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The Story So Far; or... TSSF
Topic Started: Nov 24 2003, 11:32 PM (676 Views)
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Kami-sama Admin
Oldschool TSSF is at www.thestreet.d2g.com/RKRP/TSSF1.txt if you guys ever wanna reminisce...

I'll be updating you guys with The Story So Far once we get everything back up. For you people that want a brief descrip of what you're missing. ^^
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Kami-sama Admin
The Story So Far - AR RKRP #1 (feel the sentimental value B) )

Last we left off it was quiet with occasional Yakuza clan simmering. They were hunting down Okesa for reasons that were never rightfully discovered. But What Happened? Was Okesa Killed? Who Was In Charge Of The SmallBreed Unyeilding Yakuza Clan!? Oh The Humanity, What Happened Next!?

As it turns out, the bard came from behind with a multi Oke Opportunity and, in the end, the pack of anxious anarchy ants went off on their own way. At least for the moment, anyway.

In other news, Edo has been overun in the smart, the skillful, the super-cultural, the.. Well... People. Mainly an alchemist, inventor, and #3, the pyromaniac in 3rd personality, Reiji. I personally dread the thought of those guys getting together. One word for you... Kaboom!

What's this!? Hayate came back!? Yes, the semi-diluviant hero dogtailed our samurai multi-tasking man, Moristune, back to Edokyo. Think of All the fun that will bring!

But Wait, There's more! Akisu came back after a dose of bounty dispersing funfilled hardtime hateful... Thievering... Ah, he's back.

And this leaves us with a whole bundle of more surprises! Ame totally tackling her berserk binge on beaning brethren, Shi spectacularly insulting with a contempt Chinese tongue, Shai shining his roundabout ronin wonderous ways around town. Fancy new figures shadowing in the silence of that dank alley darkness.

So Many new things! Which leaves us with So Many new questions:

Will Aki ever understand half of what Shi says?
Will Ame need perscripted drugs to solve her moodswings??
Will Okesa be finally in the clear???
Will Hayate ever be able to beat Moritsune once and for all!?
Will Sasha ever catch a fish?!?!

Stay tuned to find out ;)
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Kami-sama Admin
Sudden and intense encouragement is telling me I should go on with RKRP TSSF #2 =D

What has happened so far? Not much! But bear with me here.

Last we saw that generally psychotic and Powerful general, Moritsune, he was dominating town. Infact, it looks like he already Dominated town and is just biding his time. However, out from the dreary darkness of his cavernous chambers, an unknown ninja of sorts dropped by with a message. Moristune was frightened, threats were thrown! What was in this message and who was the assasanative assailant to the gernerals group? This is, as of yet, unknown.

But What's This?! Akisu betrayed Hayate and joined the ronin's fathers' samurai cult!? What's going on here, I thought Aki hated samurai!!. Ah well, After joining the general, Akisu Toushin went on his own greedy little ways and has recently mysteriously disappeared.

Onto Ame. Last we saw her she was berserkedly killing bastards left and right. She got the crap beaten out of her, went through depression, was saved by an ale induced russian, Met up with Obsid and Oke, and eventually found herself plundged into an alley with Hayate - where as, by odd cercumstances, they become finally friends.

Wait, did you miss that? Yes! Obsid has returned at last from a long trip to her long lost deeply dead funfilled family reunion. It looks like everyone's day has turned up because of this.

But there are so many questions yet to be answered:

Will Hayate decide to stay friends with Ame before either of them end up killing eachother?

Will Zatsu stay around in the plot long enough to write his book??

Will Obsid ever be able to revive the teahouse???

Will Aki Ever Learn!?!?!?!

Stay tuned to find out ;)
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Reiji Azuma
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Today’s TSSF is brought to you by Reiji, Hiro-chan, and Hyuga.

*Hiro walks up to the mic*
“Ok so a bunch of crazy stuff has been going on in Edokyo. Moritsune’s still being evil and stuff. That much hasn’t changed. Aki’s been fighting between the Light side and the Dark side trying to figure out who to fight for!”

*from the back Reiji yells to Hiro*
“You moron! He’s going to backstab Moritsune when he gets the chance! There’s none of this ‘fighting the Light and Dark sides’ crap”

*Hiro ignores it*
“Anyway…He found some ninja and samurai guys who have taken base at the ruined shrine in Moritsune’s back yard. Theres quite a few guys there prepairing for a big revolt under the leadership of Hisaki. Its pretty cool cause he doesn’t know its there! Okesa the great bard…” *“Less titles. More recap!” can be heard from Reiji* “Fine. Okesa took Aki to meet up with Hisaki, Aki ran away with an arrow in his leg after escaping being tied up and blindfolded.” *“The poison! Don’t forget the poison!” comes from Reiji* “Oh yeah he was poisoned from it too. Lessee…Oh yeah! Ame’s been running around following the NEW me! More about that later…BUT! Ame managed to finally heal back to 100% (yay!)! But now her and Okesa are running around the streets for their lives from some creepy guy from her past like it’s a horror movie!” *gasps for air with laughter in the backround* “Now the great…” *is interrupted by Reiji yelling out in a rage and is promptly chased away by a very upset Reiji*

