like Allcity for a situation like this one. A place no one would expect her to go.

The buzzer rang.

"Who is it?"

"It's me."

"No." click

The buzzer rang again.


"Come on, Ems..."

"Not this time."

"I've got a gift..."

"..." Ka-Click - click - latch

Voices, two of them. The deep female tone familiar. The other, a mid-pitched nasal lisp, not. Muted light behind thick curtains, like backstage. The smell of cigarette smoke and heavy colognes. Megumi was on a long, leather couch next to an equally long wooden table holding all sorts of empty food dishes, magazines, candles, ashtrays, empty cig boxes, an empty liquor bottle, and a tissue box. Across from the table was a large dvd collection and hidden within it a small television that was off. She would be under multiple blankets.

The walls were fake wood, the curtain draped across the window a filthy one. It was an apartment to be sure. A doorway lay between the stiff couch and the talking people, but it had multiple locks up and down it. Said people, meanwhile, were sitting at a kitchen/bar counter. A certain bandit only wearing her pants and a decency wrapping winced with a glass of liquor in one hand while the other person, an (to put it lightly) ungainly lady with beard stubble, loose dress, and netted stockings was applying bandages and first aid.

Not too far away from Ame was a larger, circular table with her sword laid over it, as well as Megumi's chopsticks nearby.

"I said, SHT! Ahh...... " Ame quipped, seethingly.

"Quiet, Meme." the other person said. "I lack the delicate touch I use to have."
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A wonderful, talented, absolutely beautiful woman!
A lot of her memory would be accounted toward the subtle transition from the garden to the hustle and bustle of AllCity, her dwelling as of late. Her dreams were one and the same to be driven by the moments of her unconscious behavior and the transitions of the calm to active lifestyle. Certain moments of the last few days would be played through time and time again in her subconscious thoughts and lucid dreams. At least they were all she had to keep from creating her own illusions of death and destruction, all capable from Amethyst's perspective.

Drowsy and lethargic, Megumi woke up under the warmth of the layers of blankets. She often wondered why she would end up with such hot circumstances and why using a simple layer would be more than sufficient. As a matter of fact, wearing nothing under the chill of the fall would be perfectly fine. Nevertheless, she was dry, comfortable, and unharmed. Nothing registered about Ame's solar plexus punch just yet as she lifted the layers to the side in order to stand. Her first act was to rid of the dizziness in her head by shaking her head. Next was the desire to replenish some much needed rehydration. She cared less where it came from as the pink-haired woman waltzed into the kitchen bypassing any common phrasing or obstacle that might get in her way.

Instead of looking for a glass, she cupped her hand under faucet of the sink. Several slurps of water later, she allowed the water to cool her lips and chin as she turned off the faucet and placed her hands on the side of the sink for a few moments while letting out a sigh of some sort. Seeming uncomprehensive, Megumi turned around and casually walked by the pair sitting to perform first aid to the worse of the two.

The dressing over the torso of Ame triggered where she was all in an instant. Ame would see the realization in the pink-haired woman's eyes as a fit of rage and discontent pumped into her hand. In one full swoop of her open palm, a direct contact was attempted onto Ame's face with full force. The bandit would also feel the bitter cold of the strike wherever it went. Unappeased regardless of attempted impact, the words could not be released from her inner being for fear of rebuttals and explanations from the bandit. The only words she forced out of her mouth were, "How dare you!"

Another open palm was ready to be brought into striking range, yet the sting was real in her hand forcing her mind to realize they were safe. Her eyes glowed more brightly as flakes of ice seemed to form along ridges of her facial structure and appendages. Only a few more moments of glaring, Megumi stormed off toward the door to the apartment in order to leave; however, she stopped at the doorknob which both of them would see it being frozen as the ice would start to spread to the latch, and the surrounding pieces of the frame. Instead of leaving, Megumi slowly leaned her head against the door and allowed her hand to fall to her side.

If no words were spoken, Megumi would finally make her way back to the leather couch, sit down, and cradle her face into her hands completely mute and silent. She'd simply ignore any conversation for the time being needing some time to think about her current situation. What happened to Hiko? Where was she now? Did Ame get hurt? Did she get hurt herself trying to help Ame escape? What really happened in the garden? Tears formed while unable to reconcile the situation. She demanded answers but was too upset to talk about them now. The last time she was this upset was not a pretty sight.
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Kami-sama Admin
"Right, lack of delicate. That's one %*&#ing way to put - Ow!"

The endowed femme stared down Amethyst with an unimpressed enough look to end any rash behavior from the bandit's impulsively psychotic tendencies. Big mitt holding a medical staple gun. "You still didn't tell me how you found my place. Are you becoming a stalker, Meme?" She made a motion for Ame to lift her arms above her head and moved to patch up the older, heavily reddened belly wound.

Of course Amethyst can't be blamed for taking a swig of the liquor and putting the glass down before following along for the ride. "Tch, details are stupid. And why would I bother stalking someone as ugly as- Ah!"

