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AR Rules

1. No Spamming/Flooding. This is pretty self explanatory. Make sure your posts are more than 5 words. And while you can double post, don't make 10 posts in a row on a single thread, or post the same copy/paste thing over multiple threads. We are seriously uncool about spam, and will delete your posts when you do it.

2. Please do not harass the other members. While debate is alright, don't start personal grudge-matches or PM death threats, etc. Do not flame the other users. And please don't directly flame someone and then say 'but I'm debating' - seriously, we can tell. ~I disagree with you. I thought that anime was really lame. Sure they're wolves, but the main character doesn't actually do anything. Each episode felt like a wasted time to watch, and don't get me started on how bad the videogame version was.~ That's okay. ~You don't know anything. That anime was lame, and I'm sure every anime you watch is just as bad if that's your favorite one. Wolves are cliche, and to like them means you're a poser wannabe.~ That's bad.

3. In the rps, please don't post 1 dinky sentence in a post. Try to put some gut into your posts. We need to see a paragraph + a post. A paragraph being 5 to 7 lines at least. While you Can do an occasional 3 liner, don't make a habit out of it. Small rp posts do not move the rp and lead to other small rp posts. These dinky posts lead to poor plot and undeveloped fun. ~ *Biff comes in* "Hi Everyone!" ~ is lame. What does Biff look like? What does Biff do when he gets there? What is Biff's impression of the place? Does Biff know anyone who's already there? Why is Biff there in the first place? These things and more can help people relate better to your character, and gives them more to work with. It also helps set up the environment.

4. No extreme ecchiness (kinkiness). This includes: no internet groping, no sick remarks to people, don't post nude photos of yourself up on the site, no c-sex, etc. This ALSO means that you shouldn't rp just for sex and rape. Don't do it. Just... Don't.

5. Sigpics cannot be more than 275 X 400. Why? Cause we don't want people with sigs 10 times the size of their posts. If you don't comply with this rule, we will take the sigpic out of your sig. If you continue breaking this rule, you'll get a warning. The Avatar size limit is 125X125. No animated sig pictures please.

6. Advertising is limited. There's a sub forum somewhere in the great world of AR to put links to stuff people should buy, and that's the Chinatown Sidewalk. If you join and your only purpose is to tell everyone to join your forum, or tell me where to get a new car, or plaster links to Spam Recipes Online in your sig and run across the forum like a flasher on hammertime, it's about time you thought again... Less that hammer is a banhammer and the time to leave is now.

7. Please do not over-extensively swear. Swearing once in a while is alright, but don't make an entire post into nothing but shit. Bypassing the filter is also frowned upon. Example below. ~I don't like this anime, I just couldn't give a damn about the plot. It was real shitty.~ That's okay. ~That fat mother-******s ****** can't ****ing lay **** down, and you're a retarded b****-***ed **** for thinking ***-****ing shouldn't be a damned legal thing. Rapist mother-******~ is not okay. It's even worse uncensored.

If you accidentally break a small rule, no biggie. Just don't do it again. If you continue to break a rule (or just don't read the rules) You will either have a warning crammed up your butt, or I will personally lecture you for a day on what the rules are. If you even then decide, "Ah, I'm going to break more rules cause I don't care and I'm a jackass" We'll ban you. And if you start off in the beginning saying the last message, we'll ban you without steps 1 or 2.