*camera pans over to Hyuga hidden behind the chinese book*

“Ok my turn then…” *closes the book* “Long story short. The original Reiji, Hiro, and Hyuga’s girlfriend brought us this weird Chinese book. With the help of everyone’s favorite Russian Alchemist, Sasha, Kokyou was reborn and the 3 of us were shoved out of existance. So Kokyou and ‘Ein’ (as she’s known) go off to Kyoto to cover up the fact that he was holding out on ALL of the sake (AGAIN!). They came back and Kokyou’s sister Kaname (or Drei as she introduced herself as) shows up and tries to kill him and Aki twice! Now theres more annyoing people and things are noisy again.

*screams of pain come from the back along with some sadistic laughter*

Will Ame continue her healthy streak?
Will the artist paint Hayate’s portrait?
Why is Aki in worse shape than Ame?
Will Aki ever leave Okesa’s flutes alone?
What will Haiburi do in Edokyo again?
Are these questions ever going to end?!

Stay tuned to find out! ;)


-Signal Disconnected-
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Kami-sama Admin
There was a theoretically terrible traverse between this TSSF and the last. Set that aside for soon the next one will start.

The story starts with our aggrivated Ame, irked Aki, and hesitant Hayate. All of whom stand around in the streets with a serious string of sudden happenings - which is wonderful when they were with nowhere to wander. Rampaging in is Reiji, reciting to the rest his recent re-occurrences. He goes on about girls of great power in Moristune's mansion and how he needs their help in fighting the fem-fatals. All agree except Ame, who recently acquired a note from an assassin that need not be neglected. But she's soon brought about with a silent, indirect promise of sake.

Once there, the group go to the gathering of not-so-goodguys to take on the girls - however Ame gets seperated on the grand scheme. While Aki, Hayate, and Reiji go through the front, she takes a trip to the back. There she meets five of the seven sisters and succumbs to seriousness. During this drama, the other three travel in without the theatre entrance they were expecting. Where was the women? ... Darn.

Oh, but that would soon end as an ambush assails Aki and acquaintances.

During the damned time it takes for Amethyst to drop from the battle and get her note translated, Reiji's rambunctious rampage on the residence is finally tended to... With a Boom! There is a fly of fur, Hayate is seperated and expelled. The thief ends up toe to toe with Pyro's past master and evil schemes are possibly struck! And the explosive-loving psycho passed through to the women and knocked off a good lot of them.

More Miandered minutes were mauled away in at this moment, yet don't yell at me, I can't reach the crook that crawls with this knowledge.

Time passes. Our travelling trio trail back to the sake shoppe. Reiji and Aki talk with Invincible sake. And our resident Rounin... Becomes a busboy? A waiter? A table stopper? Surely I'm reading this wrong.

Ame, meanwhile, meanders around a few mornings injured and not at all impressed at what her message means. Hiko is in horrible danger! This eventually leads her to the fields, where she is ambushed by Koji; he's the new bad guy on the block. Ame is Amushed, Hayate comes to help her!

Will Koji end Ame and go after Aki next?
Will Hayate adapt to his new fighting dress style?
How will long will Reiji and Aki debate in the sake shoppe til one or both passes out from alcohal abuse?

Stay tuned to find out.
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Awesome Poster
Okay so comes a New and Exciting edition of The Story So Far or TTSF. I am host Unen Cordeaux with credits also to Kaya Rose Akamatsu.

So okay a new bunch of strangers arrive at the seemingly unforgiving Street as we've all come to love and hate. In it we have a Priestess, Kaya Rose Akamatsu, a bullhearty drunken thief Santo and The Blacksmith played by yours truly. Unen wanders into the street looking for a new adventure unknowingly being followed by the village thief.

Kaya came to the unforgiving streets to find the missing High Priestess. She was innocent and pure. She got lost on her way to the temple and ran into a gentle blacksmith. He stayed in the temple for a day and was gone. She could not wait to hear news of the high priestess's disapearence so ventured into the shady tea house where she befriended a thief. Unsure of her new friend but still needing someone to help she fell into the seductive charm of the thief. Now the priestess in less innocent and pure, her faith shaken. Santo has gone off to find clues and Kaya now turns to find her first friend Unen.

So blacksmith meet's thief, blacksmith buys alcohol for the thief, thief gets free booze (The moocher). Okay so after venturing back out into the street Santo and Unen meets a box lady with a creepy bird known as Lazuli and get a few directions. Soon finding out a new priestess has come to town sparks a fudal love triangle between theif, priestess and blacksmith.

Questions about the whereabouts of the missing High Priestess have gone unanswered and rumors began to float about the village.

Have the times changed?
Has the flame of their villages faith gone out?
Will Lazuli ever get off that box?
Will Santo and Kaya get togeather?
Has Unen found a new way to add insult to injury?
Stay tuned in the next conclusion?
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