"Manners, Meme. Remember I let you and your lady friend in? I could've called the cops like a sensible person." Another Ka-click of metal to flesh and Ems was really walking a fine line here. Good thing the sword was out of the equation and the robe items are in a small basket in the other room while said clothes were being washed.

Amethyst lowered her arms when everything was said and done, shuddering when her healer put their large lips close to the flesh to presumably kiss the wound better. "Oi." Ems looked up at her, causing Ame to rethinking the next insult by changing the topic. "What about these? Aren't you going to stitch them?"

The femme fatale pulled away, putting the staplegun down. "Those shoulder bits are deep deep deep. The book here says to just disinfect those and let them drain out on their own. But I can rub a magic ointment on the red-marky freezer burns on your neck and hands if you. Hmmm?." The big blue eyes blinked, "Surprise surprise. Guess who's rise and shining?"

Instantly, the bandit looked up alert at Megumi, surprised to see the songstress up and walking towards them. Past them. To the sink and its multiple piles of dirty dishes. Ems put a hand to her own pronounced hip and tilted her head. Amethyst, meanwhile, didn't know what to say. "Megumi. Ano... Are you... ?" Equally as confounded when the songstress ignored them entirely and started getting herself some water by hand, around said dishes.

"If you need a glass at all, Gumi, I've got spares. Might not be clean, though? No? No bueno? No probs, just, um." Ems blinked, attempted to move around Megumi to get her a glass with the bulky arms, and thought better. Turning instead to Ame to lean in and put a word between them. "Your lady friend's not the most talkative."

"Megumi, I saved you and brought you here for-" Amethyst replied, moving to stand when the confused and disoriented pink-haired one moved away from the sink past them, around the bar, and lingered nearby. All in the same sentence, Ame noticed how bad her personal wounds looked. "$%!&." Instantly letting her guard down to grab a dress jacket with the lingering smoke smell all over its fabric laying on a large pile of clothes nearby. Attempting to slip it over herself and hide the injuries (fat lot of good it'd probably do her at this point with that 'aware' expression Megumi was putting together.)

The jacket grabbing distracted Ems as well, "Hey, if you bleed on that I'm going to -"

When the bandit got the jacket and started to put it on, turning up to look at Megumi again, that was when she got angrily broad-sided.


Right across the face. Leaving green eyes wide and expression silently surprised. Staring at Megumi dead on.

How dare you, Ame.

Megumi turned and went for the door, Amethyst dumbly went after her. Reaching out without being able to follow through and grab her. Wanting to say something. She didn't know what to say. The situation went well beyond retaliation and crazed, familiar reactions. Amethyst was out of place and unsure how to act right now. "Wait! Dont' go. I, You..."

And Megumi didn't leave. She froze the door, likely unwillingly, and instead rested her head on it. Leaving Ame standing there.

"Ooooo, it's that kind of relationship, it is?" Ems said, pulling away from the two. A gesture to the door. But instead of going that route, she turned heel to move away from them and over to the bedroom. "I'd excuse myself, but what with all your drama in the way I think I'll just go over there and... Well... Have fun, you two. Call me when it's over." The bedroom door clicked closed behind Ems.

Amethyst was left alone with a very upset guest, who now returned to the sofa and hid her chilled face. The bandit stood there helpless, face reddening into the prefect shape of a hand print. Jacket lamely over shoulders and arms out unsure what to do with them. What the %*&# should she do? What the %*&# did she do wrong? She didn't know what the %*&# to do.

Idly, the warrior found herself stepping towards the leather sofa against better judgement, stopping at the side of it, adjacent to the table end. Watching Megumi. The longer she stood there, watching the icestress try to piece things together, the more she started to think up arrows again. All hitting Megumi's undefended form. Unable to stop them. The sword just missing because Amethyst wasn't good enough.

After a few long moments, the words stumbled out of her without mercy or proper planning. "Are you hurt?" And, wait for it, "Dammit, why the %*&# did you hit me?"
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A wonderful, talented, absolutely beautiful woman!
An attempt to piece together what had occurred was rather difficult. Subconsciously, the entire scene in her mind just before meeting Hiko and attempting to get Ame to leave the garden was hazy to say the least. What had transpired after the fact was completely lost to her. All of a sudden, the feeling of pain returned to her once again as she seized her arms around her abdomen. No longer was her face being covered by her hands which shown Ame the crystaline features on her face. Tears were shown but flaked off her face from the shock of Megumi's arms wrapping around her own stomach. Not exactly fully knowing why the pain was there, Megumi leaned forward more to make an effort to compress the shock. "Oww," she mentioned calmly slowly leaning forward and back once again.

When she leaned back, Megumi pulled her shirt to hopefully reveal the source of her pain. A patch of bruises were shown possibly from the punch or maybe being carried the great distance over the bandit's shoulder. It wasn't as bad as it should have been due to Megumi's inate healing powers but still shown bruising nonetheless. Anyhow, the pink-haired woman couldn't put two and two together. Lowering her shirt, she felt other parts of her body for pain. First, her arms were felt in various spots followed by her neck and head. Trailing to her sides, she ended up feeling her hips to notice the pain from a scrape of some sort where the arrow had skipped off her body. Megumi really didn't know exactly where everything had come from but noticing certain parts of her body being bruised indicated that Ame had to fight to get her out of there. Why did she do it? Why wouldn't she just leave. Nothing probably would have happened to her. Now, they would be looking for her which pained Megumi greatly.

It wasn't that she wanted to ignore Ame's questioning, but the timing of the questions were completely out of place and wrong. Just as Megumi went to check the rest of her body in a slow manner, a sudden jerk of her body followed realizing Ame was talking to her personally again. The shock would have been seen as a wincing puppy about to be struck. It wasn't always her initial reaction but as of late, it was going to be a common occurrence until she was home once again back to her 'ordinary' life. Now, it registered in her mind that she slapped Ame and was waiting for a slap back. After a few moments, she did not feel any retaliation which shocked her as she looked up at Ame trying to find the reason why nothing came.

Instantly, all anger diminished as the reddened skin in the shape of a hand printed from her own anger spat at Megumi's face. Feeling sorry for what she did, she stood and hurriedly walked over to Ame wrapping her arms around the bandit. Megumi couldn't speak a word but only wanted to embrace Amethyst as a sign of forgiveness...for the time being. It still didn't register in Megumi's mind the other details that occurred while being punched; however, slapping Ame was not the right course of action to take in the moment of raging emotions she displayed. For the moment, Megumi was just happy to see that Ame was ok.
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Kami-sama Admin
Yeah, there was no way Amethyst was going to hit or strike or beat Megumi in revenge for getting slapped. Not after seeing the woman's self-discovered bruising and, worst off all, the visible nick at her hip. The bandit flinched halfway into her initial question about the outlash whys the second she saw the marks. She absorbed the evidence after the fact. Why did Megumi %*&#ing hit her? Was she okay? There were her answers. Right there.

~Why did she hit you? You damn well know why, baka.~

Should Megumi have seen Amethyst's eyes when she looked up, she'd see an almost mirrored mixture of confusions intermingled with rather colorful feelings. As well as something else. Something far more apparent and relentless. Important. But she didn't. No, Kaede looked directly at the crimson fingerprints of her angry retort on Amethyst's left cheek instead.

The cold-handed assailant stood up in a fit of needed forgiveness and rushed towards her murderous friend. Without a word her hands flung out with attempt to hug.

A startled, yet knowing breath. Amethyst stumbled backward, avoiding the interaction entirely. She instinctively put out her hands to stop the icestress if she advanced, aiming for her upper arms or shoulders. But not Megumi's hands. Oh no, there was no way they would touch fingertip to fingertip right now. Her jawline set in stone.

Amethyst looked to the side, to the bar counter in her peripheral. Now that the PartyChick's undivided attention was on her, she realized she didn't want to look Megumi face to face. Not at this moment. Not when it could expose a weakness.

What she desired, "N-no. I can't." was more of that liquor to numb what she was going through.
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A wonderful, talented, absolutely beautiful woman!
As if on purpose, Megumi closed her eyes just as she was going to reach out for the bandit only to be shaken up as she proceeded to wrap her arms around her. A slight jerk of her head and sudden stop of her body forced the icestress to open her eyes envisioning, at first, the broken body that Ame currently had. Instantly, her arms came to embrace her own bosom with clenched fist as if it was natural for her to gather herself in this position. Sure enough, the resistance opened a few past memories far more details than Megumi would like to have not experienced again.

A slight freezeup of her body, not from her powers, while followed by a gasp, Megumi gazed up at the face of Amethyst to see what was the matter. If she could guess, it was in reaction of the slap on her face, and the murderer wouldn't have let her get close again. It was all Megumi's fault for lashing out improperly toward her companion. The feeling on her shoulders were set firm as well as Ame's jawline indicating that she might be angry or just as confused of the whole situation. Megumi's questions in her mind went from the garden to Hiko to what actually happened to Ame in the manner of the snowy place.

A moment of clarity came to her mind as Ame spoke. Only a few moments were enough to give Megumi plenty of a hint to step back. Doing so, she gazed down to the ground not finding the words to speak. "I see," she spoke as the spot on the couch was occupied once again. Instead of moping of what had transpired, Megumi searched for a means of explaining her different bruises. Finished with her initial assessment, she sought to use the momentary silence to calm herself down and hopefully start to heal her abdomen wound first. At first, Megumi carefully wrapped her arms around her stomach once again.A slight light blue glow followed around her midsection. If Ame observed more intently, there was a subtle struggle of pain on Megumi's face.
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Everything about the intended hug fell apart. Rough hands clasped Megumi's shoulders, stopping her kind-hearted intentions dead in their tracks. In response, Megumi opened her eyes first to see Ame's chest in envisioning of her body's scarred form. The dress jacket hadn't been buttoned well and the front hung open, exposing the hints of staples on her old stomach wound (A bad gash she had previous to Garden) and the fresh gauze administered over her upper half, mostly around the shoulders. Padding them despite the blood soaking through marginally. Hints of few skin-colored bandaids over lesser scrapes could be glimpsed, too.

The pink-haired woman looked up to Amethyst's face to find the kidnapper wouldn't meet her golden gaze. Just the red hand print was in view, and a hint of pinkish, considerably raw skin down her throat, starting from behind the ears - once hidden behind the jacket's collar and now taking center stage due to the solid fact Ame was looking away and exposing it unknowingly. The unusual sores had been cleaned, but appeared still irritated. Either way, the bandit looked to be going through a Lot.

"I see," Megumi said, hand to breast, pulling away.

However, the hands to her shoulders never released. If anything they gripped a little tighter. Not uncomfortably so. More comforting, or reassuring. Ame turned to stare at her eye-to-eye.

For a fraction of a second, she looked overwhelmingly tired and hurt, both. Ragged. Like she wanted to cry above everything else Megumi would've seen. Not from woe or fears or the enormity of the situation. Not even from the slap, regardless of how unexpected that was. She was in a real, tangible sort of pain. A physical kind that went beyond what happened in the last few minutes. Those were tears she was biting back. And she was refusing to cry because, unlike being nearly drowned in a lake and facing off against her worst fears, this was a far more familiar grief. A grief she knew how to deal with. Maybe that's what made it worse.

Her expression was immediately thrown behind a mask of strength as soon as it was seen, like she'd been in the process of compiling the mask when looking to her captive. Holding onto Megumi, for a moment not wanting to let go, Ame thereafter closed her eyes. Her fingers knuckled into fists, brushing against the songstress' bare skin and over her tank top straps far too gently than should've been allowed. "It's good you're okay." She whispered out. "Or alright..." Her hands released and pulled away. They, too, were raw and pink, over the palms and up the wrists. The damage went up and into the sleeves of the jacket most likely. "Or..." The whisper sort've died off on its own.

Ame let Megumi find the couch again if she wanted. She, herself, turned and headed towards the bar. Unless stopped.
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A wonderful, talented, absolutely beautiful woman!
Moments Before

Being held against her own volition, Megumi felt an all too familiar feeling of manipulation and coercion. Subconsciously, there would have been a much larger gasp and seizing of her own body; however, other feelings of security of being in Ame's presence soothed the quick transition. Nonetheless, her heart skipped a few beats in the process of a matter of a couple of seconds. Feelings of being forced against her own will nearly melted her legs to the ground knowing what was about to come next. Shakes would have immediately followed too if Ame waited seconds longer. As it was better to see the effect coming with her own eyes, she happen to gaze up to meet Ame's in a scared manner.

Almost instantly, all nerves that were declared void once the pain penetrated the pink-haired girl's eyes. The extremely slight shaking episode ceased, yet the tense feeling in the air instilled a different kind of empathy and equally enticing fear. Anything could have happened but the slow declination of Ame's hands forming from hand holds to fists only intensified the moment as Ame brushed up against her shoulders. Still difficult to gauge Ame's intentions as she let go, Megumi couldn't handle the mixed feelings and expressions and only wanted to sit down from her weak knees and still aroused feeling of euphoria from waking up.

On the Couch

Megumi still made her way over to the couch and proceeded to go through her slow healing while wrapping her hands around her abdomen. Hearing Ame's whispers of gratitude of Megumi's well-being could not fully be comprehended with little information Megumi had on their encounter with Hiko and his entourage. "I...I," she spoke while Ame proceeded over to the bar. The moment passed as her words were stamped out with another surge of pain passing through her internal organs and muscle structure. Not being able to fully understand her feelings as well as Ame's just yet, Megumi decided it might have been better to sleep it off once again. A saddened look was focused toward Ame's face slowly. At first, it was her eyes and slowly came her face looking for anything that might soothe her nerves. Regardless, the stress of the moment and the unknown circumstances of potential harm, Megumi could only feel sleep overcome her as her eyes drooped. Her eyes focused away from Ame's presence as she lied down once again to sleep.
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Quietly, their meeting of entangled, intermixed, subtle messages comes to an end. Amethyst released Megumi, the icestress returned to the sofa to see to her unsightly bruises, and the injured, wanted woman paced once again to the bar counter to take a seat. No more disturbances would happen across the singer's way as she touched the spoiled skin under her tank top and tried to reconcile with healing what she could.

Likewise, no interruptions stop the bandit, either. On her own, she poured a glass of whiskey and swigged, then again. Trying to wash away the raging ocean of unwanted reminiscence and happenstance that brought her to this point with the warm, deep comforts of intoxication. Without willing it, thereafter she would find herself laying forwards upon the hardwood counter, chin resting over arm, staring at the glass of honey-thick therapy interlaced between her fingers and thumb.


Megumi sat adjacent to Amethyst in such a way that she could gaze toward the bandit across the room all she wanted and Ame would be facing forward, staring at the neglected kitchen not knowing. Upon looking up to inspect the face of her kidnapper, Megumi could find nothing. No more hints of the stress or deep, complicated ache she had glimpsed before. There was a distance of far more than a handful of steps between them currently.


Thoughts drifted to the expression Megumi had given to her mere minutes before their parting. She was scared. Scared of her, of what Amethyst might do now. What the bandit could have done immediately following the episode of Megumi's open-palmed vengeance. What Ame would have done should Megumi have completed that hug and ran her soft, battle-free and weak hands mercilessly along the stinging wounds.

They throbbed and tortured her greatly - battle scars blessed upon her by the over-sized kitten and his idle threats. Cuts from near-missed arrows, scrapes and bruises from falling and diving out of the way, a lesser ache from being shocked, the older wounds he reopened couldn't begin to match how his claws, sharper and more lethal than what they should have been naturally, sawed deep through her robes and pierced her flesh as if made from butter.

The wounds Megumi, herself, unknowingly caused during her comatose expedition across great distances; burdened over Amethyst's bleeding shoulders, being held up by the bandit's bare hands around the emotional one's thighs. The cold, lulling whispers, the fervent dreams of better times behind Ame's ears accompanied unrelentingly by the diamond-cutting, sand-paper ice grinding down every fabric of the criminal's patience. That short time in the cave...

Grip tightened over the glass.

Why did she go through with it?

What did she have to gain by protecting her during the battle?

When was the enemy going to attack them next?

Trapped on the edge of a dilemma, Amethyst raised her head to look stiffly towards the pink-haired woman, looking numbly for an answer. To find Megumi had drifted to sleep.

She returned to her drink, letting it consume her thoughts and blur the pains instead. Ready and waiting for the next chapter. Prepared to fend off the encroaching fatigue and hold vigil as long as she needed to in order to keep Megumi safe.
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A wonderful, talented, absolutely beautiful woman!
Lying on her side, Megumi's thoughts swirled in the endless wraps of spaghetti psyche on what had transpired. In a moment of rage and confusion, she lashed out at the bandit who apparently either saved her life, took her away form Hiko, or perhaps a few other alternatives. Nonetheless, the mafia would be after her for the rest of her life. Of course, Megumi put all the blame on herself. Why did she even engage with Amethyst to begin with or even went back to her when Hiko offered. Grave images filled her head of what the mafia would do to her...or even to herself now that she was taken away. Hiko was sure to be reprimanded unless he weaseled himself out of the death penalty. Megumi didn't fully understand all the inner workings of the assassins' guild represented within the mafia; however, if Hiko even let Amethyst go, there was a darn good reason. All the worry and stress started to show on Megumi's face as she partially nibbled at the end of her thumb.

Moments later, she noticed Ame leaning on her arm which gave Megumi the opportunity to assess her situation even further. Should she leave if and when Ame fell asleep there on the counter? Megumi didn't believe Ame slept hardly at all, especially this soon after a battle against what she knew Hiko was capable of generating. How many did he bring with him this time? Last time, it felt like hundreds but others it was simply a few with many traps. He was scandalous to the core gaining any advantage he could muster with his keen senses and quick mind. A slight sigh exited her lips as she noticed Amethyst started to look toward her direction. Quickly, the PartyChick closed her eyes gently while opening her mouth to give an inclination that she was sound asleep. She honestly didn't know if she snored at all, so she slowed her breathing to hope that it would be acted out enough. Tired and sore, it would have been enough to sleep right then and there, but Megumi felt angry, even unstably upset to say the least. Imagining the doorknob and its surrounded patch of wood being frozen still, she felt like bashing through the door and out of the building to scream her head off.

Screaming her head off....it has definitely been a while since she last performed a scream of anger and hatred. Perhaps, hatred was the wrong word, for she has only expressed it subconsciously in a spit of rage in her youth. Because of that incident, memory suppression occurred to keep herself in check of her emotions. Bottling up most of her feelings, spurts of rage and inconsistent magic use often was brought forth against the elements of her nature. It could be only a matter of time before she erupts again. Time was a sensitive subject with Megumi; however, her kind nature often overlooked other negative emotions. Lying on the couch, struggle shown on her face if Amethyst still was looking over in her direction. Another sigh exited her mouth. Questions that needed to be answered. Only a select few even came to her rescue with little to no benefit of the aftermath; all have died soon after. Megumi could not find any method, rhyme, or reason why Amethyst would come to her rescue. Having only known each other for a few days, it was harder and harder to figure out why Amethyst would even care about her in the slightest. Other than a pure hatred against Hiko and what he stood for was the only reasoning for protecting her.

It was at this time that Megumi put two and two together to where her stomach pain came from. Her eyes shot open as sweat formed on her brow for the moment. It wasn't something Hiko did like a tranq dart or other underhanded schemes he would often introduce into situations. It was Amethyst punching her in the solar plexus that forced her to pass out. Vivid images passed through her mind as Ame fought off the hordes of foes, or perhaps, the bandit escaped by some means of unknown origins. Little was still known about Amethyst, so the options were limitless at what she could do. Difficult as it was, Megumi still could not shake the fact that she stole her away from the mafia. She will be hunted for the rest of her life, and there was nothing Megumi could do about it...or was there?

Megumi had ways of getting in and out of situations, so by the time she would make it back to her studio, a plan would be drawn out for Hiko, her mistress, and perhaps, her boss. It wasn't that she ran away on her own volition. Amethyst stole her away regardless of her ambition, logic, or intentions. Having questions and what seemed to be forever, Megumi finally shifted to gain her balance and sit up once again. Feeling better with her bruises, cuts, and scrapes, the pain still set in forcing her to move more slowly as she stood. Amethyst probably would sense or hear her move as the icestress made her way once again to the sink for some sips of water.

As she passed by the bandit if she was looking, Megumi had a peripheral glare with a lockjaw; however, it was difficult to tell her intentions, feelings, or mood. Although possibly negative, Megumi stilled cared for the bandit greatly but was more confused if Amethyst knew the dire circumstance she put herself in this time. Ame had been in many battles and possibly been in trouble with the mafia in a different fashion, but now, she had taken a prized possession away from their money pool. Megumi wasn't completely naive and knew what kind of revenue she was giving the mafia yearly, monthly, weekly, and even by single day monies. It was the only manner of knowing what she could and could not do in a sense of manipulation on both extremes.

Leaning against the sinktop, she noticed the dirty pile of dishes as well as observing the rest of the apartment as she walked through the bar and kitchen. The owner did not care much of herself in Megumi's opinion. Nonetheless, she still probably had more freedoms to allow herself to live this way. Being truly non-judgmental, Megumi wanted to clean a cup at least for the owner but instead drew some water for herself. Taking some in her hand, she turned off the water to slowing draw the liquid into her mouth allowing the coolness overtake her tongue and throat before swallowing. The coolness comforted her but wasn't enough to stifle her discomfort toward Amethyst. Turmoil toughened her through processing as she took another slow draw of water. If Amethyst spoke to her, she would ignore her at first. If she raised her voice, it was still the icetress in a startled fashion while pausing to turn off the water. For the time being, she would lower her elbows to the counter. Bending her body, her head would rest between her forearms as her fingers interlaced securing her head between her arms. After another sigh, she waited for Ame to speak if at all. Otherwise, she'd lift herself once again to face the bandit. Leaning against the sink, her arms wrapped in a secured and defensive manner. Her face looked away but still shown concern and a need to conversation. The silence was daunting and unwanted, but Megumi couldn't find herself just yet to initiate her questions.
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Having watched Megumi until she took in the stressed look from the songstress, Amethyst finally turned around. Maybe it was that look she gave in her 'sleep' that gave the bandit answers. She knew why she brought Megumi with her instead of leaving the chick to fend for herself in the arms of the enemy, or let them attack Megumi with arrows if it meant any chance of getting away unscathed - Instead of letting them hurt Megumi if it gave Ame an edge in destroying them.

Thoughts of what Hiko did made Ame, herself, tense up. She hated that look in his slit, demon eyes, and his tactics. She hated long distance fighters. There had to be a weapon she could use against them next time. As for Hiko, oh... She knew what to do with him next.

Sounds of clothing shuffling, the crackling of the leather as Megumi shifted her weight to her legs, brought Ame to focus her attention from her drinking-thoughts of hatred to the mafia's servant (unexpectedly on the run longer than planned). Hearing out her moves, each soft step across the dirty carpet. It was when the icestress passed through the kitchen into view that Ame would look up momentarily to her.

Megumi returned to the sink and gleaned water from its tap. Almost dangerously, the silence continued between them to the point of impregnation. Each had questions, thoughts they wanted to get out. Ame's finger ran along the rim of the glass, the booze taking the edge off the pain on all fronts - which kept her from speaking out prematurely like she did earlier. But at the same time almost made it too easy to speak what was on her mind.

The emotional one rested her elbows to the counter, leaning over its surface, and sighed.

She'd hear the first line, in the blanket of a familiar voice, when she was on the edge of no longer being able to take the silence. Either when pushing herself up to face Ame or directly afterwards - turning to see green eyes upon her. Not pained, or tired as they were before. Not emotionless, either. Amethyst looked absolute, like she thought long about this already. Her words measured.

"I beat up the cat. Took on his... Feh, his hundred to one odds" Feel that sarcasm on the last part, because she accompanied it with a slight wave of the now empty glass. Enough of a wave to make her flinch and return it to the counter. "Gomen. I know I said I'd kill them all when we were by the lake. But he got away, and I got a little careless."

For a second the grieved look returned. Careless could have meant anything. Not to mention in all possible topics 'careless' was clearly an understatement. "And I couldn't leave you to hunt those bastards down. I couldn't dammit. They were smart. They had blasted arrows and... They... I... I promised I would save you." Her carefully crafted mask started to break, to the point she turned away to look at the booze. To pour herself more.
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Megumi wanted to express her emotions right off the start, yet something held her back. Not being able to explain in her own mind caused her to hesitate even when Ame initiated the conversation discussion on the black cat. It wasn't something Megumi wanted to address at the moment, so she let it go for now. The breaking point was the fact that Ame mentioned saving her from Hiko.

Joy, regret, disgust, and a few other emotions crept into her head as she darted forward toward the bar counter. Just as Amethyst looked at the glass, the icestress slammed her hand onto the bar top and froze the glass to the counter. Layers of ice formed from the bottom of the glass and continued to shape until what looked like a mountain of ice was all that was left. If Ame did not move her hand out of the way in time (it would be quick), her hand would be frozen with the glass in its held position.

"Don't you dare say it!" she exclaimed affirming Amethyst's words of saving her. "I would have been perfectly fine if you had just ran. There was no need to save anyone." By this time, Megumi was crying while raising her voice. If Amethyst wasn't too distracted, she would notice Megumi's words starting to trumble and flip over each other.

"Do you have any idea what they are going to do to you now? Did you consider my feelings on the matter? Did you think I could just be swept away from all my known life and start fresh?" she asked continuing her rant while fostering up more slurred speech from the choked up throat that was developing.

"I...don't know if I could live if...if," she mentioned falling into her wrapped arms on the bar counter. The tears really started to flow; no icey flaking occurred at this point in the conversation. As she cried, she wondered if Amethyst really thought the whole scenario through. What if Hiko followed them from whatever escape plan Ame came up with. The question had not popped into her head due to the lack of reasoning for the moment. Pure, raw emotions were her energy for the time being.
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"They... I... I promised I would-"

On guard for literally anything, from hugs to gunshots through the window to what Ems might do on a whim, Amethyst instantly registered the sudden movement of Megumi's unexpected forward dash. In response to seeing the hand come down, feeling the avid chill against her own aching palm, Amethyst pulled away and released the glass and bottle both in the same motion. The ice erupting over the glass and her bare flesh getting away by centimeters. The bottle clanking onto the bar counter and teetering back and forth. The bar stool vacated entirely, Amethyst on her feet ready for action. Her words completely lost mid-sentence.

"Don't you dare say it!" Megumi shouted.

What Ame was not ready for was the rant.

Rubbing the jacket's sleeve to rid it of any residual frost, or warm it enough to no longer feel the foreboding chill, she couldn't get a word in edgewise even if she wanted to. Parts of what Megumi said made her flinch like she'd been slapped again. Especially the part of how there was no need to save anyone. Eventually she gave up talking altogether until Megumi broke down completely.

Amethyst watched the woman fall apart at the seams. The upset, icy chick's own words lost in the ride as well as anything Ame could've possibly said.

She waited.

"If I died?" Ame spit out, angrily. She couldn't look away from Megumi's blubbering sobfest. All the same, no movements were made to comfort her. "If they'd killed me in cold blood? What would you do? Get revenge? Put the cat to sleep on your own? Kill Yourself?" Disappointment flaked the edges of her face as easily as ice could've done to the icestress. Her voice lowered, but remained just as fast and full of hurt. "What would you've done if I turned and ran away in the garden, then they shot me in the head, or through the heart, when I was out of view? But no, they wouldn't tell you anything. Maybe they told you I was fine."

Just then, the bottle, which'd eventually rested at a slant against other, empty bottles littering the counter, gave up the ghost and fell completely over. Glopping precious liquor across the counter, off it. Ame's eyes widened. Out of all this chaos, that was the one luxury she needed right now. "$%!&," And despite better ideas she reached for it. Lots to save in one day.
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A visible shiver came over the icestress upon hearing if Ame died. Surely, it would be the obvious and first thought any normal person would come up with. In fact, it was not the first thought of Megumi. Death would have been a release for her own sake; however, in Ame's case, Megumi would become masochistic just as in the past. It would start there as her mood would change to becoming a doll like with her past experiences and past 'almost' friends she developed over time.

Megumi wasn't naive either. She'd know what they would do to Ame. The PartyChick has been in the room where interrogations have occurred and then they were either given away for trafficking or left for dead. It was the former Megumi was most worried about; although, she felt Ame would have gotten away without her which was more freedom than being completely involved with hoarding Megumi to herself or perhaps trying to get to the Mafia using any means necessary.

Soon enough, Megumi was shaking her head side to side as the crying stopped in full disagreement or rather complete denial to what the reality could have been in the Garden. "No, no, no, no, NO!" she said slapping both hands opened palms on the counter just as the bottle teetered completely spilling said open bottle; however, just as Ame started to cleanup the mess, a sheet of ice layered over the spilled drink as the bottle froze to the spot it landed and the liquid stilled on the poured spot. "They...would not have killed you. They...would have turned you into....me."

Her eyes lifted but weren't directly meeting Ame's surely dilated pupils from the anger she was portraying. The ice continued to spread while Megumi's hands stayed on the bar and quickly encompassed the entire top. Anger was building in her voice not completely at Ame but at the society she was part of. "And I can't let that happen!" she yelled pounding the bar top with her fist while a third of the tabletop crumbled to the ground causing the apartment to shake.

Instantly, Megumi saw the damage and regretted everything she has done from meeting Ame. She looked at the bar with a locked jaw but eventually relaxed into a humbled face. Anger was the one feeling she never liked. Questions of why she was getting so angry came to her mind. She really did care for Amethyst and more so that the mafia did not get a hold of her. Perhaps, her anger was at herself for being selfish for wanting a friend on the outside. Escape was in the back of her mind, but she knew better. Hiko and his cohorts had other methods of finding Megumi easily regardless of his love for the hunting game he liked to play. If Ame didn't immediately retort any of her comments, Megumi would look side to side and out any window in view from the spot she stood at. Ultimately, she would finally look at the bar, closed her eyes, and said, "I'm such a fool." Her hand swell up from the overuse of her muscles as it started to ache. Last, she'd rub the bottom part of her fist to coax some healing. Her face saddened.
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Drilling Megumi with her anger caused each of the pink-haired woman's resounding negatory replies to beat icicles into the counter top. No, she said. No, she refused to believe it. No, it wasn't what she meant. No, it couldn't be true. By the fifth one, the bottle fell and caused Amethyst to rush forward and save what booze was left.

Her hand almost froze to the counter - halting just short of doing just that. The boozeahol no longer dripping, but the mess was there and the bottle was a lost cause.

Hand clenched and unclenched, right up until Megumi made her next statement. How they wouldn't have killed Ame, but turned Ame into the next slave. "bull$&#@!" Ame roared out midway into the statement. "You don't know $%!& about me or what I'm capable of..."

Her words were momentarily displaced by the anger welling up inside her. She wanted to lash out, she wanted to drink herself stupid, she wanted the pain go to away, and so help Ame none of this was within reasonable reach.

"I didn't fight that pussy kitten and his worthless mob and carry your cold, frost-bitten butt halfway across the damn lands to this forsaken apartment hut in the middle of..."

Megumi looked to her, but Amethyst's eyes weren't dilated. Not like the unhinged insanity that she displayed at the garden shortly before knocking the songstress out and all mayhem breaking loose. Sure she looked like she was barely keeping it together, but there was a wide chasm between the two scenarios.

"Why didn't you tell me - "

Megumi couldn't let Ame get enslaved, traded off, tortured. End of story. Her words shot above Amethyst and the shattering off a chunk of the bar counter put them both to pause. The action had caused the bandit to take a large step from the counter and any more destruction in wait.

Silence reigned afterwards. Well, except for a certain questionable someone by the name of Esmeralda, who left the bedroom after murmuring off a complaint of, "What the Hell was that all about?" What followed upon seeing the bar was an equally upset noise.

Or she would have made that noise if Ems hadn't met Amethyst's gaze first - Megumi being around the corner in the kitchen nook and not able to make direct eye contact. Amethyst raised her fist and pointed one finger at the apartment owner. Her steely gaze said everything that words didn't have to.

Don't you even think about coming out here right now.

In response, Ems got the message, zipped it, slowly backed into the bedroom again, and closed the door.

At the same time, Megumi withdrew and looked to the window. The only window in view was the big one by the sofa and television, which was covered by a thick, yellowish, heavy, one-piece curtain.

Returning anger to the songstress, Amethyst took in the damage to the UpsetOne's hand, the somber expression on her face. Dreading, that much was clear. Inwardly depressant. Clearly this was all Megumi's fault.

No, Amethyst had come to very different conclusions. However she wasn't getting anywhere like this no matter how riled up she was. Her focus never leaving the songstress. An aggravated sigh escaping.

The words of Amethyst overshadowed anything Kaede Megumi could say. In all the negative ruminating, the nearly suicidal bandit moved to face her opponent straight on, without a broken counter between them, so they could see each other clearly. Her tones were what Megumi lacked. Strong, resolute, one hundred percent blunt and sure of herself. To the edge of daring. "Friends Do Not Abandon Friends." She raised a hand, running fingers through her black bangs. "Look, I give a $%!& about you, just like you said you give a $%!& about me. We're friends and I'm not going to let anything bloody well change that. Trust me, dammit. I'm not going to break, or let them get me. I'm too strong for that. I'm also not going to let them hurt you right now, cause from what I'm seeing here, with this," Gesture to the bar counter, "Is they've already hurt you far, Far too %*&#ing deeply."

The tension was still there, as was the anger. Fact, it was obvious she was having a tough time shifting from being extremely pissed to telling Megumi the news with the niceties she could afford. Her hand dropped, unsure what to do with it now. "That part pisses me off to no end. Unlike your wrist, there's no bandage I can put on that for you."

She wasn't done yet, however her words started to slow down. Like she needed to think a little more to unjumble what was on her mind into English that could be understood. Simultaneously accomplishing all this without taking out her anger on anyone and giving into her fears of what the ice might do to her.
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